The Best Wedding Photography Ideas in 2021

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Weddings have always been an exuberant occasion in all cultures across the world. While marriage is simply a ritual where two people commit to a relationship for life, weddings in every part of the world are nothing short of an upscale event. Grandeur and large scale expenses are common to weddings in almost all countries. Amidst the other elements of this lavish affair, wedding photography ideas and plans holds a unique place.

Marriage is a celebration of the union of two hearts. However, with the importance that people give to wedding photography, it seems that pleasing the eyes and garnering likes and comments on social media are also the purposes of weddings these days.

In this article, let’s talk about some wedding photoshoot ideas and how you can earn a fortune by becoming a wedding photographer.

Benefits Of Wedding Photography For Photographers

All photographers should know that weddings are a gold mine for their profession. It is among the highest-paid niches in photography. Couples and their families diligently plan wedding photoshoots just like any other thing in the wedding. It means that couples want unique and creative photographs from their wedding, and therefore, are willing to pay a good amount of money for the same. 

Any senior wedding photographer can expect to earn between 1500 to 2000 dollars per wedding. Also, such photographers can expect to get 10 to 15 similar assignments in a month. Now, do the math and get ready to work towards becoming a well-paid wedding photographer. 

Wedding photography has become an integral part of wedding cultures in the world. It is difficult to think of photoshoot themes, however, it is important for these ideas to be new and less conventional, so that the photographs become memorable for the family. 

Best Wedding Photography Ideas and Suggestions

Here are some interesting and unique wedding photography plans. Inspired by some of the best photography portfolios, these ideas will certainly please the bride and groom. 

1. Choose An Unusual Background

When you aim to click unique photographs, you need to look for something exciting and unconventional that attracts attention towards the picture. It can be something related to the subject or the surroundings. For a wedding photoshoot, you can choose an unusual landscape as the background. The landscape should have a beautiful, natural environment, which adds to the couples vibrant aura.. 

2. Candid Clicks

Some of the best photographs are taken without any planning or setup. You can follow the same idea for wedding photography as well. For this, do not organize anything formally for the photoshoot. Just keep clicking random pictures of the couple together. Ultimately, you will get some beautiful candid shots of them that you might not have captured even with the best sets. 

3. Sunset Wedding Photography

Making use of natural daylight to create a theme is a classic wedding photography idea. You can organize an outdoor wedding shoot at sunset hour, when the light is not too bright and while the sun in the background can provide a scenic view. 

4. Unconventional Portraits

Wedding photoshoots also involve portrait photography for the bride and groom, respectively. While regular photography ideas suggest clicking portrait pictures in bright light, you can do something unconventional by making use of shadows in portrait photography. Some of the best portfolios have similar portrait pictures that look stunning. 

5. Capture Discreet Details

All wedding photo albums will have pictures that cover every prominent ritual of the wedding. However, a creative and unconventional wedding photography idea can be to capture the minor details of the wedding. These pictures can be of the rings that the couple exchanges or the pictures of the bride and groom while they dress up for the big day. When you capture these discrete wedding details, the photo album becomes highly nostalgic when seen several years later. 

6. One With The Group

A wedding function is not just about the bride and groom. Several other people, including friends and family, attend the wedding. As they are equally important to the couple, think of clicking pictures of the family and friends with the bride and groom in unique ways. A great idea can be to click group pictures in which everyone wears color-coordinated clothes. You can also capture candid moments of the couple laughing and having a good time with their friends. 

7. Try Different Angles

Angles play a great role in photography. You can get the best shot of the day from any angle. So, don’t hesitate in choosing different points to click photographs from. You might require several accessories for clicking pictures from different angles. A shift in perspective adds interest to the picture. For example, you can choose a high-up vantage point angle to click pictures of the rituals. 

8. Use Negative Space

Negative space in a frame is any part of the background that does not contribute to the picture as such. You can use negative spaces to make the photographs look unusual yet attractive. It makes the subject, which is the couple in this case, standout while you don’t do anything extra to get a shot. 

A New Culture

Having elaborate photoshoots in the name of wedding photography is a part of the new wedding culture. Although different methods of recording events during weddings were present earlier as well, the importance of the same has somewhat increased today. It is the only possible reason why couples are hiring expensive wedding photographers for unique photoshoots.

People are interested in customizing their wedding photoshoots as well. For instance, in Korea, the concept of self-wedding photography has become popular. For this, the couple travels to different locations and clicks pictures of themselves. 


One can easily understand that all this effort to have a unique wedding photoshoot is done to make the event memorable. Marriage is indeed a crucial life event. Everybody wants to record and store the details from such a wonderful time of life. The onus of fulfilling these needs is on wedding photographers. It is the reason why photographers are always in search of new wedding photography ideas. You can take cues from these wedding photography plans, but ensure that you think out of the box and use your cameras to make the wedding memorable for the couple.

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