Canon Powershot SX530 Review – Detailed Overview

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Want to get a shot as close as possible to your subject without the risk of scaring them? You need a camera with a powerful zooming feature for that. The SX530 HS from the Canon Powershot series brings that convenience for you. If you are a bird watcher or have an interest in photography in the entertainment world, this camera is a great choice for you. 

Intrigued? Want to know a little more? We heard you and have brought to you the Canon Powershot SX530 detailed review. Here’s a detailed description, regarding every aspect and feature of Canon SX530 HS, which will help you to have a proper idea about the camera. 

canon powershot sx530 review

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Canon: A Brand Overview

Before we discuss the Canon SX530 HS review, let’s have a look into where the brand, Canon, stands in the world of cameras. 

Canon has been a trusted and reputed brand name in the tech-market since 1937. It has always brought innovative and powerful cameras as well as other electronic gadgets to its consumers with the promise of reliability. 

This Japanese company launched its first camera of the Powershot series in the year 1996. This series produces prosumer grade products, developed by professional photographers. It is a line of digital cameras of the Point and Shoot type with high resolution and magnification power. For more than two decades, Canon has been introducing digital cameras in the Powershot series with amazing features and has earned the title of the best-selling digital camera line across the world. 

What Is The Speciality Of The Powershot Range?

The digital camera of the Powershot series uses CCD or CMOS technology. CCDs are “Charged Couple Device” sensors while CMOS is “Complementary Metal-oxide Semiconductor” sensors. They are used in digital cameras and video cameras to capture still or motion pictures. The CCD/CMOS captures photos and converts them into digital data and stores them in the memory chip. It is actually a digital version of films that were previously used. 

The quality of the images taken by the sensors is highly dependent on the resolution of the sensor. 

It features free software from the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) project. It allows the user to have complete programmatic control of the PowerShot digital cameras which enable the user to add features according to their need. It can support BASIC and Lua scripting too. 

The PowerShot cameras have expanded their line with various sub-series with different features. They are:

  • A series: These are the entry-level models.
  • D series: They feature a water-resistant build.
  • ELPH series: They are sleek and designed to fit in your pocket.
  • G series: These enthusiast cameras sport high-end features.
  • S series: These are compact cameras having many features from the S-series. 
  • SX series: These come equipped with long zoom lenses.

Apart from these, the PowerShot line also uses two suffixes.

  • The IS suffix denotes cameras with the Image Stabilization feature. 
  • The HS suffix implies “High Sensitivity”. 

The concerned model, Canon PowerShot SX530 falls under the SX-series with long zoom lenses for superior magnification. It is also of the HS-suffix type. It offers good picture quality even in low-light shooting.

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Feature To Look Out For Canon Powershot Sx530 HS

The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS is a fairly compact version of a digital camera with a super-zooming feature. This point-and-shoot camera was launched in January 2015, replacing its predecessor SX520. The main feature of the current model is a significant increase in the zooming range up to 50x. 

The PowerShot SX530 HS is considered a modest choice taking into account its affordable price and better features than its similar contemporary models. Let’s go over the Canon SX530 review with some details about its features to have a better understanding. 

1. Body Design And Ergonomics

The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS is manufactured with durable materials that make it resistant to different weather conditions. It is of moderate size, that would require both your hands for proper handling of the camera. It weighs about 442 grams including the battery and the dimension of the model is 120.0×81.7×91.9 mm.

The body of Canon Powershot SX530 has a textured coating that provides a better grip. It also sports a deep handgrip that helps you to hold the camera steady. Thumb rest is present at the backside of the model for better ergonomics. It is designed in a way to allow you to shoot for a longer duration of time without tiring yourself. The big lens gives the camera a DSLR-like appearance. It also allows the option to attach the camera to a tripod when required.

2. The Layout

The top plate of the camera has the power button, a control wheel, and a switch to control the zoom and the shutter. It also sports a moderately large mode dial that gives you access to all exposure modes with ease. A conventional four-way navigational pad is present with assigned direction keys. The UP controls ISO adjustments while the DOWN key controls the display. The LEFT key determines the focussing type and the RIGHT key gives access to control the flash. The flash can also be raised manually when needed. 

A quick menu is accessible by the central button which provides you options to select from. These include automatic/manual mode, controlling the white balance and exposure, selecting the aspect ratio and the image size. 

In addition, three buttons are present at the backside of the camera. They are the playback button, a main-menu button and a button for quick access to the wifi settings. 

A very useful Zoom Framing Assist Button is present at the lens barrel. Pressing this button helps in quick zooming out and allows you to locate your subject. Releasing the button will help in zooming in again at your target. This feature is of great value when shooting any subject in motion or in wildlife/nature photography.

3. Image Processor

The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS is powered by the DIGIC 4 Image Processor. DIGIC stands for Digital Imaging Integrated Circuit. This is the signal processing and control unit used by Canon for its digital cameras and camcorder. It supports iSAPS technology created by Canon. It is a ” Photographic Space” that relates the peripheral brightness and the distance between the camera and the subject, depending on the zoom position of the lens while taking the shot. 

The DIGIC 4 Image Processor provides a much faster performance compared to its predecessor. It also has improved noise reduction in higher ISO images and is also able to handle larger 14-bit RAW images in a better way. There is a 60% increment in speed in DIGIC 4 than DIGIC 4. It allows Life Face Detection Autofocus during Live View. DIGIC 4 also allows H.264 1080p encoding.

4. Autofocus And Speed

The camera is capable of shooting at a speed of 10 flaps per second in burst mode. The shutter speed is approximately 1- 1/2000 seconds. The camera offers face detection while live viewing, TTL (Through-the-Lens) nine-point autofocusing, and also manual focusing. You can control the manual focus by the Up and Down keys which lie next to the LCD screen. You can set the focal point as close as 0.39-inches to as far as 16.4 feet away. It allows autofocus in four different modes: Single, Continuous, Servo AF/AE, and Tracking Autofocus. It also provides Autofocus Lock and Autofocus Assist beam.

The Autofocus speed is pretty quick during wide-angle shots, which is about 0.08 seconds. But the speed considerably decreases when the camera is zoomed at its full capacity. It takes about 0.6 seconds to focus on a subject that is close to the in-focus range, while the time exceeds 2 seconds to focus on a completely blurred target before you can shoot.

5. Lens

The Canon PowerShot SX530 HS is equipped with a high-grade super-telephoto lens. The focal length of the lens is 4.3-215.0 mm and is capable of Optical Magnification of up to 50x for wide-angle shots. It also allows zooming up to 100x (Zoom Plus) without loss of image quality. 

The lens also features Digital Teleconverter which allows zooming up to approximately 1.6x or 2.0x and also offers Safety Zoom. The combined magnification capacity is approximately 200x.

The lens construction comprises 13 elements in 10 groups: three UD lenses and one double-sided aspherical lens. The lens offers a resolution as high as 16.0M pixels. The lens comes with Zoom Framing Assist that is designed to let you track your subject and capture it with utmost accuracy and clarity. 

6. Sensor

The camera has a 1/2.3 type of back-illuminated CMOS sensor. CMOS stands for complementary metal-oxide semiconductors. It is an active-type of the sensor where each pixel sensor unit cell has a photodetector and one or more active transistors. It is an electronic chip that converts photons to electrons for digital processing. CMOS sensors are less expensive than CCD sensors. 

Canon PowerShot SX530 also features Intelligent Orientation Sensor. The sensor keeps track of the orientation angles by using a geomagnetic field sensor.

7. Image Stabilisation

The camera provides a built-in lens shift-type image stabilizer that helps in minimizing blurring if the subject is in motion. This feature proves to be very helpful for steady shots in all situations. 

The camera features Intelligent Image Stabilization with 5-axis Enhanced Dynamic IS, which analyzes any camera movement and applies the best-suited correction method. It provides steady shots even without a tripod. The Framing Assist Lock feature also aids in reducing camera shakes during telephoto shoots. This feature mitigates the chances of image drifting and helps to keep your subject in the center of the frame.

8. Image Quality

The camera captures still images at high resolution even in a low-light environment. The still images are stored as JPEG file type. Still, image shooting is possible in three different drive modes: Single Shots, Continuous Shots, and Self-timer. The image stabilizer applies various effects to eliminate any chances of motion blurring and camera shake.

  • Normal IS is activated while shooting stills to correct a wide range of camera movements. 
  • Panning IS helps to detect panning motion so that IS doesn’t interfere with the desired movements. 
  • Micro (Hybrid) IS helps in correcting shift-type camera shakes while shooting close-up stills. 
  • Tripod: Image stabilization ceases to work when tripod mode is detected.

9. Video Quality

Canon SX530 is capable of videography at a resolution of 1080 pixels, with face detection while live viewing. It allows video files in MP4 format with audio recording in MPEG-4 AAC stereotype format. The videos can be shot at a speed of 30 flaps per second in Hybrid Auto Movie Mode. It can allow three types of resolution: Full HD at 1920×1080p, HD at 1280×720p, and in 640×480p. It can record movies up to a length of 4GB or 29 minutes 59 seconds in Full HD or HD format and 1-hour length for lower resolution format.

  • Dynamic IS in videography is effective while shooting at wide-angle focal lengths, and eliminates the chances of blurring due to camera shaking that can occur while walking. 
  • Powered IS helps in compensating the results of hand movements while videography at the telephoto end of the zoom range. 
  • Macro (Hybrid) IS helps in the correction of motion blurring and also compensates for shift-type camera shakes during macro shooting. 
  • Active Tripod IS eliminates any effect due to slight camera shakes while videography using a tripod. 

It also allows zooming up to 2x-10x approximately during video playback. There are various modes applicable in movie format: Smart Auto Mode, Standard Mode, Program AE, Portrait, Miniature Effect, Monochrome, Super Vivid mode, Poster Effect, Snow and Firework Effects. 

10. Continuous Shots And Burst Shooting 

Canon SX530 allows continuous shooting at a speed of approximately 1.6 shits/second. 

It allows High-Speed burst shooting at a resolution of 4.0 MP with a speed of approximately 10.0 shits/second. All speeds are calculated until the memory card gets full. 

11. Sensitivity Range

The Canon SX530 offers high sensitivity with an ISO range of 100-1600, which can be expanded up to 100-3200. The improved ISO settings allow you to take stunning shots of the best possible quality even in a low light environment. 

With the Canon HS system, you can also experience a great tracking performance in the dark. You can capture beautiful shots with minimal noise and maximum details in highlight and shadow areas. 

Also, the DIGIC 4 processor has immensely improved the processing speed of high ISO images than its predecessor. 

12. Display Screen

The camera is equipped with a 3.0 inch LCD screen of the high resolution of 461,000 dots. The considerably large monitor helps in easy framing and reviewing of your shots. A resolution as high as 461,000 dots make even the smallest details appear clear and prominent in the image. The screen provides 100% coverage so that you can view it from a wide range of angles. 

The LCD screen uses TFT technology. TFT is a variant of Liquid Crystal Display screens which makes use of thin-film-transistor technology (TFT) for improved image quality. It provides better addressability and contrast. 

The screen offers Quick-bright LCD. The brightness level of the monitor can also be adjusted according to the viewer’s needs. It is adjustable to one of five levels.

13. Connectivity

The connectivity features are some of the best aspects that we found in the Canon PowerShot SX530 review

Canon Powershot SX530 has built-in NFC (Near-Field Communication) type of connectivity. This technology enables you to access the new Canon Camera Connect App on your smartphone, just by a simple touch in the NFC icon on your camera. If your android phone is compatible with the app, the Camera Connect app will launch automatically. This allows you to share images and video files without any manual work. 

The built-in NFC also makes the installation of the app easier. Only a tap in the icon will display the download screen on your phone, once connected.  

The camera also sports a built-in WiFi, making it convenient to share photos and videos on-the-go with your friends. 

Apart from wireless file transferring, the wifi on PowerShot SX530 also enables your smartphone or tablet to remotely control the camera. This is a great vantage point while shooting wildlife photography. You can control the optical zoom, the flash, timer, and the shutter from a distance directly from your phone. 

The Canon Image Gateway feature in the camera allows you to share your shots and movies on social media platforms directly from the camera. This feature also helps in synchronizing your camera to your computer or smartphone so that you can access the files anytime, anywhere.

14. Battery

The PowerShot SX530 runs on a power source of Lithium-Ion NB-6LH battery which is rechargeable. The battery, once fully charged, allows you to take 210 shots. If the camera is running on Eco mode, the battery can allow capturing approximately 290 shots at one charge. One full charge can permit video playback for about 300 minutes.

15. Additional Features

Creative Shots: The special Creative Shots feature in the SX530 HS camera helps you to give an artistic touch to your captured shots. The Creative Shot mode makes use of the advanced Canon technology to analyze the subject, the surroundings, and the exposure in the image and applies any of the 46 filter options available. 

Apart from the filters, this feature also automatically produces five additional variations of the image, excluding the original one. The filter options are categorized into Retro, Monochrome, Special and Natural effects. 

Red-Eye Reduction: It can correct Red Eye during video or still-image shooting and playback. 

Flash: The camera has an inbuilt flash which works at a speed as fast as 1/2000 second. It can operate in three different modes: Auto, Manual, Slow Synchro modes. The flash can be manually adjusted to three levels of power and also offers Flash Exposure Lock. The internal flash ranges from 50cm-5.5m(W)/ 1.3m-3.0m(T). PowerShot SX530 is also equipped with an external flash: Canon High Power Flash HF-DC2.

Memory Card Type: The camera has a single slot for file storage chip. It supports memory card of SD/ SDHC/ SDXC type.

GPS: SX530 HS camera also supports GPS communication, which can only be linked with compatible smartphones.

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Canon Powershot SX530 Pros and Cons

While we are discussing the Canon PowerShot SX530 review, knowing about the pros and cons is definitely important before you decide to purchase the camera. 

What’s Good About The Canon Powershot SX530 Camera?

  • Provides an Optical Zoom up to 50x
  • Highly Responsive performance
  • Has a relatively compact design with a DSLR-like appearance
  • Features a special Zoom Framing Assist function
  • Offers a highly efficient Image Stabilization feature 
  • The Canon Creative Shot Mode allows you to give an artistic flair to your captures
  • Supports integrated Wifi and NFC connectivity
  • Allows manual controlling of flash and exposure modes

What Can Be Improved?

The PowerShot SX530 camera lacks an electronic viewfinder which prevents the users from locating a moving target. The addition of an optical viewfinder would be of great help to the photographer. 

When the lens of the camera is zoomed to its full capacity, the focus speed is slowed down considerably. Improvement in the focusing power would elevate its selling point. 

The HD video format is limited to a resolution of 1080 pixels and a speed of 30 fps. Whereas, cameras within the same range can offer speed as high as 60 fps.

Doesn’t allow you to shoot slow-motion videos.

Does not provide an external headphone jack. You cannot monitor the audio recordings while shooting videos.

Lacks built-in Bluetooth.

Lacks a swivel LCD screen. The monitor does not allow enough flexibility while shooting. 

This model of the Canon PowerShot series lies in the expensive range.

FAQs on Canon Powershot SX530 

Q1. What Are The Main Specs Of Canon Powershot Sx530?

  • Sensor Resolution: 16 MP
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Memory Card Slots: 1
  • ISO range: 100-3200
  • Battery Type: Canon NB-6LH
  • Display Resolution: 461000 dots
  • Video Resolution: 1080p
  • Optical Zoom: 50x
  • Stabilization: Optical
  • Touchscreen: No
  • Connectivity: Wifi, mini HDMI, mini USB

Q2. What Accessories Can Be Used For Canon Powershot Sx530 Hs?

Battery: The NB-6LH spare battery for Canon SX530 has higher capacity than NB-6L and lasts long. 

Battery Charger: The CB-2LYE is the spare battery charger for PowerShot SX530 is perfect for tours and trips.

Softcase: The soft case DCC-850 protects your camera from any minor external assault 

External Flash: The portable flash is of high-power and has a bracket to attach to the camera. It can also be used to create other lighting options remotely.

Canon Powershot sx530 Review – Conclusion

We hope the Canon PowerShot SX530 HS review has helped you to have a better idea about the camera. Though it lies on a pricey side, its overall performance would compensate for that. 

With unique features and amazing zooming power, the Canon PowerShot SX530 can easily be a desirable model for both professionals and enthusiasts. Though the camera lacks some of the much-needed features, it is one of the best point-and-shoot cameras available in the market in its range.

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