Photography Watermark Ideas – Watermarking Your Brand On Pictures

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If you are thinking of pursuing photography as a profession or even to create an Instagram account out of it, you need some basic things first: a good camera, some nice accessories, and a watermark to represent your brand. We will not only help you with the perfect photography watermark ideas but also with how to make it.  

Why Use A Watermark?

Once you put your photographs on the internet, as much as people can see them and praise you, there is also a chance of people downloading them, and passing them off as their own. This is why watermark helps you to keep it as your property.

A watermark is usually a logo that represents your company or name. It is very similar to an artist signing their name on his painting. If you have your picture watermarked, then there is little fear of someone stealing your picture and claiming it as theirs. You can go as far as suing them if it’s used illegally.

Also, it acts as a brand logo for your work, people would gradually associate you with the watermark and instantly recognize it as yours. This will help you in creating a fan following. 

Things To Remember

While making a watermark or putting it on the picture, there are a few things you have to keep in mind:

1. Think About It

The watermark is your brand. It will represent you in a public forum. What it looks like, is your art in summary. Therefore, it is necessary that you actually put some thought into it. The most common watermarks are usually the name or the signature of the photograph, however, this does not necessarily mean a good idea. A logo goes well with any photograph, as it attracts just enough attention to itself without destroying the beauty of the photograph.

2. Size

The watermark has to be of an appropriate size. If it is too big, it will destroy the beauty of the photograph. However, making it too small will be of no use at all. The watermark should be of such a size that it catches the eye of the viewer without interfering with the beauty of the photograph. It is advisable to keep changing the size of the watermark in accordance with the picture you are going to publish.

3. Creating A Focal Point

Your photograph in itself should have a focal point. The object through which you are portraying a story. The watermark in itself is again a focal point. Both things have to be quite catchy without nullifying each other. Make sure to place the watermark in such a position that it is visible in the background. Usually placing it on contrasting color helps. 

Placing The Watermark

Placing the watermark is quite an important factor in itself. You have to keep certain points in mind while positioning it:

1. The Whole Image

You might have seen some images which have watermarks all over them. As much as it protects from theft, it also destroys the beauty of the image. You can place it on the empty background of the middle of the picture, but that also annoys some viewers. The best place to watermark your picture is on the sides and the corners.

2. Long Captions

As much as you have seen people putting long captions or phrases on the picture along with their watermark, it most of the time destroys the aesthetic of the picture. Your main focus should be the picture, the caption is a bonus. You can use it as a heading while posting the picture. Also, instead of going for long lines, you can just write a few words, keeping it short and simple. This will not only make the picture eye-catching but also aesthetic.

3. Invisible Watermarking

This is one of the best forms of watermarking. Your watermark will actually not be completely invisible. Professionals usually use steganography to make this, however, you can easily make this with any editing app. Just make sure to place your watermark in the side corner of the picture, the color of the watermark should complement the background too. This would ensure that the watermark would attract attention too.

4. Locations

We have already discussed the do’s and don’ts of the watermarks, hence here are some ideal locations to place your watermark:

  • Bottom Left Corner
  • Bottom Right Corner
  • Watermark Logo in the Center
  • Watermark Text in the Center 
  • Photography Logo around the Object
  • Photography Text around the Object

Making The Watermark

You can now make the watermark using any logo operator app like Canva. Usually, Canva gives you an array of options like font size, designs, and a lot more!

However, if you want something more personalized, you can make a watermark with these following apps :

1. Using Photoshop

In Photoshop, you can create your own watermark and set it as your custom brush. You don’t have to do much. Just create a new document, make your watermark, and set it as your custom brush. The next time you are editing a picture, just use the brush and you will have your watermark!

2. Using Lightroom

In Lightroom, you have two different options to make your watermark.

Firstly, if you are going to make a text watermark, you have to edit your picture first and then export it as either jpeg, PSD, or tiff file. At the bottom of the Export Dialogue Box, you will find the Watermark option. Go to the “Watermark Style” and click on the “Texts” option. Make the watermark of your choice, you will definitely get a lot of options to personalize it. After it is done, click on Save. This will be saved as a preset, and next time while exporting you will get this option automatically.

If you want to watermark a logo, the step is a bit different. Export your image in a similar manner. However, this time in the “Watermark Style” option go for “Graphics”. Create the logo of your choice and save it. This will appear in the preset option when you export your next image.

Brand Your Pictures!

We hope this article has been useful to you. Watermarks are a very personal thing and reflect the personality of the company or the person. Therefore, they are your brand. There are plenty of photography watermark ideas available on Pinterest. But the watermark you will make is what your art stands for, which is more original and creative.

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