Ace In Your Career With These 7 Smart Headshot Photography Tips

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We are living in a virtual world and people prefer to connect via the Internet. Seldom do we meet in real life, but that doesn’t stop us from reaching out to people. E-connecting involves surfing profiles to get acquainted with people. And a good photograph always plays a significant role in making the first impression, when we only have their profiles to rely on. 

Since the world has grown more inclined to face value, headshot photography has been consistently in demand. A specialised headshot photographer must be successful in reflecting the true personality of the person whom he’s shooting. And to excel in that art, knowing a few tricks up your sleeve always come in handy. 

Before we get to the headshot photography tips, let’s first dive into some detail about what is Headshot Photography.

What Does HeadShot Photography Mean?

A Headshot is a photo which mainly focuses on the face of a person. It generally involves only one person as the subject and can be used for various purposes. But the primary use of headshot photography is usually in professional fields. It has become quite popular in corporate websites, social media and other online portals.

Every professional individual seeking a digital presence needs a good headshot photoshoot. Increasing demand for it has made headshot photography an indispensable career choice. If you are planning on excelling in this career path, here are some smart headshot photography tips to help you master the art.

Tip 1: Communicate With Your Client

Before you begin the photo shoot, it is essential to spend some time with your client to understand their exact needs. Understanding why they need the headshot will help you plan how to proceed with the session. If your client is a sportsman, you will need to come up with a completely different approach for the photo shoot than a client who is an author.

Chatting with clients will also help you understand their personality, thereby facilitate you to do a better portrayal of their identity in the headshots.

People often tend to get anxious in front of the camera. Prior interaction with the client will help them to relax and make them comfortable. So, before you bring out the apparatus, make sure to arrange a pre-session consultation with your client.

Tip 2: Lend A Hand In Their Wardrobe Choice

Our clothes also have a crucial effect on our personality and that must be reflected in the headshot. If the photo shoot is for professional purposes, the dress must be selected accordingly. A trendy outlook can be chosen for informal headshots. therefore, selecting the perfect apparel is one of the most imperative headshot photography tips.

Usually, neutral and solid colours look best for headshots. They help to keep the focus on the subject and don’t create any unnecessary distraction. For a safe choice, a simple and natural look works the best.

Tip 3: Set The Stage

Your aim is to make the subject stand out. So, the backdrop must be subtle. Flashy backgrounds will distort the purpose of the headshots. Neutral coloured walls always work well. Urban background or natural landscapes too can be a great choice. Blurring the backdrops will also aid in engaging the focus on the subject.

Rule of Third: This trick in the art of photography helps in enhancing the aesthetics of the photo. Placing the subject off-centre often adds more charm to the photograph.

Lighting and correct angulations are also quite significant in headshots. You may need to guide your client to pose in the perfect direction to get the best shot.

Tip 4: Keep Up The Positivity

Silence will kill the mood no matter how great you are at your job. A serious ambience will make your client more anxious. Thus, to break the ice, friendly chat can be beneficial.

It’s a part of your job to reassure and motivate your clients to express themselves more openly while shooting. Ask them to smile for the shots. Positive talking to your client will build up their enthusiasm and confidence and also help you to get great headshots.

Tip 5: Pick The Right Equipment

If we are talking about headshot photography tips, we mustn’t miss out on the most important factor: the photography equipment.

Choosing the right photography equipment is paramount for any professional photographer. Having a basic professional-grade camera is of priority. So is the need for good lenses. The choice of lenses influences the quality of the shots. To get the best headshots, wide-aperture lenses, creating a bokeh effect is an explicit choice.

Tip 6: Go Tethered

Shooting tethered is a great idea for headshot photography. Just connect your camera to any screen and see the enthusiasm rise. When your clients are able to see the shots directly while shooting, they will adjust themselves accordingly. This will mitigate the need for you to guide them. They will highly appreciate their ability to give feedback instantly, making your job much easier.

Tip 7: Figure Out Your Price

Pricing of headshots is dependent on many factors. The duration of the session, the number of shots and the post-production editing, all determine the value for your service. In addition, the quality of your work must be given due credit.

If you are a freelancer, fixing the price for your service can be a bit daunting. Consultation with fellow professionals will help you to decide the bid.

Boost Up The Business

Incorporating your headshots can be a great way to build up your portfolio. As most headshots are taken for online sites or business web portals, they can act as your advertisement too, entirely free!

These simple but handy headshot photography tips can induce an enormous boost to your business and make you more discernible in the industry. It will help you approach more number of clients and land more professionals headshot gigs. And in no time, headshot photography can become your specialization.

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