Best 4K Video Cameras Of 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Blackmagic 2. Panasonic HC-WXF991K 3. Sony FDRAX33
Blackmagic Best 4K Video Cameras Panasonic 4K WXF991K Sony FDRAX33 4K HD

4K cameras are at the pinnacle right now. If you’re seriously into film-making, you would need a good 4K camera with easy controls and features.

Nowadays, there are videographers, youtubers, vloggers who use a 4K camera because it has better resolution and excellent recording quality.

In this article, you will find well-researched reviews of a few of the best 4K video camera that are available on the market. We look into everything, including the price range, features, controls, etc.


According to your profession or the kind of photography you want to shoot, you can choose the best camera.

Things To Lookout For Before Buying the Best 4K Video Camera

Before investing in a 4K camera, you need to consider a few things.

1. Budget

Buy a camera which fits in your budget but also has the features you want

2. Features

Does the camera have all the features you are looking for? Are the features easy to use?

3. Controls

Is it easy to use all the controls?

4. How Are You Going To Use The Camera?

For example, if you’re into still photography, buying a mirrorless camera would be a right decision.

Top 15 Best 4K Video Cameras 2021

1. Blackmagic Design Pocket

Blackmagic Best 4K Video CameraThe Blackmagic Design Pocket camera is a mirrorless. It has a microsensor of four-third size. It features a monitor touchscreen display of 5”. It captures 4K at 60 fps.although; it is a camera suitable for experts.

This “pocket” camera is packed with features. The camera feels a lot like a DSLR. The recording mics installed in the camera is of better quality than most of the cameras, although you might have to use external mics.

It comes with a headphone jack, a full-sized HDMI port, a power port, USB-C type, and a mini XLR. It has one of the cleanest menu interfaces. It has a large, pretty LCD touchscreen monitor, which makes it very easy to change the settings.

It also offers DaVinci Resolve studio for free, which is a bonus! It has a 120 fps option off-speed frame rate. The slow-motion on this camera looks great.

You can record to SD card or CFAST card, or you can directly record into a USB, which is convenient.

You also have a time-lapse feature that allows you to capture every one frame and up to 10 minutes. This camera has undoubtedly improved on its low light catching abilities because it has a dual ISO.

One of the downsides is that the LCD monitor is fixed, which makes it a little inconvenient. The battery capacity is also not that impressive because it drains quickly.

If you are a beginner, it might be a little challenging to get a hold of the controls, and you might not be able to use this to the fullest.

In conclusion, this camera is packed with so many features, and its price tag makes it a worthwhile investment.

It is a fantastic product to work with, easy to use once you get a hold of the controls and how to use them. It also offers the DaVinci Resolve Studio for free, which is a generous gift.

Although the battery drains off quickly and the monitor is fixed, it is one of the best cameras available in this price range. It seems like there are only two downsides to this camera, but the features and the interface makes up for it.


2. Panasonic 4K WXF991K

Panasonic 4K WXF991KWhether you are a beginner or a professional, this camera is for everybody. This camera is great for vlogging. It is a twin camera camcorder. Along with the package you receive, an owner’s manual, a lens hood. A USB cable, a rechargeable battery, HDMI cable, and the camera.

This camera is lightweight and weighs around 14 ounces. It has a viewfinder and a 3-inch display monitor, microphones in front of the camera. On the edge of the screen, you have a second camera that is free to rotate, which is very suitable for vlogging.

When the second camera is activated, you will get a picture-in-picture on your display screen. It can also connect to three cellphone cameras through WiFi.

It has also featured in-camera editing for a 1080p display. It has a beautiful 3-inch LCD monitor, which is not fixed. Although the viewing angle of the second camera is a little awkward, it is a useful feature.

As mentioned before, you can do all the editing in the camera. You can crop, zoom, and select the speed at which it zooms and make an entire clip in can shoot a slow-motion video at 60 fps and slow it down to 24 fps.

One of the downsides to this camera is that it has very little manual control. The only setting that you can manually control is the Gain. Exposure and focus cannot be manually set.

A nice feature on this camera is the 20X optical zoom. This camera is not robust in any way, it is made out of plastic, and as mentioned before, it is lightweight.

When it comes down to it, this camera is only suitable for a wide array of users. If you are someone who needs a long zoom range, then this is an option to consider.

It is one of the best cameras available at its price range, and for the features it offers. It is a high-resolution camera and easy to use.

In conclusion, this camera offers excellent features. It has a twin camera with HD recording, and you can record it picture-in-picture by activating the twin cameras.

Although you have less manual control over the settings, that might be an advantage to the person who has little to no knowledge about videography.

He might also be able to make good videos with this camera. The 20X optical zoom is a boon. So, this camera is suitable for a wide range of users.


3. Sony FDRAX33 4K HD

Sony FDRAX33 4K HDSony has adapted to the idea of budget-friendly 4K video cameras. This camera has a really good stabilization feature called optical SteadyShot.

It is a winner as it comes packed with features and falls below the $1000 range. It has a small and light body. So, you can use this camera for still photo shooting too.

The optical SteadyShot allows you to record videos while on the move. It doesn’t distort the picture, makes it less shaky, and the footage would look so much better.

It has nice image quality, and when you reduce the size, the film looks sharp and smooth. It has a quality Zeiss lens and works well in low light conditions.

You have manual control over the zoom, shutter speed, IRIS, exposure, focus, AE shift, and white balance.

It has a touch-screen monitor display which has a few shortcuts available on the screen. It makes it more convenient. The monitor is not fixed so that you can turn it around.

It also has a full-sized HUD shoe, unlike the other sony cameras. You wouldn’t need any adapters to fix anything on the camera like a microphone or a video light, etc. There is an audio in and out jack, and a USB port too.

The battery port is in the back of the camera; it has good battery life. It has a wall-charger for regular charging; it also has a data cable which can otherwise be used for charging too.

Another cool feature about this camera is that it has infrared light, so it can be used as a night vision camera. It has functional connectivity via NFC, WiFi, and ports for both USB and micro HDMI.

One downside of this camera is that the CMOS sensor is not up to the mark. It offers half the megapixels compared to its predecessor. There is also very little internal storage, so you will have to buy an external SD card of a specific format.

The camera comes with accessories like a rechargeable NP-FV70 battery pack, an AC-L200 AC adapter, an HDMI cable, a USB connection support cable, and the bonus of a BC-TRV travel charger. It also has a lens cap and a one year warranty included.

Overall, this is a camera packed with features and falls below the $1000 range. The Optical SteadyShot makes this camera very desirable and worth the price.

This camera was manufactured for a broad market. So it is suitable for anybody. You can just pick this camera up and begin to shoot. It is very easy to use.


4. Akaso EK7000

Akaso EK7000Akaso EK700 is uncannily similar to a GoPro camera, has features similar to a GoPro, and works exactly like a GoPro. The only difference is in the price. It is an Ultra HD action camera and shoots at up to 25 fps.

It can click photos up to 12 MP with 30 frames. It also comes with waterproof housing and uses the same mounting system as the GoPro does.

After thorough research of the customer reviews, the customers find it easy to use. They find it convenient that it comes with the accessories which would otherwise cost more money.

The Akaso EK700 has many cool features at a very nominal price, which makes it affordable for anyone. One commendable feature is the battery life of this camera, which seems to be a slight improvement from its competitors.

This camera comes with a spare battery. You can extend the battery life by switching off the WiFi and by minimizing the amount of viewing on the back screen. With the Wifi mode on and everything, you will get up to 2 hours of the battery.

The controls of the camera are easy to get hold of. It has many buttons, but it doesn’t have an LCD screen. The screen in the back can be used for live view, and it is not a touch screen. It has cool features like time-lapse and burst photos.

Although the user manuals specify to download the iSmart DV app, it may not work with the EK700. The good thing about it is that the dual battery charger charges the batteries from zero charge to full charge in just over an hour. There is no image stabilization which makes the footage shaky.

The microphone recording quality is not that great, you can barely hear any audio with the housing on, but you can pair it up with your phone and record it on your phone instead.

The Akaso EK700 is exceptionally similar to a Gopro and is easily the cheapest option for an action camera.

Although the recording quality is not excellent and the video turns out to be a little bit shaky, this is a good option for an action camera. It has got excellent features for its price nevertheless.


5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000The Panasonic released the world’s first bridge camera, which enables 4K video recording. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 is a super-zoom camera which has a wide-angle 16x zoom lens with a 1-inch sensor. It also features a 3-inch 921K-pixel rotating LCD screen.

It is the first compact camera to feature 4K video capture, which allows photographers to extract a still image from a 4K sequence, and make it into an equivalent of an 8-megapixel photos.

Panasonic improved the body design by adding new custom functions and an original metal command dial.

It comes with rubberized handgrip on the front and a raised thumb grip on the back of the body making the camera comfortable to hold. The new 3-inch touchscreen LCD and the screen is a real treat.

It has a decent screen size, and it is very responsive to your touch. And the given brightness of the screen makes it easy to see even in the bright sunlight.

It uses the same sensor and lens as its predecessor, but there are quite a few new useful features. Firstly the Panasonic’s 4K Photo, Post Focus, and Focus Stacking modes, which allow the user to get creative.

The camera is capable of recording 4K video at frame rates of 30/25/24p and can shoot Full HD footage at up to 60p.

The addition of a microphone port, 5-axis Hybrid OIS , and the camera’s 3-inch, 1240K-dot fully articulated touchscreen also make the FZ1000, which is excellent for video diaries and vlogging. The Camera’s lens has a fixed 16x zoom ranging from a 35mm-equivalent of 25mm to 400mm and also has a new focusing motor, which enables fast focusing speed.

The lens’s maximum f/2.8 aperture up to a still respectable f/4.The Panasonic FZ1000 has integrated Wi-Fi and NFC, providing quick pairing with compatible smartphones and tablets, allowing remote control shooting and image transfers.

Being sold under the price range of $1000, the FZ1000 is the most affordable 4K-capable camera on the market, and providing excellent features and it’s very easy to use, making it available for all. All of which puts it in the lead from its competitors.

The Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ1000 has excellent features for its price. It is suitable for everyone — the 16X zoom lens, which is a fantastic feature.

The camera is capable of recording 4K video at frame rates of 30/25/24p and can shoot Full HD footage at up to 60p. The new 3-inch touchscreen LCD and the screen is a real treat. This bridge camera is worth a try. It is an excellent camera for vlogging.


6. Panasonic Lumix ZS200

Panasonic Lumix ZS200This digital camera launched by Panasonic is best described as a point-and-shoot camera.

It features a large, 1-inch 20.1megapixel MOS sensor, which also comes with a 15x zoom LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens(24-360mm) and a special HYBRID O.I.S(Optical Image Stabilizer) which helps to produce a brighter, and a colorful photo with a few image artifacts.

An essential feature of this model is its High-resolution 2,330K-dot live viewfinder and a rear touch-enabled 3-inch LCD (1240-dots), which is clear even in bright sunlight.

Another essential feature of this model is titled 4K video capture. The model enables 4K QFHD video recording (3840 x 2160) along with an exclusive LUMIX 4K PHOTO and 4K Post Focus with Internal Focus Stacking.

It allows the photographer to record photos up to 30fps and set their desired focus points after taking a photograph. Therefore, it can be said that the photo quality obtained from the camera is entirely above that of a broad category of cameras.

The most feature of this model is its integrated creative controls. The broad set of choices and a wide range of options of scene modes and filter modes offered by the model helps to add creativity while the traditional aperture and shutter priority modes allow for background defocusing effects or for eliminating motion blur.

The model encourages the use of travel-ready technologies like USB charging and Wi-Fi connectivity to your handset device, while other features include a D-type micro-HDMI and a USB 2.0 micro-B, which help provide other options of connecting to your favorite devices.

Unlike many new camera models, this model features a Bayonet type Mounting Type, while it also offers standard features like a fisheye lens system and an electronic viewfinder.

Unlike the vast majority of camera models and camera brands, the DC-ZS200K features a
‘no questions asked’ return policy, which allows owners to return the model to the company stores without having to deal with the complaints or state the reasons behind such a decision.

Professional camera owners and customers have widely appreciated this feature. A few of the significant advantages of this model include its compact shape, which makes it not so heavy as other professional cameras.

According to customer reviews, the model has an extremely useful lens, making it a beneficial point and zoom camera used for traveling purposes.

The camera is super-sharp at all focal lengths which happen to be quite extraordinary for a compact camera model, whereas the color is described as ‘accurate,’ vivid and saturated. While the camera quality is excellent, the zoom mechanism is silent while shooting.

Therefore, this model can be best described as an impressive compact camera, loaded with numerous semi-professionally based features making it a perfect point and shoot camera.


7. Panasonic Lumix FZ300

Panasonic Lumix FZ300To start with the most essential features of the model, the DMC-FZ300K enables 4K video and 4K photo technology.

This allows photographers to capture every moment in high quality as this model uses 30 frames per second in high-resolution 4K Ultra HD video to extract them as photographs. Another essential feature of the model is its unique Leica DC Vario Elmarit lens.

The model features a 24x zoom lens, 25600 millimetres in size with Full zoom range F2. The aperture of the lens is specially designed for enhanced low light shooting while meeting the stringent quality levels set by Leica.

Like the latest professional cameras, DMC-FZ300K offers high image quality. It provides for a Megapixel high sensitivity MOS sensor along with the Venus engine, which is specially designed to excel in diffraction compensation.

Thus, the photographer can obtain crisp images that are free from artifacts associated with small aperture settings. A unique feature of the model is its rugged camera design.

It makes this model splashproof as well as dustproof while the camera also offers tight seals on every Joint, dial, and button so that it can stand up to harsh weather situations and other challenging conditions.

The DMC-FZ300K offers a five axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilizer Plus. Customers well appreciate this feature as it helps reduce blurring from one-handed video shooting. It is done by compensating for five different types of movement.

While the camera is used in an inclined position, the level shot function detects the horizon line and maintains it.

Customers can also choose to buy the model along with a MegaGear Ultra-Light Neoprene Camera Case Compatible with the model or along with a Transcend 64GB High Speed 10 UHS-3 Flash Memory card 95/60 MB/s (TS64GSDU3) or with a Gorilla Pod Kit for extra charges.

This model allows users to shoot images in RAW-format and even develop them inside the camera. It also features a stunning close-up macro shooting with a minimum distance of 1cm.

DMC-FZ300K also offers access to Panasonic’s Depth-From-Defocus (DFD) Auto Focus (AF) technology, which can instantly calculate the distance between the foreground and the background objects and quickly bring the focus onto the subject in one fast and continuous movement.

Thus, the camera is of professional quality, and multimedia imaging had never been easier to achieve than with the Panasonic DMC-FZ300K. On the other hand, this model is perfect for outdoor adventures, as it features a worry-free splash proof/dustproof rugged body, so it stands up to a few of the most challenging situations.


8. Zohulu Vlog Camera

Zohulu Vlog CameraTo start with the most distinctive and unique feature of this model, it is one of the world’s only colorful infrared night vision and full spectrum video recorder camcorder. Such a feature is very rare but very useful in the video recording industry.

It also offers access to new unzip and restores technology. It enables it to compress files when saving files and restore 4K video quality while playing them. It comes along with a 4K camcorder with an external stereo microphone.

It enhances X-Y stereo pickup technology and is also used in stable sound image localization. Such a high-quality microphone can be used to record conferences, speeches, media interviews, and other course recordings.

Coming to the video quality, it is a 4K Ultra HD Video Camera that can offer 4K 3840 x 2160 (24FPS) video resolution. Other features include its 13.0MP Sony CMOS sensor, the 3.1” Inch IPS touch screen, and the 30X Digitally enhanced Zoom.

These features offer excellent video quality and let the user capture every favorite moment in high resolution and standards.

Another essential feature of the model is its Wide Angle Lens, which is a 0.39x 2 in 1 HD Wide Angle Lens along with micro lens, which can be efficiently used to capture images of a magnificent scenery, such as Buildings, Group photos or landscapes.

The microlens is also used for close-up shooting of micro-objects like flowers, insects, or other minute details.

This model comes with a specially designed handheld stabilizer, which helps to keep the 4K camera stable while recording. It is ideal for shooting moving low angle videos and images.

The model on its own weighs around 3.3 pounds while its package dimensions are 8.5 x 6 x 5.2 inches. It runs on a single Lithium-ion battery, which is included in the package.

Other specifications of the model include an HD output of type USB2.0 / HDMI, while the self-timer options offered are 2s / 5s / 10s. Other basic features provided by the model include the Anti-Shake and Face Detection technology, Hot shoes, and Remote Control.

Other than these, the model also comes with a lens hood, a charger, an external remote, a padded camera pouch, a lens cover, and 2 Rechargeable Li-batteries (1pc extra super powerful lens and 1pc standard battery).

Thus, the model is well encouraged by customers and is also well rated by professional photographers.


9. Panasonic Lumix FZ80

Panasonic Lumix FZ80The image quality of this camera is commendable. It uses an 18.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, which is an upgrade from its predecessor. The image quality shows definite improvement when compared to the older camera from this series.

The resolution is better too. It has been observed that the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is a camera designed for traveling. It has a 60X lens, a super bright F2.8-5.9 aperture range lens.

The Panasonic o.I.S Technology enables the camera for optical stabilization. The FZ80 has a higher-resolution image sensor compared to its predecessor and has a lot of useful features.

It has an 18.1 megapixel ½.3 inch CMOS sensor. It is not exactly a compact camera as it offers a 60x optical zoom range. It falls under the range of $400, which is impressive for a $4K superzoom camera.

Although it feels less robust, it has a good interface. As mentioned before, the Panasonic o.I.S Technology enables the camera for optical stabilization. So, optical stabilization and autofocus work well. Notably, the autofocus is pretty fast.

It has a built-in viewfinder but no built-in eye sensor. The rear display of the camera is pretty good. It also comes with a three-inch touchscreen LCD whose interface is really good, but it is fixed.

It would have been better if it was flexible because it is difficult to see the screen in bright has a good number of physical controls. Quality decreases as the ISO is increased.

The 60x zoom feature of this camera stands out, and it offers a wide range. Although it struggles at the ends of the lens. But the optical 60x zoom feature is a rare feature to find in cameras.

It provides excellent metering performance. The white balance works well, and using the exposure feature is useful to correct most of the issues.

It shoots at ten frames per second. The JPEG buffer depth has improved significantly and clears out quickly.

When the continuous autofocus is used, the camera shoots at six frames per second. Not to forget, it provides a range of impressive video features for its cost. It offers easy access to all the shooting mode options.

On the downside, it doesn’t include a headphone or mic-input.

The FZ80 provides a lot of impressive features for the money, although the image quality leaves us wanting for more.


10. GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7GoPro Hero 7 is one of the most advanced GoPro. It has a smooth built and has a smart capture feature. It is one of the best action cameras available on the market now. It has incredible optical stabilization and has an impressive audio recording quality.

It is identical to GoPro Hero 6 in its built. The camera is made of a different material. It looks sharp and compact. Since it has the same form factor as the previous GoPros, you use the same gear that the other GoPros use.

It might seem like there are no significant changes as compared to its predecessors. But, the features like Time Warp, hyper smooth and photo timer are the highlights of this camera.

One of the significant upgrades is that the camera now shoots 4K at sixty frames per second. The GoPro has been calling this camera a “gimbal killer.” You don’t have to plug in an external gimbal most of the time, which makes it very convenient, especially if you’re traveling.

The time warp feature allows you to shoot some cool footage; it makes the footage a lot less shaky and clear. The timeWarp is time-lapse but with hyper smooth function applied.

GoPro has updated its menu, which looks clean. It is organised, and everything is at your fingertips. The display monitor is a touchscreen and has an upgraded user interface. The newest addition is the photo timer. The HDR feature comes in handy, too, and it is also a new addition.

Hero 7 allows live streaming using the Wifi or cellular data, which is very convenient. The connectivity of this camera is reliable, and the smartphone integration is brilliant.

It is one of the best. Phones can be instantly connected to the camera. The images and videos can be quickly transferred and reviewed almost immediately after capturing them

Even though the monitor on the GoPro has been improved immensely, sometimes it becomes unresponsive.

It doesn’t have a microphone jack too. The battery life has not improved much. So, it is wise to carry some spare batteries while on the go. The low light performance leaves room for improvement.

You can shoot in the portrait mode, which makes the photos instagramable. There are changes done to the audio recording. The waterproof housing remains waterproof up to 10 meters depth.


11. Akaso Brave 4

Akaso Brave 4First of all, love the 4k edition one as it takes really good photos that are almost crystal clear.
If you love underwater photography, then it’s a must-have as it has a waterproof case that can hold up to 90 ft underwater.

Has a hard protective case as well.Really good if you love water sports and want to capture some nice moments.

What I love the most about this is, it comes with tons of accessories, way more than you’d expect like adapter accessories, straps, cables, etc. It also has a micro USB cable in case you need to transfer the files or charge it.

Talking about charge, it has a charger and battery included in the box. Each battery records up to 90 min, which is allotted. What is not included though, is a micro SD card. You will need a micro SD card for it and format it.

Other than that, the camera is wonderful with so many options to choose from. For example, resolution, it starts from 1000P to 4K. The angle varies from 70 to 140.

You can select the quality of the pic as well! There is also an anti-shaking option which helps in getting better pics.

If you want to see it on a big screen, you can easily connect it to your TV via HDMI. It has an option of zooming and can go up to 5x. It also has a diving mode setting that filters the red light underwater.

One of the main features I’d say is the time-lapse. With all of that, it comes with WIFI and TIMER! So now, you can send pics, the share of social media, and everything by just turning on the Wifi button.

Really loved the wide variety of options here. Totally worth it for the price. Definitely a must-have!


12. Besungo’s Rosdeca

Besungo's RosdecaBesungo’s 4k rosdeca camcorder is the only camcorder that can stream directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, and you don’t need to upload to a computer.

The user needs to connect the microphone to the camera with the 3.5MM Plug in the audio cable and connect the camera to the computer with the USB Cable.

Select PC Camera(Webcam), then open Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Livestream Studio Page, which will automatically identify the camera and microphone.

The camcorder has a 3.0 “LCD Touching Screen with 270 degrees rotation it’s able to record 4k videos with up to 48MP worth of picture quality. Comes with an expandable storage limiting to a 128GB SD card and has a USB 2.0 for connectivity.

The camcorder can capture extremely high quality and vivid videos. The camera packs a 13MP sensor, and the maximum pixels is 48M.

Equipped with a highly sensitive sensor, it can sense the surrounding environment and process the light. With fast image capture and handle capabilities, you can perform more natural and realistic image quality. Additional port to attach an external microphone.

The wide-angle lens allows the user to capture wide view and tiny landscape. The lens is to be mounted on the camera by the given adapter ring.

The camcorder supports infrared night vision, which provides excellent video quality during the night. The camera supports time-lapse photography.

With this feature, slow-motion videos and compression into shorter videos are possible. The Rosdeca camcorder can record while charge.

A standard adapter can be connected for the power supply to charge the camera And also, a mobile power supply can be used to charge the camcorder’s power.

The camcorder features 4K Wi-Fi camera camcorder which enables the use of smartphone app to control the camcorder and enables you to transfer photos and videos directly to your smartphone or share with your friends.

Although the supply of it being limited to a few countries. The camcorder is still an exquisite piece of equipment, with being the first of it’s kind to stream directly to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

It’s a boon to the creators and users as it allows them to never miss a chance to record their content in excellent quality.


13. AiTechny Ultra HD

AiTechny Ultra HDIt is an excellent camcorder for its price. It also comes with included accessories like mics, two lenses, two batteries, an LED light, and a bag that can carry all accessories.

It provides an image resolution of 2880×2160, and the video camera supports 4K. It shoots videos at 24 frames per second, which is good.

It uses a 13 megapixel CMOS sensor and has a 16x digital zoom. It does not have autofocus, so you have to manually adjust the focus, which might be a hassle sometimes and a waste of time.

It also provides two rechargeable batteries, as mentioned before. It features a 3” IPS touch screen. The screen can rotate up to 270 degrees, which are brilliant.

The external microphone that comes with it has an X-Y stereo pickup technology, and it has filters to reduce noise. It also has a professional HD wide-angle lens with a macro lens.

The user manual will guide you to download the “NovaCam” app. It connects your smartphone to your camera so that you can control the camera from your phone.

It also has an infrared night light, So you can shoot videos and click pictures at night. You can also do live streams with this camera, and you can use this as a web camera on your computers and laptops.

All you have to do is connect the camera to the laptop/computer using USB cable and select PC mode. It is effortless and convenient to do the live streams. You should have a good Wifi connection, though.

In conclusion, this camera proves to be impressive with all the features and specs. The accessories that come along with the camera is a bonus too.

The battery life is not bad either. If you’re looking for an excellent 4K camcorder, then you should consider looking into this. It is also priced conveniently so that you can gift it to others too.


14. Panasonic Lumix LX10 4K

Panasonic Lumix LX10 4KThe Panasonic Lumix LX10 4K is a fantastic camera with useful features. It is priced conveniently too. It has good reviews and ratings so far. So, the customers are satisfied with the performance of the camera. Let’s take a look at the features this camera offers.

This camera has a 20-megapixel large sensor with a bright 72mm zoom lens. As expected, Panasonic uses average sensors with a bright lens.

This camera has smart video features. It provides amazing photo quality for its price. Even though it clicks good pictures, it has a zippy focus.

The low light performance is excellent. Pictures taken in low light conditions at ISO 1600 look pretty sharp and fine. The resolution of this camera is commendable because even at its most sensitive setting, the image is detailed. It boosts contrast too.

One of the advantages of using this camera is that the editing is a lot easier. The white balance is a little off, and it doesn’t have any tonal options.

It has relatively fast autofocus, and with continuous shooting, the autofocus shoots at four frames per second. The shutter button on the camera is unresponsive at times and can be a little annoying.

The battery capacity leaves a lot of room for improvement too. One should carry a lot of spare batteries because they drain out pretty quick.

In conclusion, this camera can be used for daily usage or daily recordings. It provides decent features for its price, but none other features stand out.


15. Panasonic Lumix GH5

Panasonic Lumix GH5The Panasonic LUMIX GH5 is one of the High-end cameras which can not only capture excellent stills but also record videos of top quality.

Being Panasonic’s new crème de la crème, it looks to capture the market by being the number choice of the users and appealing to the masses of the industry. It’s a two in one powerhouse and can be tapped into by all sorts of users.

The body is a slim midsection and weighs up to 1.6 pounds. It has a magnesium alloy body making it weather resistant and an excellent camera to have for wildlife shootings.

It is entirely mirrorless with the DSLR inspired the comfortable grip, electronic viewfinder, and control dials. At the top of the camera, there are separate still shutter and video record buttons to switch between both modes.

A control wheel by the shutter and a second wheel at the back, near the thumb rest, making it easy to adjust aperture and shutter speed for easy accessibility

It is one of the best mirrorless cameras for shooting video. It shoots up to 4K 60p/50p and internal 4K 30p, a new 20.3MP sensor that far exceeds its predecessor and has a 6k photo function.

The Screen is a 3.2-inch vari-angle touchscreen with Burst shooting up to 12fp, and Autofocuses 225-area. There is a significant increase in base sensitivity, powered by the fast Micro Four Thirds prime lenses.

The camera has an HDMI port that offers quality 4K output. Microphone, headphone, and USB Type-C ports are on the side of its body, and On the opposite side, there are a dual SD card slots

The device packs a built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, as well as a low-energy Bluetooth connection, which allows the long duration of contact between the camera and your smart device for easy transfer of images and also remote recording.

Overall the Panasonic GH5 is an all-rounder and can handle high-end video shoots to a video diary. The GH5 is the best mirrorless camera that can record at 4k /30 p.

Its excellent quality makes it hard to beat and also offers 6k still captures. Its Durable build and performance make it a whole different gravy.

With the drawback being the ISO being not wide enough. It’s still a class of a camera, especially for video recording, and is definitely on the list for high-end content making.

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Mathew Daly

Mathew Daly

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