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Best Wireless Trail Cameras of 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. CreativeXP
3. Snyper
3. Skypoint
CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail CameraSnyper 4G LTE Cellular Trail CameraSkypoint Link Micro

These days, cameras come in different shapes, sizes, and for a variety of purposes.

Trail cameras are one of those unique purpose cameras. Also known as game cameras, they are used to capture the target’s image and position.

As with everything in our daily life, technology has made it really easy. The same goes for game hunting. By using trail cameras, a hunter can save hours or even days of the time that was usually spent in scouting an area. Now, he would only have to go into the wild once or twice a week.

Quick Overview: Our Top 10 Picks for Wireless Trail Cameras

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageCreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Camera
  • 0.4 seconds trigger speed
  • Has wide-angle lens
  • Perfectly camouflaged
ptsntbl-table__imageSnyper 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera
  • Share photos and videos through the snyper app
  • Solar power and rechargeable Li-ion batteries
  • Comes with a series of 56 IR blasters
ptsntbl-table__imageSkypoint Link Micro
  • AI tracking enabled
  • Pre-activated SIM inside
  • IR blasters for night vision
ptsntbl-table__imageBushnell 119599C2
  • Hyper night vision
  • Has time-lapse
  • Works on WiFi
ptsntbl-table__imageSpartan HD GoCam
  • Has IR blasters
  • 70 feet range during the night
  • Can take 720p videos
ptsntbl-table__imageSkypoint Link Dark
  • 07 seconds trigger speed
  • AI tracking enabled
  • Can take 720p videos
ptsntbl-table__imageStealth Cam GXW
  • 12 MP sensor
  • Cellular wireless trail camera
  • 0.4 seconds trigger speed
ptsntbl-table__imageCovert Scouting Camera
  • Supports 4G/LTE
  • Gives live info about wind speed, direction and weather conditions
  • Records 1080p videos
ptsntbl-table__imageCuddeback Trail Cameras
  • Four cameras to communicate with each other
  • 20 MP sensor
  • 0.25 seconds trigger speed
ptsntbl-table__imageCovert E1 4G LTE
  • Supports 4G/LTE
  • Full-HD quality video rcording
  • Comes with 44 no-glow LEDs


Seeing the surge in usage of these trail cameras, a plethora of manufacturers have come up with their own version. Choosing between the myriad of best camera options can be a chore. Hence, we have come with a list to help you choose the best wireless trail camera for your needs.

Types Of Trail Cameras

1. Cellular Camera

A cellular camera works with the help of the internet. It is rapid and instantly transfers captured images to your smartphone or computer using the internet. It also is similar in working to a cell phone and hence the name.

Just like a cellphone, the best cellular trail camera will have a SIM slot and works based on GSM. Additionally, you will also need a data pack just like your phone. Most cameras of this type also qualify as motion-sensing cameras. The main advantage they provide is the ease of use, hassle-free installation, and less wiring.

2. Motion Activated Camera

If you want a trail camera where you install it and forget it, then you are best off buying a motion-activated camera. This also makes them the best selling type of trail cameras. Moreover, there is very little human interaction while taking photos.

They are placed in a still environment, and whenever there is movement inside the range of these cameras, a picture is taken. It is no surprise then that motion-activated cameras are very popular among wildlife trackers, game hunters, and conservationists. They are made durable, as they are set up in challenging terrain.

3. Wireless WiFi Camera

A wireless WiFi camera is quite similar to a cellular trail camera as they both transfer images wirelessly. However, unlike a cellular camera the wireless WiFi uses WiFi networks and hotspots to do the job. They are the newest type of trail cameras in the market and are getting very popular.

Just like a tracker, they have a transmitter built inside, which sends out images through a wireless signal to another device of your choice. Once you connect both of them, you can easily transfer the images. As an advantage, they have very few wires and are easy to operate.

4. Security Cameras

If you need to track any suspicious activity in and around your house, office, or establishment, then security cameras are your best bet. These sophisticated cameras are gaining popularity as they provide a quick and easy solution to problems like robbery, vandalism, personal safety, etc.

In order to ensure that the people carrying out unlawful activities don’t tamper with the camera, they are made to be very durable. However, they are quite pricey, and you would need professional help to set them up wherever you want them.

5. Infrared Cameras

Another type of trail camera gaining popularity among wildlife trackers and conservationists is the infrared trail cameras. Many animals in the wild are nocturnal in nature, and hence tracking them at night can be difficult. Infrared cameras provide the solution to this problem.

They usually are very high-resolution cameras that take high quality pictures. Additionally, they come with infra-red blasters that light up the scene during night time to take pictures. The motion-sensing feature is combined in some cases to emit the infra-red rays when something passes in front of it.

6. Flash Cameras

Flash Cameras are very similar to infra-red cameras in that they both are used for night photography. Both of them also come in motion-sensing variants that take pictures when there is movement. However, a flash camera uses light from a bulb, whereas the IR camera uses infrared. Both are used extensively in wildlife areas.

Factors To Look For In Wireless Trail Cameras

1. Trigger Speed

The number 1 factor to look for while buying the best wireless game camera has to be its trigger speed. It is the metric that decides how fast an image is captured once the camera is triggered.

It definitely helps to have a camera with a very low trigger speed in situations where the movement of the focused object is fast.

If the trail camera you buy has a trigger speed of less than 0.5 seconds, then you can rest assured that it will capture every detail.

2. Detection Circuit

At the core of the mechanism on which your trail camera works is the detection circuit. It deals with recognising the change in environment within the range. After that, it sends a signal to the camera instructing it to click an image.

Some detection circuits also work on the basis of sound and hence should have acute hearing capabilities. One disadvantage, however, of having a very alert detection circuit is that they will pick up even non-sensible movements. These include leaves falling or trees moving.

3. Battery Life

Another Non-negotiable factor that should be near the top of the list is battery life. No one would like to frequently charge a trail camera that has been set up to work without human interaction. Once it has been set up, the operator should not worry about it for days at a time.

The benchmark for the battery life of a trail camera is about a week.. In order to get a vague idea on a camera’s battery life, go through its reviews.

4. Picture Quality

What would be the use of having a camera with the best in class trigger speed and battery life if it did not capture images of high quality? Hence, a potential buyer should be on the lookout for the talk about the picture quality, and see sample images before buying.

A close at the camera specifications can also reveal a lot about the picture quality you can expect. Look for sensor size, the lens being used, and other factors to get a better idea. However, the best specification is the megapixel count of the camera.

5. Viewing Screen

The viewing screen, as the name suggests, is nothing but the display on which you view the captured images. Gone are the days when you had to take out the film or memory card from the camera and view it on a computer. Now you can directly remove the camera from where it is fixed and toggle with the buttons to see the images.

Transferring them to your smartphone or computer also has become very easy due to cellular Wifi networks. You also have the option of deleting the images you don’t need on the screen itself and then transferring the needed ones. This can also be done through a USB stick.

6. User Interface

It so happens that sometimes the trail cameras come with a very crude interface where it is tough to understand and navigate between the different options that it comes with. Such a scenario is not desirable at all, and hence you should go through other consumer’s experiences to make a choice.

Also, some people are technologically challenged and haven’t been able to keep up with the rapid pace in which technology has developed. In such cases, you need to be even more careful while buying these gadgets.

Top 15 Best Wireless Trail Cameras 2020

1. CreativeXP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

CreativeXP Best Wireless Trail Cameras

CreativeXP started out when the company saw a need for cheap and capable trail cameras that were hard to come by. The company has stuck to this core philosophy, as we can see from this product. It has the class-leading specifications and comes with an affordable price tag.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the trigger speed on this cellular trail camera. You would be pleased to know that it is 0.4 seconds to be exact and less than the 0.5 second mark that we recommended. All this ensures quick capturing of whatever triggers the camera.

Moreover, with the wide-angle lens, present on the device, you can be sure of capturing anything that comes within 110 degrees of the trail camera. On top of that, the camera is perfectly camouflaged for the American wilderness. It also doesn’t carry human scent on it, once deployed.

By the name itself, you would have guessed that it is a cellular type trail camera, and that is true. The product will work with any GSM-card, but the company recommends using a Simhero data card that is preloaded. You will have to top-up the card on a monthly basis.

Per trigger, the CreativeXP trail camera has been designed to take up to 5 photos. Additionally, The maximum resolution of the video captured is 1080p, but you can downgrade it to HD or 480p if you want to save space.

The IR blaster is best-in-class, and the trail camera has 56 of them inside. They will provide you with 20 meters of visibility at night and up to 75 meters during the day. All in all, we have to say that this is the best wireless trail camera you can buy.


2. Snyper 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Snyper 4G LTE Cellular Trail Camera

Snyper is also a very popular trail camera brand that has a very good range of products up its sleeve. One technological addition to this camera is the ability to share photos and videos through the Snyper App. The app is AI-based and can also send you pictures of only the animals you want to track. This is definitely a very handy feature to have.

The biggest selling point, however, is that you can choose to operate the camera with solar power and rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Since the photos are automatically transmitted and subsequently deleted on the camera, it can be used continuously for years at a time. There is also an option of tracking the camera on GPS in the rare case that it is stolen.

Coming to the SIM options, even Snyper recommends using the SIMHERO card for the best results. Their 4G packs can be charged on a monthly basis. Additionally, there is a 2 inch screen on the camera itself to check images and configure settings.

The camera comes with a series of 56 IR blasters to capture detailed images at night. They surely don’t disappoint as users have reported good night time image quality. The trigger time is also great at 0.4 seconds. Moreover, the camera can take 5 images in a single trigger.

A 12 megapixel image sensor is the main component of the Synper 4G LTE camera. It performs reasonably well at its job. Moreover, there is also a time-lapse feature that helps you chalk out game trails. However, users have reported that the camera is quite complicated to configure and install.


3. Skypoint Link Micro

Skypoint Link Micro

Skypoint is known for its value for money offerings in the trail camera niche. The Link Macro also follows suit with its great specifications. It is definitely a contender for best trail camera under 150. What makes it worthy of that title, let’s find out in the next few sections.

Skypoint claims that the link micro is the smallest trail camera you can buy. We find it hard to argue against as it’s dimensions are pretty small for a trail camera. This means the batteries needed to run this camera is also minuscule. You would just need eight AA batteries to run it for a long time.

Just like the previous product, even this has AI tracking enabled. This means you can selectively choose the animals whose photos the camera has to capture. Additionally, there is also an app to get all your images and recordings through the 4G network.

There is a pre-activated SIM inside the box that will need just a few minutes of configuring and top-ups in order to start sending images. There is also an option to see the areas of the wilderness you have covered and left-out. Therefore, on the connectivity front, you are fully assured of getting a great experience.

Coming to the hardware aspects, you get a 10 MP camera that takes the images and video. There are also 4 LEDs to provide lighting when the camera is triggered. Also, there are IR blasters for night vision, but the company hasn’t specified how many are present.

The trigger speed is 0.5 seconds, which is good enough but not the best. Also, you get 16 GB of capacity to store images and footage. All in all, this trail camera is a very good proposition.


4. Bushnell 119599C2

Bushnell 119599C2

The next product on our list is also one of the cheaper ones that you can find. However, that doesn’t mean to misses out on a few features or doesn’t have great specifications. In fact, it can beat some higher-priced products on some metrics. Let’s look at all that and much more in the next few sections.

Like the previous three products, this one from Bushnell isn’t a cellular trail camera. However, it is wireless in nature. It works on WiFi and uploads the captured images onto a cloud through which you can view it. From here, you can delete the ones you don’t need and keep the ones you value.

In most other game cameras, there is a separate time-lapse feature and a live trigger feature. However, on the Bushnell camera, you will find both of them can be switched on at the same time. This is very advantageous in some situations where you need footage as well as images. Moreover, the timelapse can be set for 1 minute up to 1 hour.

The camera also comes with Bushnell’s signature hyper night vision feature. The company claims that it will be the brightest image with the widest range when compared to competitors. User reviews have lauded its night imagery, so we can confirm that the claim is more or less true.

The Bushnell 119599C2 doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries, so you will have to put AA type batteries yourself. On a single set of batteries, the camera can operate for up to 3 months at a time. The range of the camera is 60 feet in daylight, and it takes a continuous shot of 3 whenever the camera is triggered.


5. Spartan HD GoCam

Spartan HD GoCam

The Spartan HD GoCam is one of the high-rated products online for trail cameras. Due to the high ratings, it is also quite popular. There are many factors that have garnered these reviews, and they all stem from the quality experience it provides to users.

Moreover, you get a whole set of accessories along with the camera to complete everything you need while scouting an area for the game. According to the company, the product has been launched after an extensive requirement compilation with trail camera users. This shows in how user-friendly the product is.

The trigger is said to be subsecond, but the company hasn’t specified the exact timing. However, we can definitely say it’s more than sufficient based on user reviews. There is also an array of IR blasters present that help in capturing footage during night time. The range even during the night is 70 feet, which is marvellous.

The 8 MP might not be class-leading, but the images from the camera are said to be of satisfactory quality. Moreover, it can take 720p videos through the small sensor it has. There is also an option to delete the older photos and replace them with recent images once the SD card is filled.

The camera also boasts its durability. One look at its form factor is enough to think that the trail camera is very sturdy. You would have to attach twelve AA type batteries at the back in order to get a battery life of several months. Last but not least, the company also provides a 2-year comprehensive warranty.


6. Skypoint Link Dark

Skypoint Link Dark

The second product on this list from Skypoint is its link dark. It is a very feature-packed trail camera that has been wooing the masses. There are a lot of things that make it stand apart. We are about to discuss each and every one of those in the next few paragraphs.

The link dark comes with the fastest trigger time of any trail camera in the world. This alone should make it the best wireless trail camera. To be exact, the trigger time is a whopping 0.07 seconds. This should make it perfect to capture birds and insects that move too fast in front of a camera.

It also has the AI-based tracking that we get on some other trail cameras. By pre-configuring it to click photos of a particular animal, it will only save images of that animal and nothing else.

The link dark is a cellular type trail camera. Hence you will have to insert a sim card and recharge it from time to time. The SIM card should be of 4G/LTE type for it to work.

Coming to the camera specifications, it has a 12 MP sensor. Additionally, it can record video at 720p resolution. It has an array of 42 invisible LEDs to provide lighting when the camera clicks a photo during the dark.

Some of the other software image enhancement features are blue reduction and IR boost. Moreover, it does come with a 2 inch LCD screen to configure the different settings and use various features. It can capture an image from an angle of 100 across its view.

All in all, the Link Dark is one exceptional trail camera if you want the best trigger speed in the world.


7. Stealth Cam GXW

Stealth Cam GXW

Stealth is a relatively lesser known company in the trail camera segment when compared to giants like Skypoint, Bushnell, and Snyper. However, that should not make you write off the GXW trail camera. It has a handy set of features that you would want from a game cam.

The maximum megapixel rating of the sensor on the Stealth GXW is 12 MP. However, in scenarios where you want to conserve space, you can downgrade it to 8 MP and 4 MP as well. This is a useful feature seldom found in other trail cameras.

The GXW is a type of cellular wireless trail camera, and hence you would need a 3G sim in this case to operate it. It then transmits the images once taken to your mobile device. Moreover, It also gives you the option to share it instantly on social media.

If you plant cameras in various locations in an area, you can also monitor them from a single device. Additionally, this also always you to track the range of the game and plan your hunting strategy. There is also an app you can connect in order to get some cool additional features.

Moreover, it can record 1080p videos on max settings. There is also a 2-inch screen to view the captured footage and video vaguely. This can also be used to toggle settings.

With a trigger speed of just 0.4 seconds, you don’t have to worry about missing out on game too. In the end, we can say that the Stealth GXW is a well-rounded device worthy of being called the best wireless trail camera.


8. Covert Scouting Camera

Covert Scouting Camera

Just like stealth, Covert is also not a very popular brand when it comes to trail cameras. However, Covert is specifically focused on making these types of unique cameras. Their scouting camera is quite compact in nature and has decent reviews. Let’s look at it in a bit of depth and figure out why it has made this list.

The Covert scouting camera is unique in a way that it offers 3 different colour schemes. You can choose the colour you want based on the terrain you plan to use it in. Also, the camera being quite compact will assist in making it more stealthy.

This is also a type of cellular wireless trail camera. Since the camera supports LTE, you can use both 3G and 4G sim cards on this camera. However, we would definitely prefer that you use the 4G or LTE version.

Another unique thing about this trail camera is that it gives you live info about wind speed, direction and weather conditions. This is quite handy as it affects the movement of the game around the area. All this information can be viewed on their website or on an app through your smartphone.

Since it wirelessly transmits the images, you won’t need a memory card to store the images too. It also doesn’t have a big screen for the same reason. However, there is a 2-inch screen to compensate for this lacking. This can be an advantage or disadvantage based on the type of user.

One clear disadvantage, however, is the 0.7 seconds trigger speed. Ideally, you should look for one below 0.5 seconds. As a sort of compensation, it does have 1080p recording capabilities with 10 burst shots once the camera is triggered.


9. Cuddeback Trail Cameras

Cuddeback Trail Cameras

One of the high-priced products on this list is from Cuddeback. The high price is justified as they come in a bundle of 4 cameras to create a network of trail cameras. They are also geared towards home security rather than wild game imaging.

Instead of relying on mobile or WiFi networks to transmit images, the Cuddeback cameras transmit it to one camera that stores all the information. The advantage of such a system is that it allows the four cameras to communicate with each other.

This system is also useful when surveillance of farmlands measuring in hundreds of acres is needed. The cameras come in a brown colour and quite bulky looking. Their specifications are quite good, which will be looked at in the following paragraphs.

The camera has a sensor with 20 megapixel rating. This is the highest resolution you can get in trail cameras. The trigger speed is also extraordinary at 0.25 seconds. Additionally, the camera has a range of 100 feet from where it is placed.

Combining the above specifications, you can be assured not to miss anything that triggers the camera. There is also an option to add an SD card of 32 GB capacity. Also, for the camera to function properly, you will need to add a series of 12 AA type batteries. This would definitely give you decent backup for months at a time.


10. Covert E1 4G LTE

Covert E1 4G LTE

The second product on this list from Covert is the E1 4G LTE. Unlike the previous one, this one comes as a package with batteries and memory card included. Also, there are two models that are available. One comes with a Verizon sim card while the other one with AT&T. There are no colour options for this product.

The web portal that you use on other Covert products can also be used for this one. This means that if you want to build a network of trail cameras, you don’t need to worry about the model, but just ensure they are from Covert. The specifications are not mind-blowing but will be more than enough for most users.

The E1 4G LTE comes with a nice 18 megapixel camera sensor that is sure to capture good quality images. On top of that, you get the ability to record Full-HD quality video footage. The whole setup also has a 2-year warranty covering it.

Coming to the night vision capacity, it comes with 44 no-glow LEDs, and a 100 feet flash range. It is also equipped with adequate number of IR blasters to increase visibility. However, the disappointing thing is that the field of view is restricted to just 45 degrees.

With a 0.4 second trigger speed, you won’t miss much of what happens once the mechanism is triggered. Also, the trail camera can take 10 shots at time when it snaps. You can also schedule the camera to be active only during certain periods like dawn and dusk.

All these things can be adjusted through the 1.5 inch touchscreen. It can also be used to view captured images. Just like most other trail cameras, you would need to pack-in 12 AA type batteries for it function for months at a time.

Looking at the above things, we have to say that the Covert E1 is a complete product, making it our choice for best wireless trail camera.


11. Bushnell Trophy Cam

Bushnell Trophy Cam

One of the cheapest products on this list has to be the Bushnell Trophy Cam. However, It comes from a reputed brand and has decent specifications for the price. This makes it an automatic choice to be on the list.

Talking about the specifications, it comes with a great 16 MP camera to take good quality images. However, it doesn’t consist of any camouflage patterns to hide it from animals. It also doesn’t have protection against human scent.

The trigger speed, however, is great since it is just 0.3 seconds. This should allow you to capture every little movement before the game realises it. The sensor also has a great range of 100 feet around which the camera can take pictures.

One of the unique features incorporated in this trail camera is the outstanding battery life. With a full set of batteries, you can get an assured 1 year of continuous usage. This sets it apart from every other trail camera on this list. Considering the price, this fact becomes even sweeter.

The recovery dictates the number of images being taken once the camera is triggered. With a recovery rate of 1 second, it is sure to take a good amount of images to give the complete picture of the scene. However, the video recording is limited to 720p, but looking at the price, we really shouldn’t complain.


12. Boly MG983G

Boly MG983G

The Boly trail camera is different in form factor to every other product on this list. While others are vertically longer, the opposite is true for the MG983G. Also, you get a green camouflaged outer shell to keep under the purview of animals.

On the specification’s side, you get a class-leading 30 MP camera. This high resolution means that the quality of images taken is definitely of top-notch quality. The standard of video it can capture is also great, considering it is maxed out at 1080p.

You can then view the taken images and footage on the big 3 inch screen. This is provided on the back of the device and can also be used to change different settings. Considering most companies provide just 2 or 2.5 inches screen, this is a significant improvement.

The MG983G is a cellular trail camera, and as the name itself suggests, it runs on 3G networks. You will need to equip it with a new one as the package doesn’t come with. Additionally, it also has a 32 GB storage space limit in order to store your photos. However, with cloud technology, you would hardly need to use the internal storage.

Coming to night vision capabilities, it has black IR blasters, but the company has not specified how many. However, there is a capable flash that has a range of 100 feet. Also, it comes with a Game call feature, which mimics the sounds of the game you want to hunt.

There are 8 AA type battery slots on the back, which should be able to provide decent backup. Nevertheless, you can check the battery status by sending an SMS through your phone. This is another unique feature seldom found in other devices.


13. Seree Trail Camera

Seree Trail Camera

This product from Seree is the best rated trail camera that you can find online. That is for good reason as it has great specifications and also one of the cheapest cameras you can find. Let’s look at it in more detail to see why it is so highly rated.

When you see that the camera has a 12 megapixel sensor, you might not be astonished. However, image quality from it is definitely very good. Also, As it can record 1080p video footage, it gets compensated. Even cameras priced twice this cannot offer that feature.

There is also a good enough screen on this small frame. Its size is 2.4 inches and can be used to view footage and navigate the different options on the menu. However, you have to keep in mind that you can only view black and white images when taken at night.

With 27 infra-red, you don’t have to worry about tracking animals at night. There are also no glow LEDs which assist in night photography. The LEDs emit too slight a light to scare away animals. However, there isn’t any information about a flash being present.

What sets the Seree Trail Camera apart from the rest of the competition is its water and dust resistance. Although other camera makers claim to make very durable cameras, none of them prove it with an IP certification like Seree. Their camera is rated IP66, which means it can handle both water and dust with ease.

The trigger speed is also extraordinary at 0.2 seconds. This will help capture animals that come within the range of the camera sensor. The spread of the IR blaster is 90 degrees from the centre, and the range extends to about 65 feet. Moreover, the user interface is also said to be simple to operate.


14. Moultrie Mobile XA7000i

Moultrie Mobile XA7000i

Another popular brand when it comes to trail cameras is Moultrie. Their Mobile XA7000i is a fairly low priced product that has a good set of features to compete with others in the same segment. Let’s have a look at those great features.

Coming to the camera specifications, the XA7000i offers a superb 20 MP sensor. This high resolution will ensure you get crisp images every single time. The aspect ratio of the captured images will be 16:9. The image captured will also have time stamp, date and moon phase, etc. to help you.

The trigger speed is also class-leading at 0.3 seconds. This, combined with great imagining quality from the 20 MP sensor, is sure to get you useable images of game. Moreover, it is well camouflaged in accordance to the American wilderness to save it from animals detecting it. However, it doesn’t offer protection against the human scent.

The detection range during the day as well as night is around 80 meters. Although it might not be the best as some offer 100 meter range, it should be sufficient, looking at the price tag. Moreover, you do get 32 infra-red blasters to capture images during the night. With the dark, Moultrie’s illumi-night technology comes into play, which they claim is the best software to bring out night images in the industry.

Coming to the burst mode, it can take up to 3 photos per trigger when set up like that. However, this may affect the total space available as the memory will be filled with similar type of images. It also comes with the AI technology to detect and capture images of the animals you are interested in. All in all, this camera has a good balance of specifications to be called the best wireless trail camera.


15. BolyGuard WiFi Wireless Camera

BolyGuard WiFi Wireless Camera

The last product on our list is probably a bit different than all the others. That is because it is WiFi Wireless type rather than the cellular type that most of the others are. This means you would not need a sim card with the camera to transmit the images.

Another very unique thing is that BolyGuard has given two separate sensors for the camera. One is 5 MP CMOS sensor found in digital cameras, and the other is a normal 12 MP sensor. When combined, this will probably offer the best image quality possible in a trail camera.

However, what it does compromise on is the angle of view. With just a 55 degree view, it is tough to get an image of everything. Moreover, the screen size is also quite small at just 1.55 inches. The maximum number of batteries you can insert is restricted to 4 AA types. Hence the battery life is also expected to be less.

Since there is no sim connectivity, you will have to connect to the SD card WiFi. Yes, you would have to buy a special kind of SD card for this camera. Moreover, the maximum capacity is restricted to 16 GB of space.

One good thing about this camera, however, is that you get an 85 feet range from where the animals can be detected and captured on film. However, all that good range is quite useless with a trigger time of 1.2 seconds.

In the end, we can say that there are better trail cameras these days. Hence, this product doesn’t cut it to be on the list of best trail cameras 2019.


Best Wireless Trail Cameras – Conclusion

So we have now come to the end of a very detailed look on the best wireless trail camera, their features, and the best product. We sincerely feel this will be of massive help for those looking to buy a wireless trail camera. There is a product for every type of user, and every product is good in its own way.

To users who still want some clarity after going through these 15 products, we will summarise the whole article in the next few words. The best all-rounder on this list is definitely the CreativeXP trail camera. It has very good features at a reasonable price and doesn’t have any big disadvantages.

If you want the cheapest option and don’t want to invest a lot in a trail camera, the Seree Trail Camera should be your choice. The Bushnell Trophy Cam also deserves a shout out here.

However, if you want a trail can for your huge mansion or a big farm, then the Cuddeback cameras are well worth the price. They also have the distinction of being the costliest cameras on this list.

On the other hand, if trigger speed is your priority, then the Skypoint Link Dark should be your choice. The next best option would be Seree Trail Camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There A Difference Between Trail Camera And Game Camera?

No, there is no particular difference between trail cameras and game cameras. They are one and the same. They are called so because they help you capture images in your absence. This is usually done with the help of a motion sensor and they have a range of about 100 feet maximum.

2. What Practical Things Do I Need To Keep In Mind While Buying A Trail Camera?

The number one rule should be that need not buy a camera with flash. This is sure to spook the game and make it never return to the area. However by using IR cameras, you can only get black and white images with less sharpness.

Trigger speed is very important and buying any camera with less than 0.5 seconds of trigger speed won’t be very useful. So be sure to check the specifications sheet.

3. Is The Image Quality And Range Same During Night And Day?

This changes from camera to camera but in most cases the image quality will differ. Moreover, as discussed, most cameras take IR blaster shots at night that are black and white.

4. Do Trail Cameras Need WiFi?

Only the WiFi type trail cameras need it. Also, the cameras will use their own WiFi or obtain it from it a special type of SD card.