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Photography has come a long way, from large cameras which were used to capture photos to smartphone cameras, it’s ever-evolving. Technology has made capturing that perfect shot easier. The number of people pursuing photography as a career choice or as a hobby is on the rise. Thanks to the era of DSLRs, these handy cameras has changed the scene of photography.

Clicking amazing pictures has now become the norm with DSLRs. You don’t even need to be an expert to capture amazing shots. Half the work is done by DSLRs by offering superior image quality. Most of them are even compact in size, making it easy to carry around.

Before the craze around DSLRs could settle in, came smartphones with more than decent cameras. These are capable of capturing great pictures and they are super portable. However, it will not be suitable for a professional photographer. But it can surely help you get started in this vast field of photography.

Having said all this, there are people who have worked hard to make photography popular. It is important that we spread information about them to all photo-enthusiasts. Hence, we have a hall of fame page dedicated to all such people. People who have made a marked in this field through their selfless contribution.