Take A Look At These Newborn Photography Tips To Ace Your Next Photoshoot

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Newborn photography and wedding photography are two niches, where photographers never run out of clients. However, it also means that there is stiff competition between photographers to get these projects. Therefore, you need to think of extraordinary and unique ideas to impress clients. In this article, we shall give you some newborn photography tips so that you can use them to think of creative ideas for your shoot.

Discuss The Objectives

When it comes to newborn photography, photographers have to take care of the setup and duration of the photoshoot. This is because it is challenging to make babies pay attention and pose for long hours to get the right pictures. Therefore, you should discuss the objectives of the photoshoot beforehand with the clients. You should review the type of photoshoot the parents want. Newborn photography essentially is of two types. One is lifestyle photography, and the other is posed newborn photography. 

1. Posed Newborn Photoshoots

In a posed newborn photoshoot, the photographer has to plan the setup. The photographer has to take into account the infant’s sleeping time, feeding time, etc., as the infant has to come to a studio for the shoot. The photographer has to communicate with the parents to get the ideas validated. Moreover, photographers prefer infants who are just a few weeks old for posed photoshoots. It is because these children sleep most of the time, and managing them is easy. For posed photoshoots, still props or small signboards are often used. Generally, posed photoshoots take three to four hours to get complete. 

2. Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoots

Lifestyle newborn photography involves a casual and candid type of photoshoot. The photographers do not require many still props and focus on taking pictures of the child during regular events of the day like feeding, sleeping, etc. These photoshoots are held at the client’s house and only require natural light. However, photographers prefer that the child is a few months old if the parents want a lifestyle photoshoot.

Parents usually prefer these types of photoshoots because they do not require setups and deliberations for styling, lighting, etc. Moreover, photographers get to capture candid moments of infancy, with all family members being part of the pictures. 

Making Arrangements

The most crucial thing for newborn photography is to anticipate and make arrangements for different situations. As the subject is a tiny baby, you never know when things will not go as planned. Therefore, make preparations for all possible scenarios so that you can click the best pictures of the newborn. 

1. Carry Extra Cameras

The reason you should be more prepared than usual for such shoots is that you do not have much time on your hands during newborn photography. Therefore, carry two portrait cameras with you to the photoshoot. All photographers check their cameras thoroughly before coming for the shoot. However, if the camera does not work for any reason whatsoever, it will be difficult for you to leave the set and come back to get another portrait camera. In newborn photography, time is money. 

2. Format Memory Cards

If the parents want to have a lifestyle type of newborn photoshoot, you should carry fully formatted memory cards. It is because, while capturing casual and candid photos, it is difficult to predict how many pictures you need to click. If you see a good moment, you capture it. Therefore, ensure that you have enough space to store all relevant images. 

3. Carry Different Lenses

If you are planning to conduct a posed photo shoot for the newborn, you should plot the different types of pictures you can take of the infant. Accordingly, you should carry different lenses with you that will help in clicking various shots. 

4. Other Equipment

Some things, like a step stool that is usually underused in photography, are very important to newborn photo shoots. Using a step stool helps in capturing moments from the top angles, which is perfect for frames with more than two subjects in it. 

Props In Newborn Photography

Infants who are only a few months old, spend most of their time sleeping. Therefore, to make the frame interesting, photographers require different still props. Here are the most popular accessories used by photographers for newborn photography:

1. Cute Toys

Even if the infants are awake, it isn’t easy to attract their attention to the camera. Therefore, you need some attractive and cute toys to keep the infants engaged and make them face a particular direction to click their pictures. 

2. Blankets

Designer baby blankets can be a great prop for newborn photography. Most of them have cute designs with vibrant colours that help in making the shot more attractive. 

3. Cushions And Pillows

Placing the infant on large, soft cushions can help in keeping them cozy. Moreover, as the newborn stays still, it helps in capturing the moments from a 360-degree view. These shots come out very well and become the highlight of the final photo album. 

4. Theme Props

While the above options are props that you can generally use in all newborn photoshoots, you can also procure props that are specific to your theme. You can use cute baby accessories like caps, mittens, baskets, etc. You can also make use of special baby costumes that complement the theme. 

Guiding The Parents

Newborn photography is not just about handling the infant and clicking good pictures in different poses. It is also about prepping the parents so that they can make arrangements that  help you in dedicating more time to photographing the newborn. 

  1. It would help if you asked the parents to feed the infant as soon as they arrive at your studio. It will ensure that the newborn does not start crying during the shoot. After being fed, the infant will not be restless, making it easier to click pictures.
  2. Make arrangements for a separate, private area for breastfeeding. Ask the mother beforehand to review the place.
  3. Inform the parents prior if you plan to use different costumes for the baby. Allow them to change the clothes so that the infant does not get disturbed and start crying. 


Newborn photography is a flourishing avenue for photographers these days. Photographers who know how to make the baby the star of the show and click unique pictures of them get a lot of assignments in this niche. Making good use of lights and colours, using different poses, and involving all family members in the shoot are some of the best newborn photography tips

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