Robert Capa

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Robert Capa was born on October 22, 1913, and his birth name was Endre Friedmann. He was a well-known was a Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist. Capa was a good companion and professional partner of photographer-friend Gerda Taro.

Many regard Robert Capa as one of the greatest combat and adventure photographers to be born in the yesteryears and deserves a place in our hall of fame.

In his teens, Capa fled the political repression in Hungary and moved to the city of Berlin. He continued his studies and joined a college in Berlin. Since the capital of Germany was under the influence of Hitler, Capa soon left the place and headed towards Paris.

In the City of Lights, Robert Capa met Gerta Pohorylle and kick-started his career with her. Both of them together worked under the alias Robert Capa and became well-known photojournalists. Since, in the initial days, Gerta contributed much more as compared to Robert, she quickly established her own alias ‘Gerda Taro’. After which, they both began to publish their work separately.

The incredible photos of war clicked by him were published in major magazines and newspapers.

During his tenure as a photojournalist, he risked his life multiple times. One of the most significant and dramatic situations in the course of his career was his landing on Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Robert Capa’s friends, colleagues and loved ones were Ernest Hemingway, Irwin Shaw, John Steinbeck, and director John Huston.

In the year 1947, he won the Medal of Freedom for his marvelous work of recording World War II in pictures by the U.S. General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Also, in the same year, Capa co-founded Magnum Photos in Paris.

Robert Capa breathe his late on May 25, 1954