Photography Ideas At Home

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7 Simple Yet Amazing Photography Ideas At Home

Things To Remember Before Shooting

Before you start delving into photography ideas at home, you should be mindful of certain things as you are shooting by yourself. Usually, when you are outside and with a few people, you tend to overlook certain things that are important.

Here are a few things to remember before you start shooting:

a. Perspective

Make sure that before you start shooting, your camera is actually in a better perspective. Just before you press the shutter, make sure that there is a better perspective than the one you are covering. If unsure, just shoot it with a different perspective; that would help a lot.

b. Format

As you are shooting indoors with mostly inanimate objects, make sure to click them in both vertical and horizontal formats. Be it in portrait or landscape mode, just changing the format can make a whole lot of difference.

c. Background

You might miss this point if you are accustomed to shooting outside or with someone’s help. Also, if you are shooting indoors, the background can be sometimes a bit cluttered. Make sure to shoot in an empty room or the one with minimal interiors. Going for a completely black or white-colored background is the safest option.

Photography Ideas

1. Ink Drops In Glass

This is one of the most artistic ideas one can come up with. Take a glass, preferably a wine glass, and add water to it. You can add watercolors or even food coloring if you want to. Make sure to put the color with a dripper to achieve a wavy effect. 

As the color mixes slowly, capture the movement of the mixture and you will get an artistic picture. It is advisable to put the glass against a white background so that the dissolving details are highlighted.  

2. Water Drops/ Splash

This type is very easy to capture, however, you might need to work a lot for the props and the background. The props required are a water container and a cup or glass from which you can slowly pour the water.

The surface where you will be pouring should be a clear one. A white or black background is preferable. You have to make sure that the background is empty as all the focus should be on the ripples of the water. 

You can shoot this on any camera, whether it’s a DSLR or just a point-and-shoot one, you can even use your mobile if it has a high resolution.

3. Light Trails Still Life

This is one of the most popular photography ideas at home and even outside. Usually, you must have seen people, as the subject, with the light trails behind them. However, you can use any household items as the subject.

Make sure you have a black background. Put the torchlight behind the object, and set the shutter speed to 8, aperture to f/8. Just before you press the shutter, move the torch within the frame, and make sure to do so throughout the exposure. With a little bit of editing, the resultant picture will surely leave you spellbound. 

4. Time Lapse

By now you must have seen a lot of people putting up their time-lapse videos on social media. They are easy to shoot and you do not have to do much either!  

Just find a good view outside your window or balcony, or if you could go up to the roof; set your camera, and fix it with a stabilizer. Press record and leave it there for as much duration as you want.

After you have done shooting, edit it as much necessary, and there you have it, your time-lapse video! You can shoot anything in time-lapse. From sunsets to thunder-storms, you can even shoot yourself making a dish and ending it with a beautiful shot of the dish.

5. Self-Portraits

Clicking selfies has become quite mainstream. You can click self-portraits with your camera to make them more creative. Being alone in the house, you can model for yourself, and in any way you want, without feeling awkward. 

You might need additional props as per your convenience. Go for a clear background or minimal design and start shooting. Put a timer on your camera and start it. 

One of the major advantages of self-portraits is that you can understand better which angles you want to be shot in and which poses work best for you. There are a lot of portrait photography ideas which you can choose from.  

6. Crystal Ball

If you click any picture with a crystal ball, it instantly looks magical. Any scene, if clicked through a crystal ball, instantly looks professional even if you haven’t used an expensive camera. All you need is a view and a crystal ball!

Use a macro or zoom lens for getting that push in the whole view. If positioned properly, you might even catch a reversed reflection inside the ball. Always make sure that the focus point is set at a precise point. 

7. Shadows

This one of the most common photography ideas at home that anyone can come up with. However, this also means you can be creative in any way. Just try to look out for the time when the sunlight is coming through the window. Place anything and click its picture. 

You can place glass jars to make small rainbow reflections, or any designed table cloths, to cast artistic shadows. You can also capture your silhouette and make it look artistic with a bit of editing.

Now Shoot!

We hope that after this, you get a good idea of how to start shooting indoors even if you are alone. Who said pursuing your hobby or passion requires someone’s help? You can follow these ideas word by word or you can bring your creativity and do something completely different!

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