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Once you have soared as a photographer and mastered all the basic techniques and effects, it is natural to want to take it up a notch. Even as a beginner, you might feel stuck looking for ideas to learn from and to explore this innovative art. We have compiled a list of 10 absolutely creative photography ideas to help you out!

This compilation is sure to get you excited for photography even if you’re an amateur or undisposed towards this artistry.

Boost Your Skills With These 10 Creative Photography Ideas:

1. Use Shadows As Elements

While working with a lot of light effects and flares, we often overlook the importance of shadows. Make use of shadows around different objects. This gives them a lot of depth, emotion, and a touch of mystery. The dramatic effect created by shadow photography is a great way to tell an impressive story through the photograph.

You can either utilize the shadows as an additional element or as a whole without showing the subject. This creates a silhouette effect and adds contrast, invoking a lot of visual interest.

2. Photograph Water Droplets

Even looking at a water droplet falling and splashing is so satisfying and peaceful. How wonderful would it be to capture this in a photograph? All those reflections, colors, and ripples that a falling water droplet produces will make for a great photograph.

You can create artificial drops or look for some natural source to start with your shoot

Taking a perfect water drop snapshot takes immense patience and perseverance. But once you get that image, you’ll have captured a stunning moment for life.

3. Take A Shot At Macro Photography

If you have never tried your hands on macro photography, now is the best time. You’ll be amazed at the fine detailing and the incredible subjects that you will observe once you get a good shot. You can click closeup photos of insects, petals of flowers, water drops, and various other macro photography ideas. You can easily find good quality macro lenses online or you can also check to see if your camera has a macro focal range.

4. Click Candid Images

Taking candid photographs might sound like a deliberate move sometimes, but it is one of the most creative photography ideas.

Candid shots of animals produce very adorable images and provide the viewers with an insight into the animal world.
Also, candid photographs of people are an elegant way to capture the essence of their everyday lives from a third-person perspective. It is a unique and interesting way to understand the natural story of the subjects which often goes unnoticed.

5. Mirror Photography

If you want to give a unique edge to your photographs, try to incorporate mirrors in your photography. They provide a symmetrical and distinct perspective to your images. It can be a portrait photo or a still life image. The impact created by the multiple image effect is a treat to the eyes.

6. Freeze Frame Effect

You can capture a moving object appearing suspended in time by this effect. Look for any moving subject such as an animal running or a person doing some sort of fast activity like skateboarding.

Increase your shutter speed and click multiple shots to get the freeze frame effect with no blur. This gives you a photograph with a moment suspended in time.

7. Using Selective Color Effect

This is a very simple effect to achieve. Choose the subject that you want to be the main attraction in the photograph. Edit the background into black and white and let the subject stay colored.

This can be done using different processing software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

This effect is a great way to draw the viewer’s attention.

8. Light Flares

Playing with light flare objects like a flare torch or colored lights is a very fun activity.

Using them as an inspiration for creative photography ideas has produced exciting results.

You can draw patterns or write words and symbols, draw shapes, even just capture the flares and the fireworks. All you need is a dark background which provides a vivid illumination and a flare torch along with a long exposure camera lens.

9. Smoke

Capturing smoke in a photograph is a very exhilarating experience. The intricate designs and the simplicity of the subject allows for very beautiful pictures. You’ll need some extra equipment along with your camera for the setup but it can be easily done as it is an indoor activity.

Use incense sticks or smoke bombs for added color and to give a fun touch to the photograph.

10. Light Trails

Capturing a city’s nightlife is a beautiful experience. The city lights, the running cars, the illuminated buildings, and houses all create a visually pleasing effect.

Using long exposure along with increasing the shutter speed of the camera is an effective way to achieve light trails and freeze action in your picture.

Altering your shutter speed adjusts the amount of light that enters the camera from the subject. The longer your subject is exposed to light, more will be the trail effect.

Nowadays, with the lockdown and the pandemic, it has been challenging to look at the bright side of things. Along with helping you stay calm and positive, these creative photography ideas will really inspire you to pick up your camera and get that shutterbug flying. Even if you cannot go out just yet, you can easily try them at home!

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