6 Simple Yet Amazing Conceptual Photography Ideas

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Have you ever wondered why a color or an object evokes a distinct feeling? Let me ask you if you see the color green, what might you feel? Some may associate it with nature, while some feel disgusted. Each and every element in a photograph invokes certain emotions that we resonate with. Well, that is exactly what conceptual photography is. It is the craft of bringing out the hidden emotion of a subject or object in an abstract and creative way.  Here are some conceptual photography ideas to think about for your next project. 

What Is Conceptual Photography? 

Conceptual Photography, as the name suggests, is taking photos revolving around a particular concept. The photographer takes a photo with an intent to convey a certain spirit within us. For example, imagine yourself looking at a photo where a person is walking on the shore of the beach. What do you feel after seeing that photo? You may feel that the person might be lonely. On the other hand, some may associate the beach as a peaceful and serene place.

In order to stay true to the concept, it is important to be original.  Originality helps you to be authentic, and showcase your personality through a single photograph.

Ideas For Conceptual Photographs

Here are certain tips and tricks to help you find the inner you through a camera lens.

1. Play With The Background

The background of any photograph emphasizes and enhances the subject (s) in the photo.  It accentuates the foreground. Thus, in conceptual photography, it is essential to experiment with the background. In many concept-based photos, the background is what helps beautify the picture.  It enables the viewers to notice something unique that would usually go unnoticed.

For example, have you ever heard of the graffiti art form?  Graffiti, in its simple sense,  is street art. The paintings you see on the walls in your neighborhood or park benches are all graffiti. We normally think of graffiti as street art. But if you delve deeper, it is much more than that. It is an epitome of culture. It could be an ideology of a particular community or the depiction of the diverse ethnicities etc. The options are endless!

Thus, this can be a great idea for conceptual photographers. Explore what your surroundings have to offer, and by doing so, you will definitely be amazed at your clicks.

 2. Plentiful Nature

Mother Earth has gifted us exquisite landscapes such as thick forests, cascading waterfalls, etc. This is the perfect base for landscape photography.  As a conceptual photographer, take the natural landscape as your inspiration.  Nature can create a serene impact on the viewer of the photograph. 

For example, imagine the setting of a dreadful winter one year. The pale white ice covers the ground. Trees left bare with not a single leaf on its branches. However, through the corner of the eye, you spot a green bush. What do you feel after seeing that? It may evoke a sense of hope and vitality.  

Thus, in order to create concept-based photos, nature can be a handy tool, as it makes something small mean something much bigger.

3. Water, Water Everywhere

A major portion of the Earth is surrounded by water. Have you ever wondered how water can help take amazing photos? Water in its own way can be a great source of concept photography.

 Underwater photography is the art of creating beautiful and dramatized moments in the water using waterproof cameras. It accentuates the foreground, making them stand out. Some of the locations of underwater shoots are beaches, pools, bathtubs, lakes, rivers, etc.

Another unique feature of water shots is they serve as the foundation of our frame. In short, water is a great tool to add bursts of color and build on it according to the photographer. Thus, underwater photography can unleash the inner you, and allow your creativity to run wild. 

4. Golden Childhood

Every one of us has the personality of a little kid hiding somewhere within us. The childhood of a person is something that one cherishes for years to come. Thus, why can’t we use such sweet memories in our photos. In fact, childhood photos have a much more revelation of one’s personality as compared to modern photos.

The reminiscing moments of one’s childhood captured in a photograph can transport the viewers back in time. It creates a sense of nostalgia. In short, it’s like a clock that rewinds to reflect upon all the fun-filled, energetic memories. 

For example, it can be a photo with your siblings sucking on frozen popsicles during summer, or a perfect family ski trip. Memories are the perfect way to evoke emotions in your audience. 

Thus, capturing childhood events and experiences can take your viewers on a walk down the memory lane.

5. Flying Objects 

Have you ever seen a book floating in the air without any support? Well, drifting objects are a fun way of adding originality and creativity into your photographs. Amongst many elements, there is one element that floats in mid-air. How does that make you feel? 

For some people, it may mean nothing. However, if one looks deeper, they have various meanings. It can symbolize independence, an adventure on the forefront, being optimistic, etc. 

Therefore, flying elements can create extraordinary yet diverse photographs and are considered to be the perfect example of conceptual photography. 

6. Reflections 

Did you know reflections are a source of thematic photography? Well, reflections can showcase the deep or hidden parts of the image. They can add a lot of depth to your photo making it more meaningful. Try incorporating some element of reflection for a good concept photo. 

 The above are just a few of the plethora of options available to create a symbolic photo. As a conceptual photographer, it is important to break the rules. Stepping out your comfort zone will enable you to explore the unexplored, find the undiscovered, etc. Thus, get ready to reveal the real you through amazing photographs. 

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