Maternity Photography Ideas: Make The Best Of Your Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a beautiful time as you gear up to welcome a new life into the family. While every mother looks forward to the birth of her baby, the journey of carrying life in her womb is special, too. Many mothers want to document this journey so that they can remember and preserve it all their life. 

Bringing a child into this world is life-changing, and many want to photograph the week by week transformation in this journey. They can do so themselves through their mobile phones, or they can hire a professional photographer. 

Here are some maternity photography ideas that new mothers can try.


1. Play With Water

Water has an ethereal quality. The mother can sit back on a bathtub carefully with her baby bump showing. As a photographer, you can take pictures of the mother in a milk bath with petals floating around her baby bump. You can simply click pictures of the bump in water surrounded by colourful flower petals.

However, make sure that someone else arranges the setup, not the mother.

2. Touch The Belly

Make the mother pose in a way that accentuates the belly. The main point of the photoshoot is to draw attention to the baby bump. The mother can lovingly place her hands on her belly, too.

3. Use Props

Use props like baby shoes and toys. You can shoot near a baby crib, so that the mother can pose while staring at it, in anticipation of her upcoming baby. You can use cute, tiny baby clothes, too, to add an emotional factor to the photographs. 

a. Sonography Pictures

The sonogram shows the baby in its developing stage with tiny hands, feet, head, and body. It portrays new life, and you can take photographs by holding it beside your baby bump. This will add a unique touch to your maternity photoshoot!

b. Letterboard

The couple can write anything quirky here.  They may put quotes or write things like ‘1 1 is 3’ or simply announce the arrival of their tiny tot. The mom-to-be can also jot down the delivery date on a letter-board, which can be placed in the background of the photos. 

c. Toys

The mother can pose with teddy bears or other soft toys. They add a playful quotient to the picture. 

d. With Her Partner Or With The Growing Family 

Involve your family in the maternity photoshoot. Parents-to-be can strike a pose by touching the baby bump. If you have a little one in your family, you can capture their anticipation for the new sibling’s arrival through photographs. 

The interaction of your older children with the child-to-be is important, and the camera must focus on that, too. For instance, you can capture the tenderness of a brother-to-be touching his mommy’s belly bump.

 e. Use Beds

If the mother cannot sit upright, click pictures in her bed in a sleeping position. She can put some sheer material like lace on the baby bump. Prop her up in bed with some pretty cushions. She could pose, read a book, or do anything in all her glory of motherhood.

f. Nursery 

Many couples have a nursery made for their kids. The photographer can click the mother’s picture, alone or with her partner, in the nursery. She can sit in a nursery chair comfortably or gaze at the room made for her baby.

g. Outdoor Photoshoot

You can also opt for an outdoor photoshoot surrounded by nature and greenery, which signifies new life. You can match your outfit to the blue sky, and if you have cherry blossoms or flowers around you, you can explore a variety of poses while incorporating them, too.

h. Mountains

If you stay in a hilly area or near one, then this one’s for you! Pose with the majestic hills in the background. Daddy-to-be can join in with a matching outfit, too. 

i. Sea beach Or Water Body

The rippling waves touching the mother’s feet against a sunny backdrop while she looks at her baby bump makes for the perfect picture. Even if it’s a grey or slightly rainy day, you can use the weather to create a classic photograph. Posing in front of any water body lends a certain composure to the picture.

j. Pose In Front Of The Monuments

If you have a historical destination in your area, you can pose near it. The grand monuments will make your maternity pictures blossom more. 

k. Dress Code

The mother should preferably wear a breezy, flowy dress. Since the focus should be on the bump, she should wear something that accentuates her bump while keeping her comfortable, too.  Form-fitting gowns can result in great pictures. Colours like blue, pink, or any other soothing tones work well. Black and white maternity wear can be impactful, too.

l. Matching Outfits

A maternity photoshoot is often a reason to celebrate the arrival of a new member into the family.  Parents-to-be can wear matching outfits to brighten up the picture. You can portray intimacy between the couple as they embark on this new journey.

m. Baby Shower

The mother and her baby are the focus of a baby shower. Click pictures of the soon-to-be mother gracing her event in fine clothes and jewellery. Capture special moments with her family and friends, as they beam excitedly to welcome their newest member. You will want to use the best lenses for portraits on this type of occasion.

If you are planning to step into the world of maternity and baby photography, understand that you have to be creative and should be able to tell a story. The lighting, exposure, model poses, and most importantly, the lens matter greatly. Wide-angle lenses will enable you to take a perfect picture of the mother or the couple against a dreamy backdrop. 

Or you can zoom in to take a close-up shot of the mother and her bump. 35 mm cameras work best for maternity photoshoots. So, if you want to explore this genre, make sure you can express yourself well, hone your skills and go for it!

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