Canon T7 vs T7i 2021

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If you are going to start in the world of photography, of course, you will have a love for DSLRs. It provides pictures of professional quality and will assist yin portraying your creativity. Canon has a wide range of cameras, which will help you with each step of the professional ladder. 

However, we will be looking at Canon T7 vs T7i; two entry-level professional cameras. 

canon t7 vs t7i

Comparison Scale

To compare two products we need to set some standards, based on which we can conclude this debate. 

So here are the following parameters that both models will be judged on:

  • Physical Features
  • Build & Design
  • The lens of the camera
  • Sensors and Processors
  • Battery Life
  • AF System
  • FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • Viewfinder
  • Video System
  • Area of photography

Though these cameras belong to the same category, the difference between them is significant.

Let’s Compare

Now, let’s have a look at each of the parameters in detail.

1. Physical Features

We will start by looking into the physical features of both models. 

  • Size: The Canon T7 has an external dimension of 129 x 101 x 78 mm (5.08 x 3.98 x 3.07″). On the contrary, the Canon T7i is of 131 x 100 x 76 mm (5.16 x 3.94 x 2.99″). For a camera, you would want something compact. The larger the size of the camera, the more it gets difficult to carry it around.

However, in this aspect, the Canon T7i seems to have the upper hand being 1mm shorter and 2mm thinner than Canon T7i. Yet, the Canon T7i is also 2mm wider.

  • Weight: The Canon T7 weighs approximately 475 g (1.05 lb / 16.76 oz), including the batteries. Whereas, with batteries, the Canon T7i weighs approximately 532 g (1.17 lb / 18.77 oz). The difference between the weight of the cameras is 57g.

A light-weighted camera is always preferred. It is quite difficult to carry a camera which feels heavy. Therefore, the Canon T7 gets the upper hand here. 

However, another thing to note is, how much the camera will weigh after you attach any specific type of lens.

  • Weather Sealing: Unfortunately, none of the cameras have weather sealing. The absence of this means that you will have to be very careful while shooting outdoors.
  • Screen: Both the models have a screen of 3”. However, the Canon T7i has a fully-articulated screen opposed to the Canon T7 with a fixed screen. 

A fully-articulated screen will ensure that you can click pictures from any angle you want from the waist level to the head level.

Therefore, the Canon T7i steals the show with the articulated screen.

2. Build & Design

  • Design: The Canon T7 has a design that is very easy to figure out. You can simply find out the rear button and then navigate the whole camera. All the buttons are placed quite logically, with the ease of the customers in mind. 

On the other hand, Canon T7i also has a comfortable button placement. Being a successor of many old Canon models, small changes have been made. However, nothing major that puts a lot of difference between both models.

Therefore, both the cameras stand on an equal footing in this aspect.

  • Build: The Canon T7 has a tough exterior, however, the smooth finish over the camera feels very plastic. Besides, it lacks a clean-looking graphical interface, which the Canon T7i boasts of. 

The Canon T7i also boasts of an aluminum alloy and polycarbonate build. However, the excessive smooth finish gives it a plastic look. This makes the camera look a lot cheaper than it already is.

In the end, the Canon T7i attracts with its tough build.

3. Lens

Lenses allow you to click any picture with a lot of creativity. A camera should be judged based on how many lenses it will support. Thereby, to come to a conclusion for Canon Rebel T7i vs T7, we need to find out the lenses they will support.

Both models have the same Canon EF/EF-S  lens mount and you will get a total of 326 types of native lenses.

Here is a list of the types of lenses available: 

  • Standard Zoom
  • Standard Prime
  • Wideangle Zoom
  • Wideangle Prime
  • Telephoto Zoom
  • Telephoto Prime
  • SuperZoom
  • Wideangle Fisheye Prime
  • Macro Prime
  • Perspective Control Prime
  • Telephoto Mirror Prime

However, both models lack image stabilization. This means that your pictures might seem to be blurry if the subject doesn’t stand still even after the shutter clicks. Therefore, ensure while buying the lenses for your camera, that they have an Optical Stabilization feature. 

In this aspect, both models stand at the same level.

4. Sensors & Processors

The sensor and processor are the main factors that determine the quality of the image your camera produces. Hence, it is very important to know about them.

Both models here have the same APS-C sized 24.0 MP Resolution sensor. Therefore, you can’t differentiate much between both of them based on this.

The Canon T7 has an image processor of DIGIC 4 ; on the contrary to which the Canon T7i has that of DIGIC 7. The latter will be much faster. Regarding the light sensitivity settings, the Canon T7i has an upper hand again with ISO100- 51200 opposed to the Canon T7 which has ISO100- 6400.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Canon T7i is a much better option regarding all these points.

5. Battery Life

You might be curious about the battery lives of these cameras. Anyone would want a camera with a long-lasting battery to get as many amazing shots as possible. Hence, it is an important factor based on which you will get a camera.

The Canon T7 uses a proprietary LP-E10 lithium-ion rechargeable battery whereas, the Canon T7i has a custom LP-E7 lithium-ion battery. This means that the T7 will provide you with 500 shots with a fully charged battery before dying. Whereas, the T7i will give you 600 shots. 

If you are shooting videos with the Live View, T7 will provide 240 shots as opposed to T7i’s 270 shots. 

Therefore, Canon T7i has a better battery life than the other one.

6. Auto Focus (AF) System

Auto-Focus is one of the most important features in a camera. It makes sure that the pictures are sharpened, rich in detail. As a beginner, you will find this feature to be of immense help.

In the Canon T7, you will find a 9 point phase-detection autofocus system. Additionally, you will also find a single cross-type sensor. A single cross-type sensor will help the AF point to detect the lines in both orientations. This, in turn, will lead to the activation of the sensor and clicking the picture. 

In short, it helps the camera to click pictures in mixed and low-contrast lighting conditions. This model also has the AI Servo AF mechanism. This helps to track the subject faster and give more accurate results.

Now, in the Canon T7i, you will find a 45-point all cross-type sensors. This means a better focus, better pictures in the mixed and low-contrasting conditions. 

Therefore, in this battle of Canon T7i vs. T7, we would go with the Canon T7i, because of the better focus system.

7. Frames Per Second (fps)

The number of frames a camera can shoot within a second is known as Frames Per Second. You will always want a camera that can shoot as many frames in a second as possible. 

The Canon T7 provides you 3 fps. This will easily allow you to capture pictures of people and their pets running around in a park almost without any lag. On the other hand, the Canon T7i will provide you with 6fps. This means that you can easily capture moving vehicles on a highway or animals running or pouncing in the wild. 

This makes it very clear that the Canon T7i is a lot better than the other one if you want to go for a camera with better fps. 

8. Viewfinder

We have mentioned before that the LCD screen on both models is 3”. However, the Canon T7 has a resolution of 920k, whereas that of Canon T7i is 1,040k. Also, we have discussed before, that the screen of the Canon T7 is fixed in contrast to the screen of the Canon T7i, which is full-articulated. This makes the Canon T7i even selfie-friendly!

Both of the models have an optical viewfinder (pentamirror). This ensures that you can click pictures under direct sunlight and can see the screen properly. This comes as a great boon for those who have to shoot outdoors. 

In conclusion, the Canon T7i gets the upper hand here owing to its fully-articulated screen and better screen resolution. 

9. Video System

These models are entry-level ones. Thereby, they have basic video capturing systems. Both the models will record the videos at a maximum Full HD at a resolution of 1920 X 1080. The difference lies in their fps. The Canon T7 will record the videos in Full HD with 30p,24p fps, whereas, for the same resolution the Canon T7i will record the video at 60p 30p, 23.98p fps.

These features will easily satisfy any amateur videographer. The Canon T7 has a built-in stereo microphone and a mono speaker. The same goes for the Canon T7i. However, if you want to add an external microphone for the T7, you cannot, as it does not have an external port. However, you will not face this problem with the T7i, as it comes with an external port. 

An additional feature in favor of the Canon T7i is its Digital Video Stabilization Mode. This will help in stabilizing your videos while shooting them, giving it a better effect.

This goes without saying that the Canon T7i, is a far better option in terms of the video system.

10. Areas Of Photography

Even as a beginner you can be interested in different types of photography. Under this topic, we will be trying to find out which camera will be better for you if you were to go to the given areas.

  • Portrait Photography- This type of photography would require a good sensor and resolution. This would ensure that the picture has rich detail. Both models have the same sensor and resolution when it comes to clicking pictures. Therefore it is a draw in this aspect.
  • Street Photography- For street photography, you will again require a good sensor and resolution. In addition to that, you might also want a camera which has a face-detecting feature. All these features are already included in both models. 

However, the Canon T7i gets an upper hand for its fully articulated LCD screen. This ensures that you can click the pictures from any angle, thereby giving you a great advantage to showcase your creativity.

  • Sports Photography- The Canon T7 is good for sports photography as it has a good sensor and resolution. It also has a max shutter speed of  1/4000s. Besides, it also has a good low light ISO. However, you might face some difficulties as it has a slow capturing speed of 3 fps and has only 9 focus points.

This is why we prefer the Canon T7i for sports photography as adding to the advantages of the Canon T7. This model has a high capturing speed of 6fps and 45 focus points. Besides, it has a longer battery life too. 

The trump card for this model is, however, the anti-flicker feature. This feature helps to detect the flickering of the artificial lights like the fluorescence lights and lessens their impact.

  • Landscape Photography-  Both the models stand in an equal footing for this area. For landscape photography, the camera must have a good sensor and resolution. This is quite good for both of them. Besides, both the models also provide a Live View to record videos.

However, none of them has environmental sealing, which is a small disadvantage. This means that you have to be extra careful while clicking pictures outdoors.

  • Daily Photography- Both models have a good sensor, which is beneficial for daily photography. However, they also face many disadvantages. The most primary one being, their weight, and size. For daily photography, you need to carry the camera everywhere with you. If the camera is not compact and light, it might feel a bit difficult to carry it all the time. 

The Canon T7i however, redeems itself because of the anti-flicker feature again.

FAQs on Canon t7 vs t7i

Q1. Are Canon T7 and T7i waterproof?

No, none of them has weather sealing. Therefore, they are not waterproof

Q2. Does the Canon T7i have a built-in flash?

The Canon T7i has a built-in flash located just above the viewfinder pentamirror housing.


At the end of the day, it is, of course, your decision to get the camera which you are comfortable with and can afford. However, for the sake of the argument between the Canon T7 vs T7i; there is no doubt that the T7i is a better camera.

Beginning from the sensors and processors until the video system, it has proved to be by far the better among the two. Therefore, if you do want an entry-level professional camera, by all means, go for Canon T7i.




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