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Best Digital Camera Under $100 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1.  Sony 2. Canon 3. Panasonic
Sony DSCW800 B 20.1 MP Digital Camera Best Digital Camera Under $100 Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera Panasonic Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camcorder

Photographs tilt all your memories towards the great experiences you have had. That is because you are more likely to take photos and videos of joyful times. The photographs we take tell us what is important to us. For that, we need an excellent camera. Nowadays, high-resolution cameras are available on the market. However, the essence of photography comes from shooting from a point-and-shoot camera, with or without a tripod stand.

A digital camera is similar to a standard film-based camera but captures images digitally. The images captured by a digital camera are recorded by a sensor called a “charged coupled device.” Hence, instead of saving the photos on analog films like a standard film-based camera, digital cameras save pictures in digital memory. Nowadays, most of the digital cameras use SD cards or Compact Flash card to store images. However, some digital cameras have built-in memory.


Over their analog counterparts, digital cameras have many advantages. Films rolls usually hold around 24-25 photos. However, memory cards can store hundreds of photos at once on a single card. It allows photographers to be a lot more liberal in the shots they capture. As the pictures are captured digitally, the unwanted ones amongst them can be deleted directly on the camera.

With so much advancement in photography as well as technical fields, most of the digital cameras nowadays have an LCD screen that shows a live preview of the pictures that you capture. It makes it easy to capture the perfect moments. You can also record videos with these digital cameras if they have the video-recording feature, which they generally have nowadays.

One of the best advantages of a digital camera is that you can import the images to your laptop or computer via USB cable. You don’t need to drop off the film at a photo processing location to get the pictures developed, like in standard film-based cameras. Now once you get the soft copy of the photos on your computer or laptop, you can publish them online or even email them to your friends and family.

Unlike the film-based cameras, you can use a home printer to get a hard copy of your photos captured by your digital camera. In today’s era, the digital cameras range in sizes and quality, on the market, and choosing the best digital camera under 100 can prove to be quite overwhelming, especially when you have so many great options available on the market.

Main Advantages Of A Digital Camera Over A Standard Film-based Camera

  • Does not require a film.
  • ISO sensitivity can be changed for every shot.
  • They are lightweight and compact, hence can be carried anytime and anywhere in your pockets.
  • Images can quickly be deleted on the camera itself and retaken.
  • Images shot, can be easily checked and retaken if necessary.
  • Sepia-tones and black and white photos can be easily created.
  • Most digital cameras nowadays can also take moving pictures.
  • Macro photography lets you shoot down to a few centimeters away.
  • Images can be viewed on a large screen TV with digital cameras having USB cables or even Wi-Fi connectivity. However, this type of digital cameras cost more than $100.
  • Massive storage space for your photos and videos because digital cameras support memory cards.
    Several functions are built-in such as smile-detection, night vision, motion detection, and many more.

Factors To Look For Before Buying A Digital Camera under $100

The first and foremost thing that you need to know before buying a digital camera is the type of camera that you want, that is, whether you want a simple point-and-shoot camera, a mirrorless model, or a full-frame DSLR. Below listed are some factors to look for before buying the best digital camera after knowing what type of camera you want.

1. Check If It Is The Right Model.

It is an obvious factor, but some retailers do not label the camera models as clearly as they ought to. It leaves you no choice but having to work out which version of a specific camera you are looking at.

Some of the manufacturers name the camera models differently in different countries to add confusion. So you have to research the brands first correctly and then choose.

2. You Can Consider A Simple Point And Shoot Camera

If you are looking for an inexpensive camera with a low learning curve, you can always consider buying a simple point and shoot camera digital camera. On these simple digital cameras, there are very few settings to alter. A simple point and digital shoot camera have a viewfinder, which is simply a window through the camera instead of the exact image of what the camera will shoot.

However, because of such low features, the picture quality will likely be bad. But nowadays, there is a wide range of quality point and shoot digital camera on the market.

3. For More Control, You Can Consider A Digital SLR Camera.

SLR stands for “single-lens reflex.” It describes the prism and mirror system that sends an accurate image or photo to the camera’s viewfinder. These digital cameras provide you with much more creative control.

Most of the digital SLR cameras have both manual and automatic adjustments for focusing and lighting. However, if you desire additional controls over the technical and creative aspects of choreography and you enjoy playing with different lighting and color settings, you can consider these digital SLR cameras.

But you have to keep in mind that digital SLR cameras are always more expensive than simple point and shoot cameras. Most of these digital cameras have an electronic display, yet are called SLR or DSLR camera.

4. Don’t Ever Assume That A Famous Brand Or A High Price Means Quality.

You’ll be surprised to know that sometimes an inexpensive can satisfy your needs better and more easily than an expensive one. Brand names are generally associated with high quality, but that does not mean that a less popular brand camera won’t satisfy your requisites of photography.

5. Choose A Camera That Suits Your Mode Of Transport.

It is a very important factor to consider before buying a digital camera. So before you get carried away with all the extra features and a great quality of a fancy camera, keep in mind that you also have to carry the camera away. You may also wish to carry a good quality case for your camera if you are going to be traveling because it becomes essentiality for non-compact fancy cameras.

6. Pick A Camera That You Can Hold Comfortably With A Good Grip.

The grip of your digital camera should be just enough to fill the inside curve of your fingers, and the camera should be light enough so that you can hold it comfortably and steadily while shooting.

Small cameras with no grip generally come with a single loop of nylon that you can slip around your wrist. This strap could save you a digital camera from the damages that can be caused if you drop it accidentally.

7. Don’t Judge The Camera Based On Megapixels Only.

If you are printing your photographs as posters, you can barely differentiate between a 5-megapixel camera and a 13-megapixel camera.

8. Consider Your Need For Speed.

Many inexpensive digital cameras have a substantial time lag between pressing the button and actually taking the picture. If you are buying a digital camera to take photos and videos of your kids, sports games, or people performing fast actions, what you need in a digital camera is a time lag of 0.2 seconds or less.

You can consider an SLR camera with continuous shooting mode so that you don’t have to miss out on a perfect moment. If you are more into fast-paced photography, the continuous frame rate number of your camera should be at least 5 frames per second.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding this context is the camera’s internal memory buffer. It tells you the number of pictures the camera’s internal memory can store during the continuous shooting.

9. Evaluate The Camera’s Zoom Ability.

The zooming feature of your camera allows you to adjust the distance of focus by the specified amount. However, this specification is not as easy and as straightforward as looking at the number advertised.

The optical zoom alters the arrangement of the lens to focus clearly on more distant objects and producing a high-quality photo. However, digital zoom only enlarges the center of the image captured electronically, while cropping out the rest of the picture without focusing any further. Hence, you can understand by this that digital zoom produces a low-quality image as compared to optical zoom.

Hence digital zoom is only helpful if you want to take photos of a distant object and not for high-quality images at a distance. If you plan on zooming in on a distant object frequently and want a high-quality photo as well, you need to consider a camera with “image stabilization.” This feature allows you to keep your images steady while shooting, even when you are focusing on a tiny, distant area and also reduces the chance of blurring the images.

10. Consider The Battery Type Of Your Camera.

Nowadays, many cameras use proprietary batteries instead of standard AA batteries. It is obvious that someday or the other, the battery that comes with your camera may stop working, and then you will need to find a replacement for that. So before buying a camera, you have to research and know the type of battery that is fit for the camera that you have chosen and keep a backup battery ready to use if possible and required.

11. Know The Memory Card Format.

Many digital cameras come with a memory card nowadays. Even if your camera comes with a memory card, you should know the memory card format that your camera supports anyway, just in case you need to buy a replacement when that card reaches its limit. Secure Digital cards or SD cards are the most popular memory card format that almost all cameras support. However, SDXC and SDHC card varieties won’t work in SD slots of old camera models.

In high-end camera like a DSLR camera, Common Flash drives are more commonly found.

Now, if you have to buy a memory card, you first have to consider how many images you need the card to store. Photography enthusiasts usually prefer a memory card that can save up to 400 images. But you may need a better memory card if you also need it to save videos. All of this depends on your camera’s megapixels.

Many digital cameras come with USB attachments. So with those cameras, you don’t necessarily need to buy memory cards for. You can quickly transfer images from your camera to your computer or mobile when the built-in memory of your camera reaches its maximum limit.

11. Size Of The Camera.

The last thing you want before going out to a beautiful location with your friends and family to capture beautiful pictures is to whine about the camera’s extra weight. If the size of the camera is not what you wanted it to be, it can cause a lot more discomfort than you can imagine.

So if you want to take your camera whenever and wherever you want, you should opt for a small-sized camera instead of big-lense cameras like the DSLR cameras if you are comfortable to compromise a little with the image quality.

12. Durability

The digital camera that you’re about to buy must be durable because it is not something that you buy every month. So, if you have decided to invest your money on a camera, it might as well be durable enough so that it can be used for years. Make sure you research thoroughly and then choose.

The durability of your camera also depends on the warranty period. It means that if your camera gets damaged after a few weeks of purchasing it, the warranty period of your camera can cover the cost of the damage.

13. Budget

People set a budget before buying anything, whether it is a television, a smartphone, or a camera. Regardless of the brand of camera that you wish to buy, you should always set the budget a little high, and up to a limit, because we all know that the camera doesn’t come alone, it comes with a lot of additional accessories. There is a wide range of digital cameras on the market to choose from, ranging from $70 to more than $1000.

Top 9 Best Digital Cameras under $100 2021

1. Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera

Sony DSCW800 B 20.1 MP Digital Camera Best Digital Camera Under $100

This digital camera by SONY features a glossy black finish body and looks very elegant.

This digital camera features a 20.1 megapixel super HAD CCD image sensor that allows you to shoot beautifully detailed images with superb clarity and contrast. It also features a 5x optical zoom plus 10x digital zoom that allows you to get up close to the action with its professional Sony ZEISS lens.

With SteadyShot image stabilization, it reduces any chances of blur photos and videos. It shoots incredibly smooth videos without any time lag and provides super high-quality photos and videos with minimal blur even when the user is strolling.

This camera by Sony features a built-in instruction guide that allows searching the camera functions according to your requirement, wherever you may be. You can even put this camera in easy mode to minimize the layers on your menu. This feature provides an easy and enjoyable photography experience to beginners as well as photography enthusiasts.

This digital camera comes with a creative feature called Smile Shutter Technology. This technology allows the camera to capture a smile the moment it happens. All you have to do is press the Smile Shutter and leave the rest of the operation to the camera. You can also select adult and child priority.

Even with the Intelligent Mode on, the Intelligent Scene Recognition can be used together with Smile Shutter mode. All of these features combined and used together allow the camera to capture beautiful smiles with settings optimized for the particular scene, even under challenging conditions such as backlighting and twilight.

This camera’s Sweep Panorama Mode allows you to reach beyond the traditional wide-angle lens and capture many breathtaking shots. All you have to do is press the shutter button and sweep the camera in the desired direction, and the camera will shoot continuously at high speed. It then seamlessly stitches the continuously shot images together with automatic position adjustment to create a stunning panoramic image.

The Picture Effect feature of this digital camera adds a new level of expression to the photographs making ordinary landscapes come to life by emphasizing certain amplitudes and heightening mood. These modes can be applied to not only still images but also to panoramic photos and videos.

You can charge the camera’s battery conveniently via USB3. This camera is the perfect mix of convenient and efficient.

Owing to the camera’s uncountable features, this camera is one of the best digital cameras under $100.


2. Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

This elegant digital camera by CANON is available in two stunning colors- red and pearl white.

Featuring 8x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilisation, this digital camera allows you to capture images with flexibility and ease. 20.0 megapixel CCD sensor of this camera combines with the DIGIC 4 Image Processor that allows the camera to deliver exceptional image quality. The resolution of the images is clear and rich and exceptionally detailed. Ideal for capturing photos for large prints, this digital camera allows you the flexibility to zoom and crop any section of an image.

The DIGIC 4 Image Processor features accelerated processing speed to create a fast and responsive performance with a minimal time lag, hence making your photography experience easy and enjoyable. This processor enhances the image quality in many ways.

The processing of high ISO shots has been shortened by up to 60% compared to the DIGIC 4 Image Processor. This allows the camera to significantly reduce noise for brilliant color, beautiful detail, and smooth gradations even in low light. However, according to many reviews, image processing may cause a decrease in the number of pixels.

You can shoot high definition videos with immense smoothness whenever and wherever you want. The camera has a dedicated movie button. A simple push to It button allows you to quickly record the perfect moments you don’t want to miss out on.

For added convenience, Smart AUTO mode is figures out the suitable settings for what you are photographing so that you don’t have to worry about fidgeting into the different picture modes.

The wide-angle lens captures expansive bright and clear images. Receiving a 4-star ratings by more than five hundred users, this is a great digital camera. But however good quality images this camera may produce, it can’t ace the high-end cameras.


3. Panasonic Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camcorder

Panasonic Lumix Waterproof Digital Camera Underwater Camcorder

Available in three different colors, this digital camera is designed for active lifestyles. This rugged camera is waterproof is also shockproof, dustproof, and freezeproof. Amazing what a small digital camera offers you, right?

This underwater camera is one of the smallest and lightest by LUMIX. It is easy to carry around in your pockets because of its conveniently small size. This underwater camera records MP4 HD videos in 1280*720 pixels. You can record high-quality videos with just a simple push of an independent motion picture button.

You can also capture beautiful underwater shots with Advanced Underwater Mode. This mode compensates for the red tones, which are lost in underwater shooting. However, according to many reviews, this camera doesn’t bode well for underwater video shooting.

This camera features MEGA O.I.S. This feature automatically compensates for the blurring caused by hand-shake. The sensors detect even the slightest hand-shake movement by a sampling frequency of 4000 times per second to produce sharp and precise images. One of the main highlights of this camera is the Time Lapse Shooting feature.

The camera includes a torchlight which allows the user to shoot beautiful videos in the low light environment and even in a dusky underwater environment. It also comes with a 220 MB additional internal storage, which helps to store photos and videos when your memory card reaches its limits.

It is one of the best digital cameras under $100 and is very popular amongst people who want a digital underwater camera, based one more than three hundred ratings and reviews.


4. Nikon Coolpix A10

Nikon Coolpix A10

This digital point-and-shoot camera is effortless to use. The Easy AUTO Mode automatically picks the best settings for your shot, and the Smart Portrait System gives portraits a very flattering look.

This 16.1 Megapixel digital camera with the NIKKOR glass lens offers a 5x optical zoom that allows you to close up on distant objects. It also allows you to zoom out and record 720p HD videos in widescreen format. You can use an optional audio-video cable to connect it to your compatible TV.

If you or your kids have unsteady hands and have bought a point-and-shoot camera for the first time, the electronic VR detects motion and will automatically offset camera movement, ensuring sharp and clear shots. This camera provides 15 Scene Modes like beach, snow, sunset, night portrait, and more. You can even choose the Scene Auto Selector feature and let the camera choose for you.

This digital camera runs on two AA batteries that are not hard to find, and you can easily keep backup. It also accepts alkaline, lithium, and Nikon rechargeable batteries available as an optional accessory. The CCD image sensor allows you to capture bright and clear images. However, this camera provides low image quality as compared to other digital cameras on this list.


5. AbergBest 21 Megapixel 2.7” LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera

AbergBest 21 Megapixel 2.7” LCD Rechargeable HD Digital Camera

Available in four different colors- red, blue, black, and pink, this digital camera features a 2.7” LCD screen to display vivid videos and images that you shoot from it.

This digital camera features 21 Megapixels resolution that allows you to capture your HD masterpiece. It also supports external memory cards ranging up to 64G SD cards. The memory card is not included in the package and has to be bought separately.

This camera offers users features like anti-shake, face detection, smile capture, continuous shots, self timer, and all the other essential features that an excellent digital camera should have. It also offers an 8x digital zoom that allows you to take photos of distant objects.

However, this digital camera is not as popular as the other digital cameras on this list, but because of so many features that it offers, it deserves to be on this list of the best digital cameras under 100.


6. Digital Camera With 24MP Ultra HD Camera By Aurho

Digital Camera with 24MP Ultra HD Camera By Aurho

Available in jet black colors, this is the best digital camera under 100 for selfies and vlogging.

Featuring 2.7K HD shooting, this digital camera has a 24MP image sensor resolution that allows you to capture and records all the perfect moments that you never want to miss out. You don’t even have to worry about insufficient memory as this digital camera by AURHO supports up to a maximum 32G micro SD card. If you are more of an outdoors person and is looking for an inexpensive but good quality digital camera, this cost-effective, entry-level ordinary digital camera can prove to be a pretty good choice for you.

This digital camera is a WiFi digital camera that enables remote views, video recording, and image capture. It allows you to make real-time remote control with your smartphone or tablet to record videos and shoot photos via WiFi connection.

This digital camera features a flip screen. You have to pop-up the front flash light manually to illuminate a larger area. With the help of retractable flash light, 3.0” TFT LCD screen display, which can be flipped 180 degrees, takes selfies with excellent performance in low light conditions. This flip screen adds more fun while you shoot high-definition photos in perfect light conditions.

The camera also provides several features such as anti-shake, face-detection, smile detection, continue shots, 4x digital zoom, and a lot more. Despite so many functions, this digital camera by AURHO is easy to use. It can be a perfect first camera for beginners and an excellent gift for kids as well.

You can easily switch the camera mode to video mode by just pressing the button denoted by “M.” This digital camera comes with two packs of 3.7 Volts 800mAh lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that ensure more than 120 minutes of working time.

It is hard to find a Wifi Digital Camera at this price range. Hence, it is one of the best digital cameras under $100 on our list.


7. Digital Vlogging Camera By Cedita

Digital Vlogging Camera By Cedita

This lightweight and compact digital camera is easy to operate. The camera has anti-feature that allows you to shoot steady and clear photos and videos.

This camera comes with 800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and the camera allows you to record videos while charging. This way, you can record for a longer time.

This digital camera performs exceptionally well in low light conditions. You can choose to pop up the front flash to illuminate a more substantial area by using the slider. You can also adjust ISO settings. This camera allows you to record full HD videos and shoot images with 24-megapixel resolution.

This 3 inches high definition vlogging camera has a flip screen that can rotate up to 180 degrees. This flip screen allows you to see exactly what you’re taking pictures of while vlogging or taking a selfie. This vlogging camera has a self-timer feature that provides you the flexibility of automatic shooting.

You can transfer photos and videos from this camera to your laptop or computer via USB cable. This camera is easy to use, suitable for novices.


8. Yisence Waterproof Digital Camera

Yisence Waterproof Digital Camera

This 1080p full HD digital camera is waterproof, compact, and easy to carry.

This digital camera is perfect for underwater photography up to ten feet if you are looking for an inexpensive waterproof camera of good quality. The battery compartment of this camera is perfectly sealed for waterproof purposes. Once you have made sure that the chamber is well locked, you can take it underwater for one hour each time within the distance of ten feet.

This camera features a rear-facing, 2.7 inches full-color LCD and a front-facing 1.8-inch full-color LCD with a built-in self-timer of ten seconds so that you never miss out on a moment of action. This camera supports external memory of a maximum 32Gb capacity.

There is a drawstring pouch and a hand loop string to easily carry the camera without the fear of dropping and damaging it. This camera works well even in low light conditions because of the flash light and is inexpensive as compared to all other digital cameras on this list.


9. Kidwill Digital Camera For Kids

Kidwill Digital Camera For Kids

Available in two colors- blue and pink, this digital camera is specially designed for kids. Its body is designed a little tougher than other digital cameras because kids tend to drop things.

This kids’ camera features dual-cameras and allows your kids to shoot photos with an 8-megapixel resolution and record 720P quality videos. It also features a 2.8-inch touch screen and built-in 29 funny frames, two-color filters, and 9 scene selections for kids to show their creativity.

This digital camera provides pretty good image quality, considering that it is a kids’ camera. It has many more features such as burst shooting, time-lapse shooting, 4x digital zoom to record distant objects, and much more. This camera comes with a built-in 610mAh rechargeable lithium battery and provides a run time of two to three hours, which is, in fact, pretty good for a kids’ camera.

32G TF card allows the kids to store thousands of images and videos. Auto sleep and auto power-off mode make the power storage of this camera even more powerful. Durable lanyard designed for kids to hang this mini camera on the neck while capturing photos and recording videos, for the camera’s safety.

Considering this is a kids’ camera, it is made of eco-friendly non-toxic materials and soft silicone material. A protective shockproof shell is added to the camera’s body so that it won’t break easily. This digital camera is perfect for the kids to take it for outdoor activities. A user manual is also added to this package, in case your kid face difficulty in finding specific settings.

No doubt, it is one of the most popular and best digital cameras under 100 on Amazon with more than four hundred 4.5 star ratings.


Best Digital Cameras Under $100 – Conclusion

Love for photography can be unbeatable if one is passionate about it. Every photographer’s genre of photography may be different, but one thing that is common among all photographers is a good camera, without a doubt.

Not everyone is meant to be a professional, but if you are thinking of starting photography, you may as well start with a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. The reason behind saying this is that digital cameras come in all price ranges, and you might be surprised to know that even the inexpensive ones get the job done.

Simple digital cameras may not provide as good image quality and resolutions as good SLR and DSLR cameras, but that does not mean that they won’t be able to fulfill your requirements. Digital cameras are not at all time-consuming. Even the inexpensive ones come with so many features that it can make you feel like a professional as soon as you hold it.

One of the main advantages of digital cameras is that they are lighter as compared to high-end SLR and DSLR cameras and hence are easily portable. You can even carry them in your pocket whenever and wherever you want to go so that you never miss out on a perfect moment.

But before you buy anything, you have to consider certain factors regarding the product that you are about to purchase. These are the key factors that help you choose a better product suitable for your requirements. The same is with digital cameras, however, the factors to keep in mind are a bit technical, most of which are covered in the above article.

Not all of us have the budget to buy fancy high-end cameras. We understand that when it comes to cameras, the $100 price range can be pretty tough. It is because nowadays, smartphones have such high-resolution cameras that can even beat some SLR cameras. However, smartphones do not cut underwater and in sturdy conditions. That is why digital cameras are always preferred over smartphones, even in today’s era. The above buyers’ guide will help you in choosing the best digital cameras under $100.

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