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Welcome to our campus. If you are looking for a place where image-makers and teachers of image-making hang out, this is it. You will find the most useful, beneficial and cool information about the art of photography here and whatever questions arises will be gladly answered. The campus provides you with a space that enriches the creativity in you through conversations with people, learning new skills and brushing up on old ones. It has something to offer to every individual; be it a beginner with only basic knowledge about photography or a professional. Kindly be patient with this site as it has several images and information brochures to offer you, which can take some time to load. Be ready to bookmark almost every page as they all provide valuable information. 

To begin with, review the Free Seminars section that this site offers.. A list of seminars is provided here that you can access ‘online’. A large faculty of professional photographers have come together to write articles that will help you navigate your way through courses and seminars.  

Move on to review the Workshops next. A detailed and informative syllabus is offered for each workshop and this lists down to all the subjects it covers. There are optional final exams that you can attempt just to test your learning and knowledge so far. The free sample lessons offered are also very beneficial. 

Moving on, do not forget to check out the Tips & Tricks section where you will find additional information under subheadings like- white papersfield guides and tips. You can get your user id and password by registering at Admissions. This will ensure your access to the website. 

The Hall of Fame area provides viewers and aspirants of photography with a tour of some of the most erstwhile noteworthy photographers. You can also check out the section on free Classified Ads. As an aspiring photographer, you can visit the Student Store, to purchase some of the best books and films on photography. 

Information about professors, lecturers and other notable personalities who attended seminars, can be found in the Faculty Lounge section. Whatever artwork is created by the contributing faculty is showcased in the Gallery section. It is from here that you will get a sense of art that is nurtured, nourished and which finally blooms within the boundaries of this great campus. 

If you require any additional information or help regarding admissions, a course or a seminar, you can contact the communications center also known as the Student Union. We have accumulated a list of links concerning interesting topics and put them under the section Photo Links

Overall, this website and this place have a lot to offer to each person, no matter their capabilities and potential. We understand that it can be difficult to process all the information at one go, so feel free to visit the site as often as you wish to. Your needs have helped us to shape every department in Photo-Seminars. We value your comments, criticism and suggestions on all aspects. Feel free to get in touch.

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Dorothy Humphrey

Dorothy Humphrey

Dorothy and her interest in the history of photography drove her to incorporate historical articles as well on the website. According to her, we cannot speak of photography in the present without acknowledging the works of photographers in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Dorothy Humphrey

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