Canon EOS Rebel T6 Review 2021

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Photography is an art, and once you realize this, you set out in pursuit of the perfect camera. A camera does more than click pictures. From image quality to resolution and exposure, the list of outstanding camera features goes on. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is one such camera that comes packed with these unique qualities.

Let’s dive right in for a detailed Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera review.

Canon EOS Rebel T6


Features To Look Out For In The Canon EOS Rebel T6

The Canon Eos Rebel T6 is a compact and sleek DSLR, featuring an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 4 image processor. The camera includes a versatile set of imaging abilities that provide rich image quality with minimal noise. It has an incredible sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400, which can further be expanded to ISO 12800. This ISO range enables shooting even in a wide range of lighting conditions. The sensor and processor incorporated in the camera allow the users to shoot continuously at 3 fps to capture moving subjects. The DSLR also facilitates recording Full HD 1080p/30 videos. 

For increased accuracy and focus while shooting, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 comes with a 9-point AF system, which includes a single centre cross-type AF point. Moreover, a contrast-detection focusing system offers refined and accurate autofocus precision for capturing movies or live view recording.  The rear 3.0” 920k-dot LCD offers a bright and clear image for playback and review. The DSLR camera also adorns built-in Wi-Fi with NFC, which permits you to avail the facility of transferring files wirelessly from your camera to a linked mobile device. This is the perfect means for instant online sharing.

Incorporated with the camera body is the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens. This provides a 28.8-88mm equivalent focal length range that covers a wide-angle frame to shoot telephoto perspectives. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 claims an aspherical element included in the optical design.  This helps the DSLR camera to control spherical aberrations and contribute to developing higher quality images with improved precision. Additionally, the Optical Image Stabilizer reduces the chances of camera shake for sharper handheld shooting.


1. 18MP APS-C CMOS Sensor And DIGIC 4 Image Processor

At the heart of the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is an apt 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor. These two amazing technologies combine to provide both speed and noticeable image quality throughout the camera system.  For photographing moving subjects, the camera provides an option to shoot up to 3 fps, which is also available for unlimited JPEGs in a burst or up to 6 consecutive frames. The DSLR camera helps you avail shooting ability up to 30 fps for Full HD  1080p video.  The sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400 can be expanded till 12800 ISO, which allows shooting even in low light conditions. 

2. 9-Point AF System

A 9-point phase-detection autofocus system incorporates a single cross-type point to provide a higher degree of focussing accuracy in different lighting situations. This system also uses an AI Servo AF mechanism for quick tracking and more accurate results.

3. Body Design And Built-In Wi-Fi

To enable live view shooting and image playback, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 sports a large 3.0” 920k-dot LCD monitor. Along with this, an optical pentamirror viewfinder presents a much brighter and crystal clear view of the scenes while shooting stills.  It proves to be the best way for quick-paced subject tracking and working in bright conditions. This well-designed DSLR camera also includes a built-in Wi-Fi with NFC. This allows pairing the camera online with different devices like smartphones and tablets for wirelessly sharing photos and movies instantly.

Moreover, this connectivity allows the Canon EOS Rebel T6 to become compatible with the optional Canon Connect Station CS100 storage device. The Wi-Fi connectivity incorporated with the camera enables you to use mobile devices that are connected through the Camera Connect app as wireless remote controls. Above all, the built-in Wi-Fi with NFC lets the Canon EOS Rebel T6 be adaptable with the full lineup of Canon EF and EF-S-mount lenses.  


Other Features

1. The Scene Intelligent Auto mode accurately selects the apt camera settings based on scene types recognized by the device for stunning exposures.

2. A Feature Guide is also included with the device to make the users familiar with an array of camera features. It displays short descriptions of shooting modes, settings, and effects for easy and quick use.

3. To simplify the complex process of achieving certain creative looks, the DSLR camera provides Basic and Creative Auto modes.

4. Various creative filters are accessible to help refine the look of the imagery being developed. The filters include Toy Camera, Fisheye, and Miniature Effect, among others.

5. Video Snapshot allows you to capture short 2, 4, or 8-second video clips. These video clips then automatically get compiled into a single video file for playback, which is quite similar to a highlight reel.

6. As a means to maintain accurate colour rendering, the DSLR camera comes with a ‘white priority’ Auto White Balance feature. It also helps to adjust the warmer tones while photographing in tungsten-lit conditions.

7. The different picture styles available are Auto, Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome, and User-Defined 1-3.

8. Basic Zone Exposure control settings include Scene Intelligent Auto, Flash Off, Creative Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-Up, Sports, Food, and Night Portrait.

9. The different languages supported by the Canon EOS Rebel T6 are English, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Romanian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. 

What’s Good About The Canon EOS Rebel T6

This DSLR camera is a compact, sleek, well-designed tool with exceptional photo and video quality. The Canon EOS Rebel T6,  a model that was released in 2016, seems to be on the inexpensive side. It comes at an affordable price of $549.  For a Digital SLR camera with an 18-55mm lens, the cost budget is pretty attractive. Like most of the basic DSLRs in its class, the Rebel T6 is a point-and-shoot camera. It adorns a big sensor for better photo quality. 

The DSLR camera is undoubtedly an upgrade from a phone or point-and-shoot cameras. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is definitely in line with its competitors, i.e., the Nikon D3300 and the Pentax K-S2. JPEGs look better through the ISO 800 as long as the photos or videos are captured in a well-lit area.

The DSLR camera provides relatively good performance in terms of autofocus and continuous shooting speeds. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is comparatively light in weight, too. It also adorns an ISO 100-6400, expandable up to 12,800 ISO. When put against the T5, the colours are much more realistic and accurate in the Rebel T6, and its dynamic range is considerably better. In terms of performance, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is a fairly decent performer for a consumer-class DSLR. The single-shot AF execution is outstanding and very quick for this class of camera. The DSLR camera is also capable of focusing accurately in very low light conditions.

The camera sports improved Live View autofocus. The Hybrid AF system of phase-detect and contrast-detect is also fast and accurate. Furthermore, live exposure simulation and the articulating and responsive touchscreen LCD create an overall fantastic experience with the Canon EOS Rebel T6. In terms of body design, the Rebel T6 sports a black build with a plastic outer shell. The camera is sized at 4.0 by 5.1 by 3.1 (HWD) inches and weighs 1.1 pounds without the lens. The modest handgrip incorporated with the camera is covered in a textured material, making it easy for users to get a firm hold on the camera while shooting.  

The DSLR camera is also able to capture images at a pretty good wide-angle, allowing you to zoom in to a short telephoto field of view. The camera gives you easy guidance, as well. The rear display tells you what changes in your setting in plain language when you press the different buttons. Turning the Mode dial on can help users to navigate between various settings. The camera is now packed with a more modern 920k-dot resolution. The photographs seem to be more crisp and clear, enabling you to focus and zoom on a particular image in a better way.

The in-built Wi-Fi is an attractive feature of the Canon EOS Rebel T6, as it allows you to connect your camera via NFC. Wireless transmission of files online is also made possible due to this. It boasts a series of physical ports, including a 2.5mm connection for a wired remote, mini USB, and mini HDMI. BFurther, the Rebel T6 provides a hot shoe for an external flash apart from the built-in one. SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards can be used for the T6, and a memory card slot is available for the same. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 also has excellent battery life. BOverall, the camera is a must-have for beginners who want to improve their photography skills.

Scope For Improvement In The Canon EOS Rebel T6

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 also has a set of cons to it. Though the camera boasts an ISO 100-6400, which is expandable up to 12,800, the image quality goes down while shooting night scenes. The 9-point autofocus system is probably not the fastest out there. In dim conditions, the focus speed slows to 1.4 seconds when using the optical viewfinder.

This is quite disappointing for a Digital SLR. The live view performance is not that praise-worthy, either. In bright light conditions, the focus system needs 1.8 seconds to lock and fire, and it slows to 5.2 seconds in low light conditions.  Burst shooting in this DSLR camera is limited to about three frames per second. Unlike other cameras that use the 24MP image sensors, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 still comes with the 18MP image sensor. Though the camera keeps noise under 1.5 percent, it still calls for improvement.

When it comes to body design, the focus motor proves to be a bit noisy. The camera lacks in front body controls as well. It only includes the release button, which is used to change the lenses. Plus, the Guide Mode can not be called robust and friendly when compared to other cameras.  The rear display lacks touch support, which is considered a major drawback. Although the built-in Wi-Fi option is accessible in the camera, it is impossible to navigate the connection settings. Instead, you will have to remember that this feature is buried in the menu system, which can sometimes be upsetting.

The bundled 18-55mm lens was found to be relatively underperforming. At 18mm f/3.5, it manages to score 1,477 lines per picture height. At f/5.6, it hits 1,803 lines, but most parts of the frame, including the mid parts and edges, lag behind this particular average. There is noticeable barrel distortion at about 3.6 percent at the 18mm setting. This gives the images a minimal fish-eye look, primarily when you focus closely on them. There is no alternate setting for in-camera distortion correction.

Although the camera can record up to 1080p30 quality videos in QuickTime format, the real video clarity speaks otherwise. The footage was found to have an overall soft look with less precision. Another major limitation is the lack of ability to autofocus while recording a video clip. If autofocus is engaged, it disrupts the video taking process, and the user has to start a new clip. The entry-level Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera lags in in-camera technology. It leaves more room for improvement when compared to its line of competitors. 

The camera also lacks an extended battery life, which further  limits the number of shots that can be taken in one go. While shooting RAW, the buffer system was found to be shallow. It fails to provide the Servo AF system for shooting stills in Live View. The option for a 60p video is not available in the Canon EOS Rebel T6. For videographers, the camera does not provide a proper headphone jack. Moreover, it does not deliver a clean HDMI output. To sum it up, the image sensor needs to be upgraded, and the focus system needs to be improved in terms of performance. The DSLR camera may be a good option for beginners, but for advanced photographers and videographers, the market has far better options

A Brief Overview – Canon EOS Rebel T6

Considering the above points, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 can be a good purchase if you are looking for an entry-level camera. Unlike its predecessor Canon EOS Rebel T5, the T6 is a reliable camera with advanced capabilities.  The DSLR camera is an apt choice for decent, general-use photography in various lighting conditions. Ergonomically, it resembles its predecessor but with a few considerable improvements. The controls are relatively straightforward, while the camera is lightweight and pretty comfortable. 

To summarize, the camera may not prove to be astounding,  but it is a simple tool that develops images and videos with trustworthy and good quality. As a successor to the Rebel T5, Canon EOS Rebel T6 offers a few useful upgrades. This comprises fair image resolution and autofocus, especially while tracking moving subjects. 

The DSLR camera also comes with a much striking feature, which is the built-in Wi-Fi with NFC. It enables the users to connect the camera wirelessly to devices like smartphones and tablets. It also allows the transfer of photos and videos online while additionally allowing the concerned device to act as a remote controller. The camera blends new additions with tried-and-true Canon DSLR features making the camera a magnificent product. Altogether, the characteristics of the camera result in a friendly, all-round flexible, and easy-to-use device. 

FAQs on Canon EOS Rebel T6

Q1. Is It Possible To Use A Mic On A Canon EOS Rebel T6?

Yes, the camera adorns a built-in mic with a mono input. However, the Canon Rebel T6 does not provide an option to use an external mic. An external mic would indeed give higher audio quality than the built-in mic, but the camera fails to provide a separate port for the same. 

Q2. Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Good For Photography?

The DSLR camera is well-equipped to provide good quality images. It is definitely far better than a point-and-shoot camera. It has a sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400 that can be expanded up to 12,800 ISO even in low light conditions. However, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 still lacks various ideal camera features and has much more room for improvement. For still photography, it can be considered suitable, but for videography, it is better to go with other options.

Q3. Is the Canon EOS Rebel T6 A Good Camera For Beginners?

This well-designed camera can be a reliable option for first-time photographers. It has eye-catching features and solid image quality. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is an entry-level camera and can help beginners take their first step towards photography. Moreover, it is inexpensive, too. 

Q4. How To Take Night Photos With The Canon EOS Rebel T6?

To take night photos with the DSLR camera, you first have to put the camera in Manual Mode. It is much easier to shoot in Manual Mode for night photography than in any other mode. Find a tripod for more support, as it also helps you withstand camera shake. Set the aperture as low as possible and the Shutter Speed to 10” (10 seconds). Finally, set your ISO to 1600, and there you are, all ready to click spectacular night photos.

Q5. How Old Is The Canon Rebel T6?

The Canon EOS Rebel T6, also known as the Canon EOS 1300D, is an 18 megapixel digital SLR single-lens reflex camera made by Canon. This smart camera was announced on March 10, 2016, with a retail price of $549.00. 

Q6. Does The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Have Video Capability?

Yes, this entry-level camera offers its users Full HD capabilities. It enables users to shoot movies with 1920 x 1080 pixels at a maximum of 30/25 frames per second. The camera is also able to record videos with higher frame rates by considerably reducing the video resolution. It allows you to shoot content with relatively great precision and improved quality.

Q7. Why Does My Rebel T6 Capture Blurry Pictures?

Sometimes, this can happen with DSLR cameras, and you can solve it by ensuring that the switch is turned on to AF mode. It is normal for a camera not to click clear pictures if it is unable to lock focus. It could mean that the Image Stabilization might be switched off in your camera.  Also, while capturing pictures indoors and in dim-lit conditions without a flash, the shutter speed can slow down, and even slight camera shakes can make the pictures look blurry.

Q8. Why Does The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Automatically Stop Recording?

There can be many reasons why your device automatically stopped recording. Some of the common possibilities for it could be either because your camera model is not compatible with the used SD card or the card can’t record high-quality videos due to low write speed. Some SD cards are unable to cope up with the high recording speed, and you can solve this issue by replacing it with a high performing one.

Q9. Is The Canon Rebel T6 A Good Option For YouTube?

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 is often seen used by YouTubers for the past few years. Be it for excellent photos or recording good videos, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera is a reliable option. The camera proves to be excellent for making YouTube videos. It also enables you to give a professional touch while creating your content.

Q10. How To Zoom In On A Canon Rebel T6?

The DSLR camera allows its users to avail of the autofocus feature if the shutter button is half-pressed down. The camera will also autofocus on a subject with the lens AF/MF switch set in the AF position. When the lens is set in this position, you will be able to see a lit red square in the viewfinder.  The lens zoom is set off manually by turning on the zoom control ring on the lens. If you follow these steps, you will be able to zoom in with your Canon EOS Rebel T6.

Q11. Is The Canon T6i Weather Resistant?

No, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 is not weather-resistant. Most of the cameras are not waterproof unless they are particularly designed for underwater photo and videography purposes. Some high-end lenses are marketed in the name of water-resistant lenses, but they only tend to keep the moisture out of the camera lens. A water-resistant camera is deemed unworthy if the camera lens is not weather-resistant or waterproof. None of the cameras in the Canon family are weather-resistant.

Time To Put An End To Your Camera Hunt!

Days of going through articles and navigating between web pages are common amongst new camera buyers. If your heart is set on the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera, then this article will be the best guide to you. The Canon Rebel T6 camera is an inexpensive yet excellent DSLR camera in terms of its body design, features, and whatnot. We hope this detailed Canon EOS Rebel T6 review helps you arrive at the right camera decision. So, waste your time no more, and get shopping!

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