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There is something magical about photography. Every picture is a piece of memory and a feeling frozen in time. We take pictures of the things we love, and the places or people we want to remember.

There is no right time to start photography, be it as a profession or as a hobby. There are endless techniques to capturing the perfect shot and so learning photography becomes a never ending journey.

There are countless themes and styles to explore as photographers. For those looking to build a beautiful portfolio, a variety in theme selection is a must. Experiment with themes and subjects to design your dream portfolio.

Nature photography or self portraits are some great options for beginners. However, if you want to level up your photography skills, there are a few more challenging projects out there which can help you learn your craft better.

Night photography is a great idea for those looking for something different. While photos taken during the day are beautiful and come out very clear, there is a certain charm to the same pictures being shot at night.

There is something very special about night photography. It lends an other-worldly charm to what would be simple street or landscape photography during the day. Even the most mundane destinations completely transform by night, making them feel like a different place altogether.

As you have guessed by now, taking pictures at night is completely different from taking them during the day. Starting from the quality of the pictures to the camera settings, it is distinctly more challenging than daytime photography. There are several good low light cameras available in the market which can be highly helpful for shooting at night. 

If you want to enter the magical world of night photography but are not sure where to start, this is just the place for you. In this article we have put together a list of the most important night photography tips. In order to help you out a bit more we have also compiled a few must-haves before you venture into the night with your camera.

A Few Essential Items To Carry For Your Night Photography Expedition

1. A Portable Flashlight

This will be extremely useful while shooting at night. A flashlight can help you find a good spot to set up your camera or provide some much needed light while adjusting the camera controls. It will also be very helpful in finding your way through dimly lit areas.

2. A Reliable Tripod

A tripod is absolutely necessary if you are starting night photography. It takes the camera a long time to focus on the subject at night, so it is important that the camera is held still at all times. A tripod will allow you to set up your camera at the desired level and keep it steady.

Find a portable and lightweight tripod. Tripods that provide good support to heavy cameras are commonly used in night photography. 

4. Spare Batteries

Carry as many spare camera batteries as possible. It takes quite some time to find the perfect shot at night and it is a shame if your camera runs out of charge before you can take your desired pictures.

Now that you have an idea of the basic equipment to carry, let us get down to a few night photography tips which will make things a lot simpler for you.

Vital Night Photography Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Click Plenty Of Test Shots

As mentioned before, finding the best shot at night takes relatively longer than it does during the day. Keep taking test shots of your subject until you are satisfied with your result. Clicking test shots will also give you a lot of space to experiment with different camera settings and tones.

Try to be creative with your shots, this will help you come up with a final shot that looks wonderful.

2. Explore Your Destination Beforehand

Night photography requires a lot of detailed planning and preparation. The key to taking beautiful shots at night is to know your location like the back of the hand. Make sure you scout a suitable location and visit it multiple times before clicking your photos, this will help you plan your photos better.

It is advised that you visit your chosen location both in the morning and night. This will be significant in determining the best angle and the required technique. Once you know every little detail, you are ready to take perfect shots.

3. Select Your Preferred ISO Setting

There are many factors to consider while taking photos at night. Out of them, the ISO setting of your camera is perhaps the most important. The ISO levels in your camera control the lighting in your photos.

Shooting with high ISO makes your pictures brighter and vice versa. You might think that clicking on high ISO will make your pictures brighter but there is a chance that it will just increase the noise in your pictures. Using a relatively lower ISO setting can help your pictures turn out clearer.

Test out all the available ISO settings in your camera to find which one works best for you. This will allow your pictures to get maximum exposure and help you shoot beautiful night scenes.

4. Click Pictures In The Manual Mode

Shooting in manual mode allows you to experiment with your camera settings. You can tweak the functions according to your choice to get the best shot of your subject. This will also familiarise you with the camera so that you can click high quality pictures every single time.

Your camera will take a long time to adjust to the low light so using manual focus will make the process easier for you. After taking a few test shots with manual focus, you should be able to come up with the best setting that suits all your requirements.

These are the most critical factors which will determine the quality of the pictures you shoot at night. Night photography might seem daunting at first, but following these simple suggestions can make it a great experience for you.

Don’t fret if you can’t get it right on your first try; this will only enhance your photography skills. Keep our night photography tips in mind and get ready to take some beautiful and attractive pictures of the night that leave people in complete awe of your work!

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