What Is Commercial Photography: Everything You Need To Know In A Nutshell 

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From mammoth cameras with one-time flash to compact digitals that fit in your bag, the camera has witnessed a colossal evolution. And as cameras have developed over the decades, their uses have also diversified. 

Today, the camera is not just a device to seize some moments to cherish later. Rather, it has geared itself up, walked down the business lane, and taken up a few jobs. One such endeavour of today’s new age camera is commercial photography. 

If you are an aspiring photographer and wishing to turn your passion into a career, it would be beneficial for you to do some fieldwork.

So, to know more, let’s explore what is commercial photography and what does this branch of photography entails. 

What Is Commercial Photography?

It takes astounding skills and an extraordinarily artistic eye for a photographer to bring out the best in any object. A commercial photographer does that with proficiency. 

Commercial Photography is the method of capturing high-quality photos of any product or service to promote and advertise them for business purposes. A shot taken for commercial cause must succeed in highlighting all the unique and finest features of any product or service to make it appear desirable to the potential clients.

From a pen to a penthouse, commercial photography has become essential to sell anything and everything on this planet. 

Now that we have some idea about it, to understand what is commercial photography a little better, we need to look into some of the categories it includes. 

What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Photography?

The spectrum of commercial photography is quite an extensive one. With the digitalization of the economy, every sector of the industry is now hiring professional commercial photographers to promote their products and services. 

Commercial photography includes the following: 

1. Advertising Photography

The sole purpose of advertising photography is to entice the consumer into purchasing the product. So, flashy billboards and eye-catching images on the e-commerce portal play an imperative role in promoting the products by grasping the buyer’s attention. An experienced commercial photographer would do just the right job for you

2. Food Photography

Capturing a dish with all its true essence is an art. A professional food photographer specialises in enhancing the quality of the food and presents you a mouthwatering gourmet. 

A food photographer excels in an artful arrangement that will give you the perception of its taste and aroma just from the photograph. 

3. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography focuses on displaying apparel and other fashion items for advertisements, e-commerce, or fashion magazines. A professional would intensify the aesthetics of any fashion product and make them more appealing to the consumers. They use exotic locations or features supermodels with stunning effects of lighting and makeup to create a flawless image that would make you want to own the product.

4. Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography deals with capturing buildings or any architectural structures and presenting their aesthetics and accurate representation of their structural components in a 2-dimensional photograph. 

Specialized photographers use their skills to shoot and portray the structures at their best view. Be it a building beside the park or the Burj Khalifa, an architectural photographer knows all the right angles that bring out their best.

Thinking Of Making It A Career?

Now that we have dived into some details about commercial photography, are you thinking of considering this as your career choice?

Let’s discuss how specialising in commercial photography can build up your future. 

As commercial photography is a popular name in today’s industry, it possesses great potential for being a successful career. Multinational as well as local brands are continually looking to hire commercial photographers all year-round. They also offer lucrative paychecks. 

Developing your skills, a little hard work, and a great portfolio always prove to be of help to attract prospective clients. If you are an aspiring photographer, putting your foot into the commercial line of work can be a great opportunity for you. Use your creativity,  display your work on a web portal, or social media platform for more visibility for customers to discover you and your potentials.  

How To Get Started?

If you are joining the industry, simply knowing what is commercial photography won’t be sufficient. You certainly wouldn’t want improper and illegal use of your creativity, making you run on a loss. Thus, before you set out in the commercial field, you need to have proper knowledge about its technicalities for the legal protection of your intellectual property.

What Is Licencing?

Image licensing is a contract or agreement between the owner and the client which determines the usage and pricing of the product. 

There are different kinds of licenses available that determine how much, where, and for how long are you permitting the client to use your property. 

  • Usage License: It is an agreement granting permission to the client to use for images for print media or in any other platform. 
  • Copyright: This determines who owns the rights to the image. One can retain ownership and allow limited access to clients in exchange for revenue or can sell the rights for a price. 
  • Pricing: Pricing is an agreement that decides about the monetary benefits one would be receiving from the client in exchange for your images. It can be a temporary one or a permanent one.

What Equipment Do You Need?

The choice of equipment differs according to the person or the product to be shot or even the backdrop. So, to be brief, a good quality professional-grade camera and lenses are an absolute necessity. In addition, for better quality images, good sensors are a must, so is polishing and cleaning. Begin with the basics and you can upgrade your apparatus as you move up the success ladder.

Shoot What You Feel

If you are a photo-artist with an entrepreneurial itch, commercial photography is just the best career path for you. 

It is a well known saying that a picture speaks more than words. Everything around us has a story of its own. Get your camera ready and look out for all the latent stories and make them audible.

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