Best 360° Cameras 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Rich Theta V 4k 2. Madv XiaoMi 3. Insta360 One
Rich Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera Best 360° Cameras Madv XiaoMi Madventure 360 Camera Insta360 One

360 camera is a unique and a relatively newer invention as compared to the static cameras that we usually have. If you are a beginner, you might not know exactly what 360 cameras mean.

So what are these cameras? The key to this is imagining a picture, not in the shape of a flat rectangle but that of a sphere. You can think of a 360-degree image from within this sphere, moving your smart device or window in your web browser to look around.

You might already be familiar with one of the best examples, Facebook, which features a 360 camera shot for your profile picture or videos.


360 camera stills are the easiest to figure out as everything else is static. 360 videos, on the other hand, are more confusing as you have the freedom to look where you like, but the action carries on regardless. This means that as a viewer you may or may not have control and it’s easier to end up looking the wrong way when things are happening in some other part of the video.

So why go for a 360 camera? Well, to answer that plainly, 360 cameras make your pictures more fun and provide a different experience altogether to viewers who feel like experiencing your adventures with you. It feels amazing and more and more technologies will now try to implement this into their devices to provide a new experience to its consumers.

With VR technology coming in, not everybody may be able to afford that, but 360-degree cameras are less expensive and give you a whole new way to view the world. How do you know which is the best 360-degree camera? To help you with that confusion, we have created a list. So feel free to scroll down and have a look.

Reasons To Buy the Best 360° Cameras

360-Degree Cameras Are Fun

Photography is much more than just obsessing over focal lengths and lenses. It could be a recreational activity as well. People who opt to become photographers become so heavily indulged in it that they forget to have fun. And 360° cameras are built for fun and makes creating content fun for the person involved as well.

They lack interchangeable lenses and feature a modest one of 1/2.3(same as a GoPro). The camera demands that you enjoy all your shoots and requires you to invoke your inner creative skills. 360-Degree cameras also make for the perfect travel companion and see your adventures as well as you.

These cameras do not require much effort to shoot and are always pointing in the right direction, regardless of the placement. If you cannot travel with a camera everywhere and love taking pictures on your phone, you will love 360-Degree stills and videos that you can shoot and upload, giving everyone a glimpse of your creative side.

Super Easy to Use

The other reason you should opt for a 360-Degree camera is that it’s super easy to use and requires fewer efforts than other traditional cameras. With it, you don’t have to worry about placement at all. It can perfectly capture any image in any direction without you having to put in much thought.

You also don’t have to worry about overcapture. This term is defined as the practice of extracting regular non-360-degree footage from 360-degree video, opening up a world of possibilities. You are free to insert pans and zooms or frame your shot in post, slow down, or speed up your footage.

It is easy to export your images from your device as well to any social media platform that you might want to share it on, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Technology Has Caught Up With Ambition

The earlier models of the 360-degree cameras were not a big hit and had many flaws including wobbly videos, bad image quality, and subpar optics. Keeping these in mind, developers have worked further on improving their devices to satisfy customers.

With the newer models, they have incorporated an impressive image stabilization and full blown out action cameras. It’s now easier and better than ever before to capture pictures that can be carried anywhere.

Most cameras usually employ a companion smartphone app for viewing, controlling and editing purposes. This allows you to put together slick videos which can be shared in an instant.

Developers have not only improved the camera’s hardware, but also the software, which is now more flexible and easy to handle.

Things Look Even Better in VR

The concept of VR has drastically changed the modern day scenario and the way we view the world. Not only is it an exciting concept, but also portrays the world in a whole new light. With the coming in of virtual reality headsets, you can now view 360-degree footage in 360-degrees.

Some VR brands may be expensive and not everyone may be able to afford them, so it becomes convenient when you’re able to connect your smartphone to your 360-degree camera and experience a different and cooler way of viewing your footage.

Shoot Drone-Like Footage Without A Drone

It is possible to shoot drone-like footage using your 360-degrees camera, provided that you have the correct stick and camera. Not many cameras may offer you this option. So if you’re interested, you will have to research a bit before purchasing. The right stick and camera can make your content more impressive and creates a floating effect.

For the effect, you can combine the floating camera with overcapture and pull off some impressive-looking drone-like shots. Not only is it perfect to use, but you can also exploit it for areas where it may be illegal to shoot with a drone.

The Possibilities Are Endless

When action cameras became affordable, people were mounting GoPros on everything. With the newer models, it becomes easier to experience overcapture footage and explore other possibilities.

You can mount your camera onto your car and go for a scenic drive, put in on your mountain bike for when you are exploring the wilderness, or use it on your motorcycle helmet as a dashcam. There are just so many options.

The camera allows you to shoot the picture first and then frame it later, making it easy for you to get or put together the footage that you like best. It is, however, advisable that you always carry spare batteries for your cameras.

The world of 360-degree cameras opens up so many options and possibilities that they become an indispensable part of your life. They make for the perfect travel companion and capture all your adventures, making them a memory that you will always be able to relive.

With so many possibilities, it is all the more worthwhile for you to purchase your own 360-degree camera.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing The Best 360 Cameras

Shopping for technological items always requires a bit of research from an individual’s end. Not only should you choose the product best suited to you, but also make sure that it can perform the activities that have been described.

360-degree cameras are no different and can be quite confusing if you don’t know what you’re getting into once you purchase one. So considering all this, there are certain factors to be kept in mind before investing:

There Are Two Main Types Of Video Cameras

Monoscopic: Monoscopic 360° cameras are the most commonly used. Content creators usually prefer this for all their VR videos and it lets you easily stitch footage together in your camera. It consists of using at least six different cameras in six different fields of view to create the 360° experience.

Stereoscopic: The stereoscopic is an equipment that involves two cameras designed for each eye. This is what creates the 3D experience. You can set up the camera on a special rig with considerations for what each eye would see in the final stitched image. This generates the 360° yield vision and 3D view. These cameras often have to reduce the resolution with the added image data. This hampers the quality a bit and produces half of what a monoscopic camera provides, which is why the monoscopic camera reigns supreme here.

Considerations In Your Purchase

There are still certain other factors that should be considered before you decide to purchase a 360° camera.

1) The lens

Lenses are an important part of any camera and play a major role in deciding the clarity and definition of images. A 360° camera will have at least two lenses and it is important to check the shutter speed and ISO range of the camera to see if it can perform all that is required of it. If your lenses are incorrect, the image quality gets hampered and would be an overall waste of money.

2) Check image quality

It is equally important that you check the resolution provided by a camera before purchasing. A quality-image is determined by the number of pixels assigned to the frame. A higher pixel count would signify a higher resolution for your images and therefore result in better videos. The resolution always has a major impact on the images and gives you a glimpse of what a camera is capable of producing. You should remember, however, that a 3D image has a lesser resolution than a 2D image.

3) FPS

The frames per second, or ‘fps’, is another big player in the world of cameras. Most people usually tend to swerve towards cameras which have a higher frames-per-second count. While some of the best cameras in the world can capture at 50 frames per second, it is necessary that you opt for cameras that can capture at least 30 if not more. 30 frames per second is the minimum standard and your camera should be capable of capturing videos at a rate similar to a film camera.

4) Storage

The internal storage capacity of a camera usually provide you with the hallmark of its quality. Some of the best cameras in the world come with ample storage capacity or even with hard drives. Accessible cameras should at least have an SD slot or a micro-SD slot. If your camera provides you with any less, maybe it’s time to get a new one?

5) Size of the rig/camera

Portability and size play an important aspect as well. Your cameras should be convenient for you to carry around or fit in your bag or purse. It is not always easy to carry around heavy equipment when it comes to cameras, and so portability is an important aspect. Weighing the cost-benefit of a heavy camera with high quality versus a compact camera which is convenient would be a good option to start on.

6) Life of the battery

Always check the battery life of your 360° camera before purchasing. Because of the extra power required for multiple cameras to run and capture images from a 360° perspective, a lot of battery life is consumed. It would be helpful if you looked for a camera which provided you with a long battery life. You may also purchase extra batteries just ot be safe. It might not always be wise to try a few dollars by purchasing a camera with an unimpressive battery life with just a few minutes of shots over one that provides you with at least 40 minutes to an hour of power.

Top 16 Best 360° Cameras 2021

1. Rich Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera

Rich Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera Best 360° CamerasThe Theta spherical camera comprises 4K-compatible high resolution 360° videos and is compact enough to be carried anywhere. Features include 360° spatial audio recording, three-axis gyro sensors, and three-axis acceleration sensors.

The Theta can connect to most iOS and Android devices with a Bluetooth and wireless LAN connection. Not only is it extremely convenient to carry but can also shoot videos in the most demanding of situations.

In addition, the Theta V uses an Android-based operating system that can be evolved by adding a variety of functions. Moreover, images captured can be shared easily on all social platforms.

If you would like to use the Theta V to explore underwater as well, that is certainly possible using the TW-1 underwater housing that’s sold separately. The battery life estimated for still images turns out to be approximately worth 300 images and 80 ,omites of video.

This is the world’s first remote playback capable, fully-spherical camera and allows users to wirelessly play their 360° images and videos on a large screen using a compatible adapter. Consumers have praised the audio capture as being one of the best in the world of 360° cameras and have called it the best mid-level camera so far.

However, if you are a professional who demands far superior software, then this device may not be suitable. Otherwise, the Theta V is the perfect device for beginners who want to start using 360° cameras.


2. Madv XiaoMi Madventure 360 Camera

Madv XiaoMi Madventure 360 CameraIt’s time to experience 360 in crystal clear 7K/24MP (photo) and 4K (video)! The MADV 360° camera is compatible with virtual reality headsets, so you can use it when you go through your gallery and get to experience the journey all over again.

Features include multiple shooting modes like panoramic, mirror ball, flat, and little planet. The camera requires a MicroSD card with the maximum space going up to 128GB (sold separately); it would be better to use a Class10 SD over UHS-1.

Another added feature is that you can carry the camera with you underwater! With an IP67 rating, the camera stays protected from dust and water and can be fully submerged for up to thirty minutes.

The camera also includes an invisible selfie stick and cinematic stabilization that allows you to focus on a single viewpoint even with shaking. Also, automatic photo stitching with its dual 190° wide-angle lenses stitch photos together so they can be shared instantly.

Customers have loved the excellent photo quality and have shared their thoughts on this fun little camera. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and is a great product at an affordable rate of under $300. Adventure junkies would absolutely love this present!


3. Insta360 One

Insta360 OneThe One shoots in every direction at once, capturing life in seamless 4K 360° video and 24MP 360° photos. With a best-in-class stabilization, it ensures flow state pro-level footage, no matter what physical activity you might be performing, be it cycling or even mountain climbing.

Its ‘shoot first and point later’ method helps create stunning edits with a few taps. You can mark out the best features of the images and One connects them with ultra-smooth movements.

The invisible selfie stick also provides image stabilization and its compact size makes it easy to be mounted anywhere. If you like sharing pictures on the go, you will love the One as it simplifies obtaining a wireless connection anywhere for you to share pictures on any platform. This amazing camera even shoots aerial shots without a drone and can be yours at under $200!

Customers were enamoured by this compact 360° camera and its flexibility, which made it the perfect companion for any activity. At the price mentioned, it has been called one of the best products that one must certainly go for.

Not only is it one of the best cameras, but it also produces amazing video footage even in shaky environments. However, customers have also mentioned that Android support still has room to grow and some minor improvements might be required. Overall, it could be a great gift for a loved one.


4. Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear 360The Samsung Gear 360 is built for fun which only increases as you watch it in fully-immersive virtual reality. You can attach your S7 to the VR headset and get ready for the excitement.

The camera shoots 3840X1920 high-resolution videos and a MicroSD (sold separately) is required to operate it. The gear also supports a maximum space of 256GB (a Class10 would be highly-recommended).

If you are worried about smudges and water hitting your camera, then lay your worries to rest as the Gear 360 with IP53 is water and dust resistant and can be used in water for a small duration of time.

The Gear 360 also comes with a manager app which is compatible with Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge , and other such devices in the Galaxy range of Samsung.

This is a solid 360° camera and its compact size makes it convenient to be carried anywhere. It is a great start for a 360° camera and beginners will throng to it.

Not only is the product available at an affordable rate, but it also works great with VR goggles. The technology itself is awesome, according to numerous customer reviews.


5. Rylo 360 Video Camera

Rylo 360 Video CameraThe new Rylo 360° camera captures everything around you in 5.8K 360 video. It creates a regular HD video by selecting a traditional-framed view within the 360 footage or helps you share a video in 5.8K.

With breakthrough stabilization and horizon levelling automatically built in, Rylo gives your videos a professional finish. It helps you control the camera’s perspective and stitches your photos together in a fluid motion.

Rylo 360 creates moving time-lapse videos by speeding up the stabilized video. You can control how fast your video plays (up to 16X normal speed) and make professional-looking films as well. The accessories provided include sync cables for both iOS Android devices, a charging cable, a battery, and a 16GB MicroSD card.

Customers usually have mixed reviews for this product, but a majority of them have equally praised the POV of the 360° camera. Content creators and videographers can opt for this camera for the functions that it can perform, making it one of the best 360° cameras in the market and a definite buy!


6. YI 360 Camera Dual-Lens

YI 360 Camera Dual-LensThe YI 360 VR is the first accessible 5.7K 360 camera that offers in-camera stitching at up to 4K/30fps resolution. It helps you capture life in all its glory and relive that again with an immersive 360° experience. So now you can revisit your favourite memories all the time!

Built with the newest generation technology including an Ambarella H2V95 chipset and two Sony IMX377 image sensors, it delivers smooth and vivid images without consuming extensive power.

You can also effortlessly share your in-camera stitched footage to social media using the accompanying YI 360 app. The high-speed WiFi also works wonders and can help you live-stream your adventures as well. D

ue to its compact size, the camera is easy to mount and quite convenient to carry anywhere.

Consumers have described the camera as being equivalent to the 360° video performance of a GoPro and Garmin combined, available at just half the price. The camera is a great accessory but it would work wonders for you only if you learn how to use it well. Using it haphazardly may cause the camera to be damaged or produce subpar results.


7. Ricoh Theta SC 360° (white)

Ricoh Theta SC 360° (white)Capture and share life’s epic moments in immersive photos and videos with the Ricoh Theta 360° camera. With its high resolution and fully spherical videos and photos, the camera is one of the top-rated products out there.

Features include a bright F2.0 lens which offers an intuitive operation and a new and improved interface that makes sharing your content quite easy. A number of optional shooting modes are also made available, such as DR compensation, multi-shot noise reduction, and HDR composition.

It’s easy to create and add filters and effects to your videos using the Theta App, which gives the content a professional finish, even allowing you to add 360° background sound to the video. The camera is compatible with both iOS and Android devices and comes in a range of stylish colours, including sand, blue, salmon, and white.

According to customer reviews, the picture quality is good but not great. The battery life has been appreciated and can allow you to capture up to five minutes of full HD 360° video, which can then be transferred to any device wirelessly.


8. 360fly

360fly360fly creates and designs 360° cameras and accessories like the portable virtual reality viewer, technologies and applications to connect to social media platforms to share fun, and fully-immersive photos and videos of your adventures.

The 360fly is part of the world’s smartest, most user-friendly video ecosystem and thrives with full 360° video with a 1504 x 1504 resolution, 32GB internal memory and 2 hours of battery life.

The camera is compact and can be easily mounted anywhere or conveniently placed in a bag or purse.

With a budget under $100, this smart 360° camera can be yours! It connects to both iOS and Android devices and easily helps you share your videos and photos on social media platforms without any problem.

The camera’s footage also transforms into VR experiences with just the push of a button. In addition, this model is both dust and water resistant to 1 ATM (33 feet) and built to keep up with your active lifestyle.

The camera box includes a 360° HD video camera, action camera adapter with tilt mount and flat base plates, a mic plug and strap, a power cradle and a USB cable, a quick start guide with safety and warranty information, and a rechargeable internal lithium battery.

Customers have described it as a unique camera that tempts you to capture everything around you, making it perfectly compatible with an outdoor person.


9. Kodak Pixpro Orbit360

Kodak Pixpro Orbit360Explore endless possibilities with the KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K VR camera satellite pack and take your content to new levels! With its unique appearance and compact size, it becomes a convenient companion for all your crazy adventures.

The camera features two fixed focus lenses housed in a futuristic body with each curved lens designed to work in tandem to capture full 360° 4K video. You can also easily upload them to social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.

The camera also features dual 20MP CMOS sensors, three multi-view angles of 360° spherical VR mode, and 197° 4K ultra wide and 235° dome mode. Various accessories are available in the package to help you to get started.

Customers have praised the 360° spherical images that the camera captures. However, they have also mentioned that the camera may not be able to stitch photos together as smoothly, giving you blurry “still” panoramas. This camera would therefore be better suited to creative videographers.


10. Camorama The 4k Action VR & 360° Camera

Camorama The 4k Action VR & 360° CameraIf you love exploring the outdoors and need a handy and compact companion, then look no further! The Camorama digital camcorder which features 4K 360° videos makes your photos and videos bring out a spherical immersive effect that feels like you’re reliving those experiences all over again.

Other features include CMOS sensors, 16GB flash memory, and USB cable that enables you to connect to social platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

With a ratio of 16:9, this camera is compact and can be carried easily in your bag or purse. This camera has a unique design and is stylish as well as fully functional. It is available in two colours – black and green.

According to reviews, it is the most highly-rated product in 360° cameras and has close to a few or no flaws as compared to other VRs or cameras which tend to throw a few glitches here and there.

This camera has been highly recommended by many and is truly worth the price!


11. Insta360 Nano

Insta360 NanoInsta360 Nano brings you the world’s first 360° spherical video camera for iPhones, which lets you experience a new dimension in photography and videography. This camera is compatible with the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, and iPhone 6/6S/6 plus/6S plus. It can also be used alone.

The Insta360 Nano features 3040×1520 resolution at 30fps, dual 210° fisheye lenses, and comes in a compact portable size perfect to be carried anywhere.

With the camera, you can live stream to any of your social platforms or share photos and videos with your friends online. The Insta360 comes with a free app, 360° player/studio/plugin, and also features a VR cardboard box. Its MicroSD storage capacity up to 64GB can indulge your volume of 360° photos and videos as well.

The portability and user-friendliness brought along by the Insta360 Nano make it a revolutionary spherical video camera. Users have called it a great companion to your iPhone, making it the most fun camera to use and handle.

The image quality is just amazing and the fact that it can be used both with or without a phone makes for a tempting purchase.


12. Essential 360 Degree Camera

Essential 360 Degree CameraEssential is a new company committed to craftsmanship, personalization, and simplification. With its new range of products, including the 360° camera, it brings you the world’s smallest 4K camera which is lightweight and quite easy to use.

Due to its compact nature, it can be mounted anywhere, including your phone, and captures your adventures on the go. The camera is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC and can connect to Essential phones’ magnetic connector without the use of dongles or cables.

It also features a dual 12MP fisheye imager which captures HD videos at 30fps and 4x microphones in a 3D ambisonic tetrahedral arrangement, which provide an immersive touch to your photos and videos.

According to users, it’s quite a catch at an affordable rate and is a cool device that performs what is required of it. It works great for both pictures and videos and is amazing for still images.

The major con is that it consumes quite a lot of battery and may offer you only a few minutes with the camera. There is room for improvement, but the current model is still a good buy.


13. LG G5 Friends

LG G5 FriendsThe LG camera lets you capture images and videos in 360°. With its 13MP lens and 200° wide-angle lens, it provides clarity and a stable feel to your videos.

Three microphones record 5.1-channel surround sound and the media captured can be uploaded to Google Street View and YouTube360 as well as LG 360 VR, smartphones, and other such devices.

The camera cannot be activated without inserting the external memory and its 1200mAh battery lets it run without a power source. The compact and portable size make the camera easy to mount anywhere and can fit perfectly in a bag or purse.

Consumers have appreciated the image and video quality and recommended it as a top product for a hobby photographer. The product makes sharing online simpler but the phone connection might be a bit clunky, so it would be best to use Bluetooth and try to connect it to WiFi.


14. 360 Home Security Camera

360 Home Security CameraThe 360 Home Security Camera with full HD image and night vision comes with 1280x780P HD smart video technology and a 110° wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 360° manual rotation for complete coverage of your home.

The camera also features Nine built-in 940nm IR LEDs and superior CMOS sensors with a 22 feet night visual range for a clear image even in low light conditions. The model supports real-time motion detection with two-way audio and built-in microphone and speakers with advanced compression algorithms.

The camera is easy and quick to set-up with stable 2.4GHz WiFi connection and remote control with both iOS and Android Apps. It also supports WPA/WPA 2 PSK (Home WiFi router), but does not support WPA 2 enterprise. The 360 Home Security Camera comes with a one-year warranty and also lifetime servicing.

According to users, it is a great camera that lets you monitor your home when you are out and can be a great baby monitor as well. The walkie lets you push a button so you can communicate with other people at home or keep a watch on your children and monitor their routine. It’s compact and quite easy to use and install.


15. Insta360 Air

Insta360 AirThe all new Insta360 Air gives you an all-around 360° experience via its videos and images. The immersive nature of the content makes it an interesting camera with surround sound and view. It is quite easy to use and allows you to share your photos and videos instantly or even live stream to social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

With a video resolution of 2560×1280 at 30fps and photo resolution of 3008×1504 (3K), it provides you with one of the best image and video clarity in the world of 360° cameras.

Minimum smartphone configurations required for Insta360 Air are:

  • it should support OTG
  • Android 5.1 or above
  • System on Chip (SoC)
  • Qualcomm
  • 600 series or 800 series MTK
  • Hello X10, X20, X25, X30 series
  • Exons: 7410 and 889
  • Huawei Kirin: Kirin9xx series
  • RAM with 2G or above
  • Insta360 Air is incompatible with
  • Xiaomi (MI) 4c/note
  • Huawei: mate7/Glory 7i
  • Google 5
  • Meizu MX5
  • Vivo x7
  • Nubia: Z9 mini/Z7 max/Z7 mini
  • OnePlus 1
  • Martian U1

Customers who’ve used the product highly recommend it as a great choice that can be bought within a budget. The live streaming may be a bit clunky, but it’s a great camera to use and can connect with most devices. For beginners, it would be a terrific first VR choice!


16. Ricoh Theta SC 360° (Sand)

Ricoh Theta SC 360° (Sand)Experience a whole new world of photography and videography with the Theta SC 360°. It provides you a 360° video of the area and you can capture images without the use of extra accessories, while the dual fisheye lenses cover all of your surroundings with the simple push of a button.

The Theta features high-resolution spherical images and videos, a bright F2.0 lens for shooting in low light, and an intuitive operation. The new and improved user interface makes sharing on any social media platform a breeze.

This compact device is compatible with both iOS and Android Apps and devices.

The Theta lets you create and share little plant images effortlessly with the dedicated Theta V App. The Ricoh Theta features a Live View app which lets you preview the image you’re capturing as well as gives you the whole 360° experience.

Users have recommended it as a fun camera which is easy to use and handle. However, they have also pointed out that the battery life of the camera is a bit on the lower end, which could be a problem. Overall, it delivers decent images and could be your first 360° camera if you are a beginner!


Tips You Should Know When Shooting a 360° Video

360° videos are becoming more and more common with each passing day. With technological developments and more affordable video cameras, professionals and enthusiasts alike are more drawn towards creating a 360° spherical image and video content, which is an immersive experience and a new way to look at the world altogether.

As devices keep progressing and improving, the cost of making a video reduces, rendering them more accessible to a wider group of people. While it seems quite easy, shooting a 360° video may need some practice and there are a few tips that you should keep in mind before starting off:

Select a good camera

We cannot stress the importance of a good camera enough. Not only is it an important accessory for capturing precious moments but is a great way to relive those moments. You should always opt for cameras which have clarity of pictures and are easy to use without complicating the process.

Good cameras enable you to capture high-quality pictures and videos and 360° cameras provide an immersive experience to them. GoPros usually have this feature and 360° cameras have an additional number of cameras which can be mounted on it.

Prepare with enough battery and SD card

Shooting a 360° video may be fun, but one should keep in mind that they consume an extensive amount of battery. These cameras drain battery cells faster than a normal camera would and require that you carry extras to be prepared for when it runs out.

It’s so easy to get distracted capturing moments that you might run out of space on your camera, which is why it is necessary to carry an SD card for extra room or make sure that your camera has expandable storage so you don’t run out of space.

Keep all the settings same

When using multiple cameras, you should make sure that all the settings on the camera are set to the same mode and option. It would be wise to use manual mode and turn off effects like brightness, contrast and colour temperature.

You should also use a 4:3 ratio to ensure you have the largest coverage, which makes the process of editing easier. If your GoPro settings are different, you may not end up with the desired results.

Use unipod instead of a tripod

Using a unipod is necessary for when you’re capturing images and videos. It keeps the camera stable at all times.

Unipods are usually more convenient to carry and can be taken anywhere instead of the tripod. They are also easier to clean as they only have one leg, while the tripod consists of three, which means thrice the effort required.

But the choice between opting for a unipod or a tripod boils down to personal preferences, so go for whichever one you are more comfortable with.

Keep the camera at the same height as your line of sight

The camera placement always affects the way that viewers may view the video content. If it is placed too low, viewers would see the world like a mouse, and if the camera is placed too high, you view it like a giant. So a correct camera placement is important, especially for people who use 360° VR headsets where the videos may get exaggerated.

To produce an apt image or video, keep the camera at the same height as your line of sight always.

Keep all videos in the same timeline

When videos are recorded at the same time, it makes it easier to edit those videos later on. It would be recommended that you turn on your GoPros together simultaneously.
Avoid using a remote to control your cameras as they may consume too much battery, leaving you with no charge. A major suggestion is to clap your hand around the device. That way, you can identify the frame, making it easier for you to attest six video cameras in the same line.

Use natural light

When shooting 360° videos, you should consider using natural light or utilize a panoramic shooting studio which makes images and videos seem clearer or in a better setting. That way, using natural lighting eliminates the presence of other devices which sometimes show up in videos.

Hide the microphone

For recording audio, it is always better to hide the microphone while shooting. It’s better to purchase mini microphones which won’t be visible and will be able to capture sound from the surroundings without making it seem obvious.

Hopefully, with further developments, 360° video cameras will be able to develop an in-built sound will can follow up when one shifts one’s head.

Keep an object in one camera

It is important to keep the object in front of the camera to make the process of editing and stitching photos easier. Objects nearer to the camera should be static to make it easier for the user.

With these tips in mind, you will be ready to shoot professional-style 360° videos all by yourself. Yes, it does take time to get the ‘hang’ of it. But with regular practice and usage, you will be able to stitch and edit professional videos to be shared on social platforms in no time!

As a beginner, once you’ve gotten down to the techniques for shooting with 360° video, you would obviously want to know how to stitch and edit videos together with your GoPro. So how does one go about doing that? For this query, the following tips would come in handy:

Step 1: Plug in MicroSD card

When you start off, you will notice that the file structure of the camera is similar to that of a GoPro. You can change this system to reflect your own structure for proper organization and easier access. The best way to do that would be to create folders for each take for convenience.

Step 2: Ensure that all the clips are in proper order

You should always ensure that all the captured clips are in proper order and that not a single clip is missing. If you do not have clips organized properly or even lose one, the end result of the video would not be a perfect 360° product.

Step 3: Import clips for stitching

Once you are satisfied with the quality check, all the clips can be safely imported to the stitching software. If you are using Autopano, all you have to do is drag and drop the clips into the new project window. Not only is this quick, but is also quite easy and convenient.

Step 4: Sync all the video clips

Try to synchronise the clips using audio and once you’re ready, hit apply and you can start off on the stitching process. The best thing about using such software is that they offer you up to 60 templates for your videos which you can choose from. And with the push of a button, all the clips get played as they are stitched together to present you with a fair idea of how the final product ends up.

Step 5: Adjust the panoramic setting

After following all the previous steps, you have a panoramic view of the 360° video you have captured. But if you look closely into the video, you see that there may still be a few loose ends or a few aspects missing from the video.

To iron out things, you can use the Autopano Gig to smoothen them out and create the stitching you desire. This will align your videos together and make a wonderful clip which you can enjoy and experience any time you go through those clips.

Step 6: Video Editing

After stitching the clips together, you are now ready to export the video out while adjusting the frame size and keeping framing rates in mind. The editing software should be 3850×1920 and 29.97fps respectively. After rendering the video, you can open it in editing apps and apply filters, muzzle flashes, etc.

While editing the videos, remember these pointers:

Beware of the edge of the frame. Your video or image should not tilt over to the side, if it does, you may have to wrap it back together again. And that will be an extra headache. So you should start off in a manner where you always keep the frame of the video in mind.

In 360° videos, platforms like YouTube show only a small portion of the sphere. It is mandatory that you keep the titles of your video short and apt. If your title is too long, it might not get shown entirely in the video and you will end up with half the product, which won’t seem as appealing.

Preview the video in Colour Eyes to ensure that the titles in the video have been inserted correctly and are of the correct size.

Always remember to remove the rig before editing the video. You can use any third party application and end up with the same results more or less.

Step 7: Export the video

After you are done stitching and editing the video together, you can export the video normally like any other traditional video. While exporting, try not to forget the frame size and frame rate. Most importantly, you should try to export the video as an MP4, which will makes the process smoother.

Step 8: Upload the video

The video is now ready to be uploaded and shared to social media platforms, but after you have converted it into a sphere or 360° video, in this matter. Remember, that in the initial stage, the video will process as a low-race spherical view one before converting into a high-race spherical view.

With the above-given tips, you now know how to easily stitch videos together in your 360° camera. We hope this has been a valuable step-by-step guide for you to upload your work. You can choose any 360° camera based on your requirements and what you expect of the camera.

Click and Shoot With the Best 360 Cameras

Before beginning this article, you were either a video enthusiast looking for your first 360° camera or a professional seeking to update your already-existing model of a 360° camera. We have touched upon many pointers that you should keep in mind when you’re are purchasing a camera.

Being an enthusiast or a beginner, you can opt for models which are not too high-tech and provide you with the basic functions of a 360° camera without the hassle of having to set up a lot of other apps or accessories.

You should keep in mind that your camera should be easy to use and convenient to handle for it to become an important companion for all your journeys and adventures.

360° cameras should not be clunky and must be of a compact size which can easily be mounted on a rig or helmets or fit easily in your bag. In addition, always opt for cameras which are compatible with your device or can wirelessly transfer your videos and images while allowing you to share on social platforms easily.

The concept of 360° cameras is itself meant to be an immersive experience which shows you a new way of viewing the world. Not only can you capture your memories, but you may also relive them again with the help of the camera and a pair of VR headsets.

This is a new concept which still has room for development. Manufacturers will certainly be able to create increasingly technologically-efficient devices which have little to no flaws and capable of reducing the costs of videography.

There are so many great devices available in the market today, which make it so confusing to choose just one. So it’s important to do your research beforehand so you don’t lose track of your camera requirements.

Of all the things that a 360° camera could be, the major factor is that you have fun with it. Creating videos and such content should not seem like a drab and you should be able to enjoy your work. So go out there and create while having fun at the same time!

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