Tips On How to Get Photography Clients and Boost Your Income

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How to get photography clients is a burning question in all photographer’s minds. Different clients value different attributes and abilities to finalize a photographer. This variability makes it difficult for photographers to attract more clients.

However, word of mouth is very influential in this profession. If your clients are happy with you and recommend your work, then it becomes easier to get more prospects. If you have a good presence in the circuit, it makes you more approachable for the clients. A combination of several factors can help your cause. Let us discuss some strategies that you can use to attract more projects. 

How To Get Photography Clients

1. Create A Portfolio On Instagram

Instagram marketing has become crucial for photographers these days. Most successful photographers say that the majority of their clientele comes from Instagram. To get more clients through this popular platform, start posting your best work samples on your profile. Start promoting your work and skills through an Instagram page, and use it to display your pictographic portfolio. 

You can follow these suggestions to make your Instagram portfolio better :

  • Thoughtfully mix up things with your Instagram content. The images that you post on your Instagram account should be high-quality pictures that are a combination of personal and professional content. 
  • You can take permission from your clients to post some of the pictures you commissioned for them, on your page. 
  • Curate some posts that display your working skills. You can post behind the scenes pictures from a shoot, too. 
  • Start clicking professional, and high-quality pictures at family events and get-togethers. Post them on your Instagram page. 
  • The key to attracting more clients through Instagram is that you maintain consistency with the content. Even if you do not get the results, in the beginning, hang in there and keep posting. 
  • Marketing is essential to get the desired reach for your product. Similarly, you need to be aware of social media marketing strategies to attract more clients. Use hashtags on all your pictures. These hashtags should have a high search volume and must include trending topics. Also, you can mention your location and expertise in compact hashtags so that anyone searching for similar qualifications can spot you easily. 
  • Collaborations and word-of-mouth are essential for social media growth. Ask your clients to post their pictures, while giving you credit, along with a review of your photography that can serve as a testimonial. 

2. Select A Niche

To succeed as a content creator, you need to select a niche. Jack of all trades cannot succeed in this business. Focusing on one photography topic will establish you as an expert. You might think that this will narrow your chances of attracting clients. However, when clients see that you specialize in the type of photoshoot they want, your chances of being hired increase manifold. Choose the best camera, accessories, lenses, etc. for a particular niche and start exploring till you get the hang of it. 

3. Post Advertisements

Advertising your portfolio will help in attracting more clients. Put out appealing advertisements on all platforms to peak the interest of different clients. Posting advertisements shall require an investment from your side. However, putting money in advertisements is a reliable method of attracting people to see your work. 

The question arises, what should you promote through the advertisement? You might want the advertisement to reach all possible clients, but you should promote only your specialized work in it. When you post an advertisement, it becomes your responsibility to provide the best service as well. So, advertise the work that you are most confident about. 

4. Provide Offers And Discounts

Offers and discounts always attract customers. If you are struggling to increase your clientele, try and tempt people with special offers, packages, etc. Provide them the best services at lesser rates, so that they hire you again in the future. 

If you think that clients won’t return until you give them another discount, try some unique giveaways. Tell the clients that each referral will earn them a discounted photoshoot. Start a contest for your followers. Whoever posts the best picture gets a discount. This way, you will create a buzz about your profile as well. 

5. Start Freelancing

Freelancing is the best option to pick up maximum projects. People post their requirements on freelancing websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Here, you can contact the client directly, and if they find your profile suitable, they will hire you. It does not require any advertising and investments but can provide a large quantum of work to you. 

6. Connect With Related Businesses

Connecting with businesses that are related to your niche can help in providing more projects. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, then you can collaborate with wedding planners, DJs, wedding venues, etc. That way, whenever they get the chance to organize a wedding, they can recommend you for the photoshoots.

For collaborations, you can either give them a part of your earnings or provide discounts to their preferred customers. 

7. Volunteering

If you are a beginner and struggling for more projects, then you can think of volunteering at public events. Volunteering provides you the experience of working at big events. It also helps you to engage with people from the same industry who can help you in establishing a network for getting more clients. You can volunteer to assist senior photographers to gain insights about photography niches, good cameras, accessories, etc. 

8. Attend Workshops

Learning new skills is always beneficial for your professional life. You can attend workshops of senior photographers who teach different photography techniques. Some workshops even focus on teaching you how to promote and establish yourself. 


So, these are some strategies that can help you get more clients for your work. Moreover, how to get photography clients depends on your niche and experience as a photographer.

Building connections is as important for a photographer as it is for any other profession. Work on your portfolio to attract more clients. Keep track of events around you where you can apply for work. Increase your presence, both online and offline, as it will help you gain more clients.

Be consistent in your endeavor to find more prospects. Update your skills and gain experiences that help enhance your chances of getting more photography projects. 

All the best! 

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