Best Camera Under $200 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Sony DSCW830 2. Canon ELPH 190 3. Canon SX420
Sony DSCW830 Best Camera Under $200 Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Canon PowerShot SX420

We do not have the power to cease our happiest moments, but we can capture them to walk down the memory lane later.

Now more than ever, Pictures have become an integral part of our lives. Never have people had so many memories captured using photographs.

Cameras are present everywhere and you can purchase best camera under 200 dollars. We are taking more pictures in more ways and sharing them on different platforms than ever.

Whether you want to click your family pictures or travel photos, having the best camera is a must. Yet, most of us use our camera with the bare minimum of knowledge, just posing, pointing, and shooting and hoping to get an Instagram worthy picture.


Technology has allowed us to carry around cameras in our pockets. While using phone cameras might look an alluring and cheap option to click photos, there are just some moments that need to be recorded with the higher quality of digital cameras.

When you begin to yearn for higher quality images, to take in the minute details with clarity, you should consider making the transition from your cell phone camera to an easy-to-use, lightweight, and high-quality camera with features that allow you to create those high-resolution photos you want.

Digital Photography technology has made striking advances in the past few years. Digital cameras are often seen as an expensive option when it comes to clicking everyday photos.

If you are an aspiring photographer or simply want to take quality pictures, you might have had a look at digital cameras and realized that the price does not fit your budget.

With the growing interest and need for good quality pictures, markets are flooded with a wide variety of digital cameras. Buying a good camera can be a sizeable investment.

However, if your budget is tight and you want a good digital camera, there are still plenty of affordable models that give you far superior zoom and picture quality.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to pay a hefty amount for a digital camera and want something that has better image quality than your smartphone, you have landed at the right place.

Best camera under 200 are perfect as cameras for kids, for people who travel a lot and want to click good-quality pictures.

Cameras in this price bracket are also a perfect fit for people who don’t care much about the ins and outs of photography and want a dedicated camera that will record their precious moments.

In this post, we will not only help you in checking some of the features you must look before getting your hands on a digital camera but also provide you a list of some top-notch picks of best cameras under $200, which adheres to your budget, photography needs and requirements.
In the later sections of this post, we will also discuss some of the frequently asked questions about digital cameras.

Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at some of the factors you should consider before buying a digital camera.

Factors To Look For Before Buying Best Camera Under $200

Camera companies don’t serve everything on a plate for you. At times, spec sheets are flooded with alien terms like ISO and f-numbers which are hard to interpret by users.

Even after you manage to get a hold on what these terms mean, the different brands and an absolutely immense number of models can baffle you easily. Don’t fret! we have got you covered.

We have put together this guide to help you navigate through these seemingly endless options. We will also help you in understanding the quagmire of excess information, acronyms, and jargon.

Under this section, we will enlighten you about which specs are important when, and what cameras are suitable for you. We will also aid you in narrowing down your choices based on which features you want to have in your camera. Sound good? Then read on!

1. Use

why do you need a digital camera? What will you be using it for? The answers to these questions are very important in choosing the perfect camera for you. It will not only filtrate your priorities, but also every other factor you need to look before purchasing a camera is a follow up of this one.

Let us discuss the various situations and environments where you might use a camera. You may use a camera for capturing events with your friends, family, and acquaintances, in which case you’ll use it at home while traveling or at sporting events, parties, and cookouts.

You might want to capture high-quality pictures of your kids to save for the future, right from their first steps to their convocation, or maybe you want to get into digital photography as a form of art and shoot professional photos.

All of these are great reasons to buy a camera for, and each might affect the features you want in your camera. For example, if you love to travel and click pictures, you will want a camera which is easy to hold, light-weight and portable.

On the other hand, if you intend to doing outdoor photography in hikes and bikes, you might consider a camera that has a robust body and is resilient enough to bear the rough and tough weather.

In such a case, you will not want your camera to get damaged from small raindrops. Apart from these, you can opt for artistic photography where you want the images to be of high resolution.

In this case, buying a camera that can produce very high-quality images will be a good option.
These are the things you need to keep in mind when you are reading the following points.

Every person has different reasons to buy a camera, knowing yours is very crucial before making a decision on which one to buy.

2. Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the perfect camera for you. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Digital cameras come in a wide range of prices, starting from around $50 all the way up to many thousands of dollars.

You should decide what features you want in your camera because it’s the features that will determine the price you pay for. With smartphones taking decent pictures these days, it’s trivial to recommend buying an entry-level-and -shoot, unless you need it for a specific use.

For getting better quality photos, plan to spend at least $200, but you can surely get away with much less if you just want some more versatility than what your smartphone offers.

If you are an amateur photographer or just getting into the world of digital photography, a lower-priced model is a solid option. You should not mindlessly splurge a huge amount of money on a high-end camera.

Instead, you should opt for cheaper, yet powerful, compact digital cameras that are easy to hold and carry. With the help of this camera, you can learn the basics of photography and explore your interest and passion for photography.

3. Types Of Camera

There are a ton of different kinds of cameras available in the market based on their performance and quality of images they can capture. From little point-and-shoot cameras to the giant fancy DSLRs.

It’s important to know the different kinds of cameras and what makes each of them unique before picking one for yourself.

  • Point-And-Shoot

These are the smallest cameras and probably what you are familiar with. Due to their small size, they are easily portable and light-weight, which means you can take more photos with these cameras with little effort than you will take with other bulky cameras.

Point-and-shoot cameras have a permanently attached lens (i.e., it can not be interchanged) that generally covers a wide zoom range. They have a retractable lens to keep them nice and small.

These cameras have their downsides too. They have the smallest sensors, which means that your image quality won’t be as good as high-level cameras.

Moreover, autofocus speeds will usually be slower, and the lag time between when you press the shutter and when the camera captures the photo may be significant.

Despite these cons, the reason behind the huge popularity of point-and-shoot cameras is their affordability and ease of use. So, if you are not looking for a lot of professional effects or fancy extras, a point-and-shoot camera may be the right choice to start.

Whereas if you are a serious photographer or an enthusiast, expect to grow out of these cameras and explore better options available for you with some more investment.

  • DSLR

A digital single-reflex camera (DSLR) is what you might call a “professional camera”. These cameras are used by professional photographers and newbie enthusiasts.

DSLRs have bigger sensors, which means that it allows you to click pictures with low light noise performance and better background blur.

These cameras are mainly composed of two parts- the body and the lens. The lenses in these cameras are interchangeable. The quality of the lens plays a vital role in determining the quality of the image. The better the quality of the lens is, the better is the quality of the final image.

With DSLRs, there are a number of versatile lenses available in the market, which allow you to get creative and fancy with your photography. They are much larger and more expensive than point-and-shoot cameras.

If you are interested in photography or want to click professional photos, then a DSLR is what you are looking for.

  • Evil Camera

There’s also this kind of camera that falls between the point-and-shoot and DSLRs. EVIL stands for Electronic Viewfinder interchangeable lens camera. It is also known as a bridge or a mirrorless camera.

Since these cameras don’t have a moving mirror, it reduces the vibration that can result in blurred images.

These cameras combine the small size and portability of point-and-shoot cameras with interchangeable lenses and image quality features of a DSLR camera.

These cameras can be availed in full frame size, making these cameras appealing for buyers. These cameras have a lower battery life as compared to DSLRs.

These cameras can be a perfect fit for people who like to travel a lot and for people who pursue photography as a hobby.

4. Size Of Sensor And Megapixels

When most people check the quality of cameras, they tend to look at the number of megapixels it has and immediately assumes that more megapixels mean better quality of images. This is partly true but there is something more to it that determines the quality and sharpness of an image.

To understand this, we should know that the light travels through the lens and hits the sensor of a camera where it is recorded. The number of megapixels is a measure of the number of sensor elements present in a camera.

If you have a camera with a high number of megapixels but a small sensor, it will try to cram too much light into the small space of the sensor, making the image blur and noisy. So, don’t let the number of megapixels fool you, since the sensor size plays a larger role in determining the quality of a picture.

5. Essential Features

Cameras have a bunch of distinct features, some of them are essential and some are just to sound cool and which you never end up using. Here is a quick peek at the features which really matter in a camera.

  • Manual Mode

It allows you to get full control over the exposure of an image. You can tweak your camera for depth of field, shutter speed, exposure, sharpness of the image and much more to get the perfect shot.

In the automatic mode, the camera selects the aperture, shutter speed and ISO itself, whereas in manual mode you can select all these three things yourself based on what kind of image you want to capture.

Though there are many automatic and semi-automatic models available nowadays, using manual mode allows you to be creative with the image you want to get.

Most DSLRs have a manual mode while it is also available in few point-and-shoot cameras too. However, due to the small size of point and shoot cameras, the manual mode can be impractical to use.

  • ISO

The ISO quality of a camera measures the sensitivity of a camera to light. With cameras having higher ISO levels you can shoot clear photos in low light or dark conditions without using a flash.

A higher ISO level camera is good but too high ISO levels can be a reason for digital noise in the photo. Luckily, cameras are getting better at noise performance which means that you can get decent pictures even at higher levels of ISOs.

  • Ergonomics

It’s important to consider how a camera feels in your hands before purchasing it. An ideal camera should be easy to hold, lightweight, and comfortable in your hands.

You should be easily able to reach all the buttons during clicking a shot. Some cameras are more resilient than others, featuring sturdy magnesium alloy internal frame and protection from rough weather conditions.

  • Raw vs. JPEG

It can be an important feature for people who want to work on their images post clicking them. While most cameras shoot JPEG images by default, higher-end cameras, especially DSLRs, let you capture pictures in RAW.

In contrast to what JPEGs do, RAW images record the full information from the camera’s sensor without discarding any information.

RAW opens up a whole new world of editing options. You can brighten the shadows, turn down the highlights and vary the color balance of an image using RAW.

If you are crazy about getting perfect pictures, you will definitely like to opt for a camera having RAW capabilities.

6. Additional Features

Apart from the above mentioned essential features to check n a camera, there are some other nifty, though less significant features which can be really fun to experiment with, especially when you are using it for professional photography.

Though these features will hardly affect your decision to buying or not buying a camera, it will be better to check these out just for having some fun and being creative with the camera. That being said, let us study these functions in brief.

  • Autofocus

Correct focus is an influential part of great photography because it draws the viewer’s attention to the precise spot where you want them to look. Missing the focus is an easy way to spoil an otherwise great shot.

When you check out a camera, you should consider testing the quality of its autofocus system.

  • Pano Mode

Pano mode enables you to click multiple photos of a scene, and it stitches them together into a panoramic shot. This feature also allows you to take a full shot of a big building or a scene while being near to it.

This feature is more dominant in point-and-shoot cameras as compared to DSLRs.

  • Frame Per Seconds

It is a measure of the frequency or rate at which the camera can take consecutive shots. If you want to take images quickly and consecutively, you should look for a camera having a higher frames per second capability.

Such cameras are often used in shooting sports, action scenes or recording major events.

  • Image Stabilization

This feature reduces the blurring associated with the movement of the camera while clicking a shot. It reduces the vibration and shakiness during capturing a shot.

Generally, it compensates for the motion, pan and tilt of the camera. Image stabilization can also control the rotation of a camera.

In digital photography, image stabilization can stimulate shutter speeds 2 to 2.5 stops slower, and even slower effective speeds have been reported by cameras in the past.

  • Liquid Crystal Display

A liquid crystal display is a kind of screen that is present in all cameras. The quality of this screen differs from a camera to another.

This screen is used to display the scenes. This enables you to view a shot before moving onto another one. This screen is used to check if the shot was right or you need to reboot it.

In digital cameras, the Liquid crystal display screen can also be used for displaying the menu and, serving as a viewfinder and changing settings. The sharpness of LCD screens depends on the number of megapixels it can display.

Higher-resolution screens will display your images in better quality than lower resolution screens. So, you should check this feature too before choosing a perfect camera for yourself.

Keeping the above crucial factors in mind, we have created a list of top 15 cameras under $200. This list is created after studying a lot of digital camera models available. It is completely reliable as it is created after a lot of market research and diligence.

Top 12 Best Camera Under $200 2021

1. Sony DSCW830

Sony DSCW830 Best Camera Under $200This camera is for you if you prefer a decent camera with all-around features. This camera is good in every respect and comes at an affordable price and is one of the best cameras in a range of $100.

It has great zooming and stabilization capabilities and features 20.1 Megapixel Plus 8 times Zooming capabilities and the number of pixels is around 20.4 megapixels.

It is a great camera to do photography outside like airplanes, boats, ships, and hiking as it gives you a great stabilization with video recording and photography. It supports 2-way active mode and dimensions are about 3 3/4 x 2 1/8 x 29/32 Inches (93.1mm x 52.3mm x 22.5mm).

This camera is also great for videography and supports 720p MP4 HD Movie Mode. A plus feature of this camera is that it is compatible with Final Cut Pro X and iMovie. Thus giving you an all-around edge with video recording and editing.

This camera supports a ton of additional features like panorama shooting for wide-angle photography, a 360-sweep panorama. This camera is also great at shooting pictures in dimly lit areas or less visibility.

Sony DSCW830 also has a large variety of picture effects like Toy Camera, Pop Color, Partial Color, Soft High-key, Panoramas: Pop Color, Partial Color, Soft High-key, Movies: Toy camera, Pop Color, Partial Color, Soft High-key which can help you to add effect in your pictures and bringing them to life.

Finally, it is a great camera with all-around features and the best at its price. It doesn’t matter if you are a budding photographer or a complete photography professional, you will commend this camera for its quality pictures.


2. Canon PowerShot ELPH 190

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190If you are someone who wants to capture the beauty around you with a device that fits in your pocket the Canon Powershot is the perfect camera for you.

Coming with a powerful zoom capability of 10x Optical Zoom and Optical Image stabilizer which will help you capture the best images with ease and flexibility.

This camera has a very distinguishing which is a Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC which allows for easy sharing and transferring of images and videos.

Thus is it great for people who travel a lot as this ability allows fast transfers of data. The camera also supports and comes with the option of 16GB memory card.

The camera comes with an advanced CCD sensor and intelligently selects the proper settings based on predefined shooting situations. The camera has a 20.0 Megapixel sensor and its inbuilt Image Processor delivers a stunning image quality.

You won’t need to worry about tweaking all the properties for getting the best image, it’s Smart Auto feature does that for you.

This camera is very user-friendly and has a Help Button which provides a simple explanation of all the features and helps you control the settings of the camera.

Canon PowerShot helps you capture crystal-clear 720p HD videos. It features a dedicated movie button that directly enables the movie capture mode. With its high-quality stabilization along with video capture brilliance, you can make professional-looking movies in no time.


3. Canon PowerShot SX420

Canon PowerShot SX420This canon camera is for you if you like to capture your every moment in high quality detailing whether its a vacation trip, or a long drive or a busy night on the streets.

This camera is perfect for every event. However, you might have to loosen your pockets a little bit for this one as this camera lies a little bit in the higher range of cameras under $200.

This camera has a staggering 42x zoom and it does not lose a single bit of precision in doing so, delivering high-quality pictures at every zoom level.

It gives a wide reach of 24mm to 1008mm. the Optical Image Stabilizer helps ensure you get clear and virtually noise-free images whether you’re shooting near or far.

It also features built-in WiFi connection facilities ensuring you a quick and easy data transfer whenever and wherever you want to be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

You can also choose to directly save it on your PC or Android device. It also has a newly added WiFi button and you can connect in both shooting and playback mode. The camera also has an NFC facility for near field communication.

You can also connect the camera to your mobile app for shooting remotely which will make for great family photos. With all the handy and clean features this camera supports you are sure to invest your money in a long-life and age-proof camera.


4. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180If you are someone who requires a camera that is ready to go at any time, this camera is perfect for you. A slim and lightweight model that features a quick boot and quick point and shoot features, this camera is great for people constantly on the move.

It has a strong 20.0MP 1/2.3″ CCD sensor and DIGIC 4 image processor which delivers high-quality images in all situations, be it low-light, high humidity, hot or cold environments.
Giving you an HD 720p recording, this camera is also good for recording videos at all sorts of events. Complementing the imaging capabilities, an 8x optical zoom lens covers wide-angle to telephoto perspectives.

The digital IS present in this model supports and conjoins all the above processes to deliver excellent pictures and videos.

Scene Modes, such as Fisheye Effect, Toy Camera Effect, and Monochrome, help to creatively adjust the look of your photographs in-camera.

Smart AUTO intelligently selects the proper camera settings based on recognized shooting situations. ECO Mode intelligently reduces your power consumption and aids in producing a much longer battery life.

This camera features an 8x zoom with an equivalent focal length of 28-224mm. This feature is supported by Digital IS feature which to give a much cleaner image by reducing errors due to shaking camera.

The Auto Zoom feature of this camera helps you obtain sharp images just by pointing, not more adjusting the settings.

Overall this is a good on-the-go camera with lots of automated features. You won’t need to worry about the correct brightness, zoom, filter, modes etc anymore.

This camera’s Digital IS will do that for you. With its slim body, it fits right into your pockets. A ready camera for a ready person like you.


5. Sony DSCW800/B

Sony DSCW800This is a quick, small, low-end camera with all the necessary basic features. Coming at a price even less than $60, this basic camera has all the primary functions of a decent camera for good photography.

Featuring a slim body, it is easy to keep inside your pocket and is ready to go any moment you turn it on, giving you very good pictures of landscapes, architecture, people and much more.

The quality of the lens is Sony assured. The camera features a 5x zoom capability with a 360 sweep panorama feature giving you a wide coverage of the area of the landscape.

The camera gives excellently detailed pictures with its cutting edge MP Super HAD CCD sensor which is known in the entire camera industry for delivering beautifully detailed pictures and superb contrast, clarity down to the finest detail.

The camera has an inbuilt blink detection feature for selfies or group photographs. Its SteadyShot Image Stabilization ensures you capture moments without any blurs. This camera is perfect for beginners to photography, as its Easy mode menu helps you guide, explaining every aspect of the camera and all its features.

This camera has the ability to detect smiles and captures images at the perfect moment. And when you think this camera can’t get any easier, this camera can be charged with an external USB3 connection with a port or an adapter. You can also connect it with your PC and charge along with sharing images directly.


6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 CameraThis adorable, cute camera is perfect for young ladies obsessed with girly stuff you want to get a charming and appealing camera to show off at parties and meetups.

You along with your camera will be the center of attraction for every event, this camera is so enchanting.

FujiMax is a very prestigious and historical company from Japan and was well known for making polaroid cameras. This instant camera is their latest addition with the same promised high quality and durability.

This polaroid style camera comes packed with all the stuff you’ll need for your events- Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera, 2 Instant Film 20-Packs, Camera Case with Adjustable Strap, 64-Photo Album, Selfie Lens, 4 Colored Filters, 10 Hanging Frames, 10 Clips and String, 60 Sticker Frames, 5 Plastic Stand-Up Frames, and Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Old are the days when you had to wait for your negatives to develop to be finally able to see your pictures. With this FujiMax Instax, you get to enjoy your photos instantly.

With such features and picture quality which rivals digital cameras of the modern age, this camera has got all the reason to be purchased by you. Now it’s time to move from the smartphones and get pictures in actual print.

In conclusion, this camera is very different in its mechanics and results from other cameras in the modern market which makes it very unique.

With the quality assurance and money-back guarantee which comes from the company, this is a camera you should definitely check out at least once. The adorable design brings smiles by default to everyone and the high-quality polaroid style pictures put everyone in awe.


7. AbergBest 21

AbergBest 21This basic camera is for those people who are searching in a low range of prices. Coming at a price even less than $50, this basic model will help you capture decent pictures in all situations. With the updated software, this version is much better cleaner and faster than the previous models of the company. AberBest is well known for delivering decent cameras for people not looking for photography at a low price.

This camera has a good image capture technology with images having high detail and precision. The in-built anti-hake feature will help you capture good pictures even from moving perspectives.

Want to capture an image of you and your family jumping together? No problem,
this camera has got your back. With its predefined face detection and smile capture modes, it’s easy to get a group photograph or a selfie now with this camera.

This camera gives you a good 21 Megapixels for capturing high-resolution images and high-quality video recordings with up to zooming capabilities of 8x zoom and supports an external memory card of up to 64 GB.

However, the consumer is not presented with the memory card along with the camera and must purchase it. You can easily the camera with your PC and transfer the pictures.

The camera comes already loaded with Photags Express Studio which helps you in editing and formatting pictures, printing pictures and emailing pictures.

The camera has a 2.7” LCD TFT screen and good battery backup which lasts for hours. As said the brand of this camera, the camera gives you satisfaction for its purchase value. You’ll love this camera or you’ll get your money back.


8. Kodak PixPro Astro AZ401-BK

Kodak PixPro Astro AZ401-BKThe KODAK PIXPRO is a powerful camera with 16MP image resolution. It offers an amazing zoom of 40x at an affordable price. It is designed to look like a mini DSLR.

The Kodak Pixpro AZ401 also makes landscape photography very feasible with its 24mm wide-angle lens. An optical image stabilization is also featured to reduce the effects of vibration or shaking of the camera.

Given a decent resolution, you can easily crop, zoom or enlarge your photos. The bright 3″ Liquid crystal display screen ensures that you get just what you are looking for.

A 180-degree panorama feature allows you to capture everything in your periphery. This camera is compatible with a standard SD/SDHC memory card that is at least class 4 and smaller than 32GB.

Despite having good specs, this camera is not compatible with Micro SD, micro/adapter, Ultra, Ultra Plus, extreme, extreme plus, extreme pro or SDXC cards.

However, this camera has decent ratings and reviews. Given the price and features, it is a good camera for you if you are someone who is looking for a good zoom.


9. Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ252-WH

Kodak PixPro Astro Zoom AZ252-WHDiscover a digital world of creativity at your fingertips with this Kodak Astro Zoom AZ252 camera. It is a perfect bridge camera to pursue your passion for photography or to capture good shots during traveling.

The 25x zoom lens of this camera allows you to get a nice and closer shot of the scene which is out of your reach. 16 megapixels resolution lets you capture clear pictures without losing the quality of the image as you can change its dimensions later – by cropping or zooming.

The Kodak Astro Zoom AZ 252 also boasts of a 24 mm wide lens which lets you click wide landscapes with ease. The optical image stabilization lets you click still images without getting affected by the bumps in the roads.

With a vivid view of the 3-inch LCD screen, you can see everything while shooting. Moreover, You can also adjust your settings as you go along.

However promising, some customers complained about the autofocus feature of this camera. Others found a problem with the lack of manual focus. So, go through the reviews of this camera before picking it for yourself.


10. HD Mini Digital Camera

HD Mini Digital CameraThis cute looking mini camera is perfect to gift your kids, use as a student or for shooting decent photos indoor and outdoor.

This point-and-shoot camera features a 2.8 inch TFT LED display which lets you see what you are filming. It also allows you to playback immediately. The optical image stabilization reduces blur caused by the camera as a result of shaking.

This mini camera is capable of capturing images in 12 megapixels and videos in 720P HD. Other cool features include anti-shake, face detection, smile capture, panorama, continue shot and self-timer.

This camera has a lightweight design and due to its small size, it can easily be tossed in your pockets. It is convenient to carry it anywhere, anytime.

It comes with a rechargeable battery of 800mah which could be used for nearly 80 minutes per charge. This camera is super affordable with a price under $50.

Though it doesn’t include a memory card in the package, you can insert a memory card of up to 32 GB. Class 10 is recommendable.

It has decent ratings and many positive reviews. You should definitely consider this camera if you want an inexpensive and easy to use a mini camera.


11. Digital Camera Vlogging Camera

Digital Camera Vlogging CameraIf you are interested in making vlogs and at the same time don’t want a high-end camera then this camera will surely put a halt at your search.

This vlogging camera shoots crystal clear images and videos with its 2.7K full HD display. It also features 25. frames per second resolution which will help you to capture fast scenes without any hassle.

This camera is lightweight and small-sized which makes it easily portable. You can even toss it in your pockets while traveling. This camera is very easy to use and handy. It comes with a neck strap too which can help you in protecting the camera from sudden jerks or mishandling.

This camera works extremely well under low light conditions also. You can choose to activate the front flash to illuminate a larger area with the help of the slider. ISO settings can also be adjusted accordingly.

The anti-shake function allows you to get beautiful photos. It steadies any camera movement to reduce shake and blurriness. This digital vlogging camera comes with one 800mAh 3.7V rechargeable batteries ensuring you will always have enough power ready and on hand.

It also has a smile detecting feature that can shoot automatically after detecting a smile. This camera is bound to put a smile on your face. It also has a flexible self-timer setting which gives you enough time between clicking and shooting a picture.

This digital camera also supports silent recording and motion detection to retain the memory for your micro sd card. This camera supports brand class 10 up to 32Gb micro sd card (not included with this camera).

It is important to mention that the memory card and tripod here frequently bought together are not compatible with this camera so buyers are requested to avoid purchasing cards through this path.

According to some reviewers, this camera is ideal for amateur bloggers. Most reviews about this camera are positive.

Buyers also appreciated the great resolution and image quality which comes at a reasonable price with this camera. These characteristics make it one of the best digital cameras under 200 dollars.


12. Underwater Waterproof

Underwater WaterproofYou can take underwater shots like a pro with this waterproof camera which is designed to work in all conditions. It can be submerged in 10-feet of water without casing for one hour per time.

This digital camera is perfect for capturing all your activities such as snorkeling, camping, swimming, diving, beaching and even on your vacation trips.

The dual-screen feature is quite rare in this range of cameras. This camera has a rear-facing 2.7″ full-color LCD display and a secondary front-facing 1.8″ selfie screen. It also features a built-in 2/5/10- second self-timer which lets you get along with the whole guys.

With this camera, you never have to miss a moment of action in family gatherings. You can switch on the flashlight to capture dim light shots clearly.

This digital camera is capable of continuous shooting of recording while charging. Even though you need to use this digital camera for snorkeling for a long time, you don’t have to worry about the low battery of insufficient power.

Since this camera is waterproof, its battery slot is more compact. It is troublesome to open as compared to other cameras. The opening requires some skills. We recommend you to take the help of customer care service for this.

This camera is one of the best rated waterproof cameras on Amazon. Most of the reviews are appreciating and positive about its use and durability so you should definitely pick this camera if that is what you are looking for.

You get a 48 million pixels camera with a 2.7k video resolution which is reasonably capable. This camera supports micro sd card up to 128GB so you don’t have to worry about the storage capacity.

It is important to note that the SD card should be purchased separately. It is not included in the package.



Digital cameras have seen a huge resurgence in recent years, bringing decent image quality models having good specs at very accessible prices.

When spending under $200 on a digital camera, it is crucial to limit your expectations somewhat. In this price bracket, you can’t expect a DSLR or a mirrorless camera that is capable of shooting pro-level images.

However, We have tried our best to provide you a list of compact cameras that offer good features and are accessible.

You can expect the image quality of these cameras to be better than your phone cameras. As you have seen these cameras also offer a ton of different features and modification options.

If you’re searching for cameras under $200 for specific purposes such as underwater photography or perspective photography, your options are quite limited. However, as long as you stick to our recommendation, you’ll surely find a perfect fit for yourself.

With compact digital cameras, it is an unfortunate truth that the more you spend, the better photo resolution you can expect to get out of it.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but if your budget allows for it, you may take a peek at cameras in a little higher range. The level of these cameras will stand you in better stead if you are want to pursue photography as a hobby or profession.

If however, all you need is a cheap and decent digital camera to stuff in your backpack for everyday use, holiday with the family, vlogging or capturing your travel diaries, these cameras under $200 will serve you well without making a dent in your bank account.

Through this post, we have not only mentioned the important factors which you should keep in your mind before picking a camera for yourself but also we have compiled this amazing list of top 15 cameras under $200.

Every camera in this list is capable of creating high-resolution shots and is more advanced than other cameras. The suggestions on this list offer a dynamic range of options whether you are shopping as an amateur photographer or a professional.

These fantastic cameras are also ideal for gifting someone who has just stepped into the world of digital photography. So what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect camera for yourself and never miss capturing a worthy moment.

Go ahead and bring your pictures to life with these crazy little cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cameras under $200

All the factors stated above are the things you must keep in mind while planning to buy a digital camera for yourself. But the basic aspect of choosing the best camera will be according to your personal needs.

Though we have tried our best to provide a comprehensive overview of the best cameras under $200, some doubts might still creep in your head. Under this section, we will discuss the frequently asked questions about the best cameras under $200.

1. What Is The Best Camera For A Beginner Photographer?

There are many good and easy to use cameras which are available in the market. Some of the best cameras which offer a lot of options for lenses and can be availed at a reasonable price are mentioned below.

  • Canon T6i
  • Nikon D3300
  • Sony a58
  • Fuji-T10
  • Nikon D5500
  • Canon Rebel SL1

2. Which Country Is The Cheapest To Buy Cameras?

According to DSLR experts, the United States of America is a country where you can buy the best cameras at the cheapest rates. Moreover, you can also buy other camera accessories such as lenses, tripods, and backpacks at low prices.

Other countries where you can buy cameras at an affordable price are Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.

Although, for most countries you can order via online shopping apps where you can get prices that are close and surely cheaper than rushing to other countries for this sole purpose.

3. Which Camera Brand Is The Best?

The birth of digital photography has given us a newfound obsession with clicking pictures, whether for recreation or artistic pursuits.

With the increasing interest of people in digital photography, they are looking for better cameras every day. Many of the top brands have the same types of cameras so the question is no longer about which is the best camera to buy? But rather, the more relevant question is “what us the relevant camera brand?”

In order to help you in making a more informed decision about picking a camera brand, we would like to introduce the following prominent cameras to you

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Pentax
  • Sony
  • Olympus
  • Fujifilm
  • GoPro
  • Leica

4. Which Is Better Mirrorless Or DSLR?

A mirrorless camera is light in weight and compact as compared to a DSLR camera. It is also cheaper than DSLR cameras. The only shortcoming of these cameras is that they are not compatible with many lenses and accessories.

On the other hand, DSLRs are widely recognized for their image quality. They work us with a large number of accessories and lenses The shortcomings of these cameras are that they are bulky and complex.

So, it depends on what you are buying a camera for? If you are looking for a decent camera that is easy to use and compact, then a mirrorless camera might be something you are looking for.

On the other hand, if you want a high-end camera for photography then no camera comes even close to DSLRs.

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