The Ultimate Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

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A person’s wedding day is one of the most special days of their life. Nowadays, new and creative wedding photography trends have come into fashion. Couples go the extra mile to have their special day captured in the best way possible.

If you are a budding photographer and want to try your hand at wedding photography, this article brings you some of the best wedding photography tips for beginners.

Before we learn about the methods, make sure you get yourself the best wedding photography camera. Poor gear choice can affect the results of your hard work.

Your Gear

Here is a list of things you must have as a part of your gear.

  • A good camera, as already mentioned above.
  • It may be a DSLR or a more advanced mirrorless camera.
  • A wide range of high-quality lenses for different situations.
  • A camera bag to keep all your gear in one place and make it easy to carry.
  • A flash with a good diffuser for indoor events
  • You must have memory cards with a lot of storage.
  • Keep spare batteries and chargers for all your devices with you all the time.
  • A good, stable tripod (not mandatory)

Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

Wedding photography is risky since you only get one chance at it. The pictures you take are going to be treasured for generations. So, to help you not mess it up, here are 7 best wedding photography tips for beginners.

1. Know the Couple

The easiest way to not jeopardize it is to meet the couple and understand in detail what they expect from you. Tell them your ideas and let them make changes. Note any special requests that they make. Become friends with them so that they understand if you ever need anything from their end through the process.

Sometimes the couple is themselves confused about the kind of pictures they want. Having a sit-down meeting with them will help you perceive both their mindsets better. Don’t make assumptions, but confirm all the details. Do not leave any idea at a “maybe.” However, always keep room for improvisations.

2. Make A-List

Make a clear list of all the important guests arriving at the wedding. Take help from the couple. When your client receives the pictures and struggles to find their main guests, they are going to be very disappointed.

Know the special guests, the close family of the couple, and their best friends. Make sure these people appear in more than sixty percent of the photographs.

3. Take A Location Tour

You will not get to choose the wedding venue. If the couple chooses a photogenic location, that’s beneficial for you, but even if they don’t, it is your responsibility to make it photogenic.

Take a long tour of the entire venue. Choose the best spots to take photographs. As you do that, try coming up with prop ideas that you can use at that location to give the pictures a more creative touch.

You should even consider taking the couple with you and ask for their inputs. This way, you can also have some test shots in certain poses to get an idea of what to do and what not to do on the wedding day.

4. Practice Before The D-day

No list of wedding photography tips for beginners is complete without this one tip. Practice as much as you can. Walking in without any experience is a set up for failure.

Try different photography tricks on your friends and family before the wedding. Build confidence.

5. Know The Schedule

You are supposed to be at the right place at the right time to capture the best moments. Make sure you know the complete schedule of the wedding program.

Set your equipment beforehand. Scout the venue ahead of time so that you know your positions. Learn the routes (if it is a big spread out venue) so that it is easier to move back and forth.

Having a team can be a great help. It will reduce the chances of you missing any simultaneous events at the wedding. You can also divide the work. For example, the second photographer can focus on taking photographs of the guests while you focus on the bride and groom.

6. Have A Photo Checklist

There are a number of mandatory pictures to be taken. Have a checklist of all of them so that you don’t forget any important shots. Some such vital moments include walking down the aisle, the big kiss, exchanging rings, cutting the wedding cake, and the first dance.

Also, add to the checklist the small details like the rings and the wedding dress. Make sure to take great pictures of such small highlights of the wedding.

7. Beware Of Bad Weather

It is advisable to have backup plans considering the uncertainty of the weather.

Some ways to be prepared for all kinds of situations include-

  • Carry beautiful umbrellas that can be used as props.
  • Use the sky to your advantage by positioning the couple in front of dark, moody clouds.
  • Warn the bride of the ground getting muddy from the rain. She can pack an extra pair of shoes to wear in place of her heels.
  • Look for a few different locations that can be used for photographs in case the one initially planned is unavailable.

A Few Extra Tips

Now that you have your gear ready and enough wedding photography tips for beginners, you are all set to do your first wedding shoot.

These are some final tips that you may want to keep in mind –

  • Try taking the shots from different angles but make sure you don’t disturb the guests in the process.
  • Check your photos for people blinking. Make sure nobody stands squinting in bright sunlight.
  • Take multiple shots. The more photographs you click, the more the chances of you having a good one.
  • Make sure to backup all the pictures you’ve clicked.
  • Use the golden hour to your advantage for some photographs.
  • Make sure you know all about your camera settings and use the right one at the right time.

Try To Be Original

There can’t be enough wedding photography tips for beginners to prepare you to be the best. You need to be as creative as you can. Look at the photographs taken by famous wedding photographers. Try to learn how they make use of their surroundings. However, don’t copy anybody. Be as original and real as possible.

A wedding is a function full of overwhelming moments. Practice a lot, and try your best to capture them right. Your photographs will bring back memories years later for the couple and their family, so make sure you give them your best work.

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