Best Cameras 2021

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1. Nikon D-850 2. Canon EOS Rebel T6 3. Nikon D5300

In this article which is about the best cameras available in the market, we will be focusing on some of the vivid range of factors which have to be considered while buying a camera, different types of camera and also reviews on some of the best cameras of 2020 which are available in the market.

Before moving on to the factors, let’s see what a camera is first. A camera is an optical instrument which is used to store our beautiful memories into pictures. The parts of a camera consist of a body, lens, memory card, and an LCD screen. There are many more which we will be looking at the detail in the article below. So, there must be some factors of a good quality camera through which your beautiful moments can be captured pleasingly right? Let’s have a look at those.


Factors To Look While Purchasing The Best Camera

Stunning Image Quality

Now, that’s the factor everyone looks for right? You can also tell that this feature in any camera will make it one of the best image quality cameras. What defines an image in a camera? Of course, it is the quality. The pictures we capture, if they are of great quality then it will be so good looking to see. It will also inspire us to click many more of such beautiful moments.

A camera’s image quality can also be defined by the overall depth it can showcase in the pictures. For example, if every minute detail of a person or a thing can be seen correctly, that means the image quality is higher. The quality is also defined by its accurate brightness and contrast which suits to the external environment accordingly.

What is the use of a camera when it has other salient features, but the image quality of it is very mediocre? It makes the other notable features useless as the buyer wouldn’t be even interested in buying such sort of a camera. So, this makes the stunning image quality of the camera one of the critical factors to look on before purchasing it.

Familiar and Redefined Handling

This is one factor which has to be carefully looked upon. Why? Because cameras do not come with tempered glass. Most of the cameras are bulky which requires proper handling of them, or it may result in the structural damage of the camera in case it slips or falls. And as nowadays people concentrate on more than one work at a time, slipping from hands is prone most likely.

The best camera cannot be just categorized by its image quality but also by its overall weight and ergonomic design which helps to handle the camera efficiently. What does the buyer do at first when he sees a camera in a shopping mall? He lifts it with his hands and strikes some poses on how he can handle it. If he is disappointed at first itself, he wouldn’t care about seeing what other features as he will decide that the camera is bound to falls from his hands because of some issues.

This area has to be addressed, and that is the reason companies are going into more ergonomic designs which can help in familiar and redefined handling of the camera. The more familiar design will help in more business of the camera. It also gives a sense of satisfaction to the buyer that he can handle the camera pretty well.

High-Resolution Electronic View Finder (EVF)

An electronic viewfinder is a viewfinder in the camera which helps electronically project the image captured by the lens into a miniature display. The image which is captured on display is used for assisting the camera for aiming the scene which is to be photographed. In simple words, the camera consists of a display which helps you to capture the image as per your considerations.

This is one of the unique features of a camera which attracts the consumers frequently. Instead of peeping into the camera holes for making your pictures look perfect you can use this viewfinder which not just enables to take your pictures easily but also gives a large enough display because of which you look into various details of your photograph once it is captured.

Guess what, this salient feature if present in a camera, will make sure that you will be purchasing the best camera for both photo and video because the presence of a display will also enable you to shoot your videos amazingly brilliantly. Isn’t this a win-win deal for the buyer

Excellent Performance

This parameter is what defines the best camera. Excellent performance not just means higher image quality or an ergonomic design but it should also provide a greater battery life. The nuances of more number of features lead in the draining of battery. So a consumer will in general lookout for a camera which gives excellent performance. If the camera has a greater battery life, then it is guaranteed that it can stay for a long period without discharging.

This also happens to be one of the characteristics of the best outdoor camera. Excellent performance of a camera also makes sure that the shooting speed of the camera is really fast enough which makes any camera an incredibly versatile piece of kit as it can be used for home shooting actions as well as for wildlife either for landscapes or portraits.

Excellent performance also determines that the camera possesses high-quality image processing, which makes it even more impressive. Anything can be fast or durable if it has a faster processing rate. Faster processing rate is dependant on the shooting speed of the camera. Shooting speed of the camera is characterized by the longer battery life. So all these things are woven to each other so perfectly, because of which excellent performance is also one of the factors of best picture quality cameras.

Hybrid View Finder

We just discussed the electronic viewfinder (EVF) in the article above. But before moving on to hybrid viewfinder let’s look into another salient feature of the camera which is optical viewfinder (OVF). You guys might have studied about optical reflection in your physics lectures. So, that’s the same mechanism working in the optical viewfinder as well. It’s a mechanism by which light is directed from the lens to the viewfinder by the usage mirrors and a prism.

The word mirrors were used in the mechanism of an optical viewfinder which essentially means that optical viewfinder as found only in mirrored cameras. But what if a person wants to purchase a camera which has both these viewfinders? But as we discussed above, it seems unlikely right? The answer is no.

A person can purchase a camera viewfinder which has both these viewfinders, but he won’t be getting them separately. Instead, it will be a combination of both of them. So, you might have figured out the answer by now a hybrid viewfinder is a viewfinder which is a combination of both optical viewfinders as well as an electronic viewfinder.

So what does a hybrid viewfinder do? It displays the various shooting data on electronic level, i.e., on the large display as well as it helps in the precise focusing with an enlarged view, confirmation of the depth of field, and other details which you may need in the photograph. In addition to this, the electronic viewfinder and the optical viewfinder can be switched to each other at any time.

Guide Mode

This is one of the exquisite features the best quality camera. Guide mode enables the photographer to shoot authentically and uniquely. In simple words, it essentially guides the photographer to shoot pleasantly in terms of low light conditions or landscape or portrait modes. This feature is very needful for beginners who are just stepping into the shoes of photography. It will help them learn more without the need for any other help as this feature helps you grasp many skills of photography practically.

Guide mode can also be called as a useful learning tool which gives real-time explanations of important features. This will also ensure that the photographer will be in control of the photos which he will be captured at any particular moment. This will also ease out the pressure of a person while capturing some great photos.

Guide mode also helps you in calibrating the pictures you have captured in the right way. It also helps you in applying the right amount of filtering depending upon the mode and the external environment you are shooting on. It also helps in shooting the photographs inaccurate angles which makes the photograph look even more beautiful. It also ensures that the camera is handled well under different conditions of photography.

5-Axes Optical Stabilization

Before seeing what is 5-axis optical stabilization let’s see what is image stabilization first. Image stabilization is a stock of techniques which helps in reducing the blurring of the captured pictures which happens primarily because of the movement of the camera or any other imaging devices. This is the primary problem which concerns some photographers as the image tends to be blurred due to the shaking of the camera because of the low shuttering speeds of the device.
So, a basic necessity of the best camera for pictures is that it should be inherited with this feature, i.e., image stabilization. Normally, image stabilization happens in the presence of 3-axes namely x, y, and z. This means that the sensor of the camera rotates around these 3-axes. But since photography has developed to such an extent nowadays that there was a need for enhancement of this feature.

The camera companies then came forward with this 5-axis optical stabilization method. So, how does this technique work? Basically, in the 5-axis optical stabilization method, the sensor of the camera along with 3-axes specified above rotates around two more axes which are corresponding to the pitch and yaw of the camera. After it has corresponded definitively, it rolls the camera which pictures the image accurately and flawlessly.

This method also allows for the photographer to compensate for more even types of movements which done by him and will enable him to stabilize the images more perfectly. You guys might be having a question like how does this method work? As we all know there are 3-axes of rotation and 2-axes of translation.

What happens here is that one could attempt to compensate for the 3rd translational axis which is unavailable because of which any movement of the plane will not affect the sharpness of the image as well the orientation remains unaltered.

What are the uses of having this 5-axis optical stabilization method? Well as clearly mentioned above it helps in maintaining the orientation of the image and does not alter any of the details of the image which may be caused due to the motion of the photographer or the camera.

It helps in increasing the sharpness of the image, wherein every minute detail can be analyzed. The tolerance level of cameras embedded with 5-axis optical stabilization technique will be quite high, and lastly, the images can be captured super fast using this technique.

Ultra Fast Sensor

For any camera, its soul would be its sensor. A sensor is a solid-state device which perfectly captures the picture and converts the same into a photograph which we usually see in a viewfinder or an LCD monitor. The reason the sensor was compared to a soul of the camera is that the sensor helps in determining various factors such as low light performance, image size, dynamic range, and depth of field, lenses and even the camera’s physical size. We can say that the sensor is the key to most of the functionalities of the camera.

The sensor is built into the hardware of any camera. The effectiveness of the sensor is what categorizes the camera into the best camera. The image quality of your picture, the size it can be printed up to, and various other factors related to the image can be easily determined by the presence of a sensor.

Sensor size always affects the image we see in a viewfinder. Smaller sensors apply a crop factor to the lenses, which is the reason it captures less than what the scene consumes and the frame of the picture looks less authentic. They also jam the pixels together because of which poorer low light performance and noise artifacts are produced.

Larger sensors do add the frame factor to the lenses due to which it allows the capture of the whole scene. They also have more processing power to handle high-resolution images and reduce the noisy artifacts completely. And moreover, 5-axes optical stabilization can be duly used only in the presence of a large sensor.

The ultrafast sensor is one of the prime factors to look up to while purchasing a camera as the size of the sensor as well as its type influences a significant portion of the camera’s output. The sensor is a very judgemental factor in the resolution, operation, size and the price of the camera. The best camera in the world is always known because of its powerful sensor.

Touch Screen Display

The touch screen display is one of the factors through which you look into the minute details of the camera and correct it properly while you capture the next picture. It is embedded with viewfinder itself, through which you can see the pictures which you have captured. Touch screen display enables you to find out the errors you have committed and also add other pivotal features such as cropping the image, resizing the image and enhancing the quality of the image.

The touch screen display is the basic feature that has to be employed in the cameras which are used by beginners. Instead of correcting his images in a computer, the photographer can correct it just by using this remarkable feature present in the camera. In other words, we can postulate that the touch screen display feature is a boon for most of the developing photographers. It helps them
learn and grasp easily.


The most important factor to look out on the best camera is the lens. What is the lens? The lens is a device on the camera which helps in capturing the light from the object and brings it into focus on the sensor. The quality of every photograph largely depends upon the design as well as the manufacture of these lenses.

Lenses are manufactured in a wide range of focal lengths. The ranges can be from an extreme wide angle, and standard, medium telephoto.

Depending on the type of photography lenses are differentiated into various categories. For street photography and documentary photography, the normal lens can be used because it has a wide aperture. Similarly, for sports and wildlife photography the telephoto lens can be used because it is more susceptible to camera shakes. For architecture photography, a lens which has an extreme wide angle can be used as it can capture an entire view of the building.

Why are lenses considered as one of the key factors while purchasing a camera? It is the lens which does most of the work on a camera. If the lens is perfect, then your whole picture will look flawless. The lens is the precursor for every photograph because every picture is cleanly doctored because of the presence of the lens. It also redefines the style of photography which you are interested in.

Focus and Exposure Control

These are considered to be one of the major factors while purchasing a camera. A photograph looks exquisite not just because of its way of capturing but also due to the rendering abilities of the camera. A camera can be called as best camera for indoors or the best camera for outdoors depending on its ability to control both the focus and exposure.

Let’s see what focus is first. In any picture, a detail or an object can be captured only from a definite or a limited range. To adjust this distance of capturing we use a process called focus. Even this has various numbers of ways such as a fixed focus; autofocus and posts focus system.

Fixed focus cameras have a limited focusing range or a focus range which is scaled or fixed formerly, and it is indicated on the camera also. Autofocus cameras offer to set the focus automatically by various numbers of methods. Post-focus cameras help in focusing the pictures later after it has been captured in the camera.

Now let’s move to the exposure technique used in cameras. Exposure is the process in cameras which allows the usage of large aperture sizes with faster shutter speed or small aperture sizes with a slower shutter speed just for the sake allowing the adequate amount of light entering into the camera during that period. It enhances the whole photograph by controlling the brightness of the scene. The shutter speed of a camera is often referred to as the duration of the exposure process.

Rendering another prime factor in the cameras is the process of converting the image into a viewable format. It also helps in the conversion of a 2D image into a 3D model. This process also allows you to add extra glitter to the photographs. For example, it is adding enhanced effects into a simple photograph to make it look cooler, or adding realistic effects into a balanced photograph.

These were the factors which every buyer has to consider before purchasing the best camera. Now let’s see some of the different types of cameras which are available in the market.

Different Types of Cameras


This is one of the most popularly used cameras compared to various other cameras.
DSLR stands for ‘Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera,’ which is a camera that has a digital sensor along with a single – lens and a reflex mirror. So, this device is used to record images.

The main advantages of this camera are exceptional battery life, higher pixels ratio, near-zero lag time which means that there is no delay when a video is captured. Hence, it is very much apt for action photography. Some of its more advantages are that it is heavily versatile.

This means that whenever you want to shoot a photo, you can shoot by just swapping the lens. When you want to shoot a portrait or a landscape, there need not be two cameras, but only two lenses. Hence, DSLR is the most versatile digital camera.

The only disadvantage of this camera is its size factor. The only drawback is that you cannot carry this camera everywhere. It occupies a lot of space, and because it is delicate, it needs to be taken care of.

2. Action Camera

This is used only when an object is in motion. So, action cameras are digital cameras that capture the pictures which are in motion. This doesn’t mean they can’t capture motionless pictures; they can capture those too. The main advantages of these cameras are portability and HD quality with a wider angle.

● Portability: They are so handy that few of them are of the size of a palm. This is one of the advantages when compared to a DSLR or a point and shoot cameras. They are easy to carry everywhere and can be easily mounted also.

● HD quality with a wider angle: They have very large sensors that help to edge the photos with a wide angle which means even the lens used is wider. Not only that, but they also provide a high definition with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 for your pictures. Here’s the catch, action camera also comes with a variety of Ultra HD quality also known as 4D, which is the best quality of the photograph available till date.

3. Point and Shoot Camera

This type was mainly proposed so that everyone can use it with ease without any hassles and chaos. It’s a camera with a smaller lens that’s fixed with a very small sensor compared to the DSLR. It usually uses the electrical rear finder which automatically focuses on the image without any manual input.

That’s a disadvantage because the photographer cannot bring out his inner creativity. It’s just an angle that can be changed along with a few other things. But, when you have to focus on detail to get the best results particularly; this isn’t the camera for such a kind of photography.

Also, the advantage here is again the portability and the price compared to other cameras as they are extremely pricier compared to this. This camera best suits the beginners who want to start by capturing photographs at an affordable price.

4. Digital Cameras

So, the word digital means using an image sensor rather than a photographic film. Hence, digital cameras use image sensors to capture a picture and a memory card to store the picture when a flash memory isn’t available. Usually, the image that’s visible on the lens is directly visible in the camera.

There are many types of digital cameras which include DSLR, Compact cameras, bridge cameras and many more. These digital cameras are very handy due to their compact and ergonomic design due to which they can be taken anywhere as they do not eat much of the space in your luggage.

Most of the digital cameras are one of the best family cameras because of their portability and also their wide view display which is another added advantage of them. These cameras are also best suited for occasional meeting, trips and outings; hence it is an apt choice for a family camera.

These digital cameras do have some of the superior features in them but they are meant for use only under normal persons as an eminent photographer will find the digital camera below his work tenure, as they are quite useful for entertainment and also to stuff some of the pictures as memories down the lane.

5. Video Cameras

This is again a kind of action camera, but these only capture live-action motion videos. They were invented to shoot videos for television but are now used for multiple purposes. Candid videos are usually shot in these video cameras.

The present widespread use of video cameras is for CCTV that is Closed Circuit Television that’s used to record videos of a place for a period generally used for security, surveillance and monitoring purposes. Video cameras are also used for video screening in marriages or also in many of the events where video recording is necessary.

These cameras are essentially made for video recording only, and they cannot be used for capturing pictures as they do not this feature enabled in them. Video cameras are usually large which makes a bigger problem to carry them from one place to another as they make up for a lot of luggage. Because of their larger and compact size, they tend to heavier and bulkier.

6. Mirror-less Cameras

Mirrorless means there is no reflex mirror in the camera through which the image falls onto the optical viewfinder. Hence, there is only the presence of an optical viewfinder, and electronic viewfinder is absent in such cameras. So, the image that the image sensor captures directly falls onto the electronic viewfinder only or a monitor that helps in viewing the image.

This happens to be the main difference between a DSLR and a mirrorless camera.
So, it’s just that the reflex mirror, when removed in a DSLR, gives a mirrorless camera. The viewfinder used in the mirror fewer cameras is called an optical viewfinder which uses the mechanism of optical reflection for the processing of the images into the viewfinder.

So, the possible advantages of mirror fewer cameras are that they are smaller than the DSLR cameras which also reduce there total weight making them lighter than the DSLR cameras. Hence, portability is easy compared to the DSLR cameras (which were its main drawback) as mirrorless cameras can be easily shifted from one place to another.

The main disadvantage of a mirrorless camera is that it does not house many of the salient features which are a part of the DSLR cameras. These cameras also do not work on an electronic level so the images captured in these cameras cannot be corrected once they are captured, which were done quickly in the mirrored cameras because of the presence of the electronic viewfinder.

7. Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are the cameras that are used for security, surveillance and monitoring purposes. They shouldn’t be vulnerable and hence made of hard metals. They can be of any shape and size, and most used ones are of dome shape.

There are outside cameras that come with blowers and heaters which help when there is an emergency. These can also be hidden, but usually seen because this avoids strangers from acting up. Outdoor cameras are the cameras that are used for security, surveillance and monitoring purposes.

They shouldn’t be vulnerable and hence made of hard metals. They can be of any shape and size, and most used ones are of dome shape. There are outside cameras that come with blowers and heaters which help when there is an emergency. These can also be hidden, but usually seen because this avoids strangers from acting badly.

8. Drone Cameras

Drone cameras are the cameras which are housed inside a drone and are used in functions such as marriages for aerial photography or videography. Drone cameras have made aerial photography and videography easier to everyone. Because, before a photographer had to undergo a lot of exercises to capture some aerial shots. But because of the introduction of drone cameras that the task of a photographer has become easy.

This is the best use of a drone camera. Hence, drone cameras are unmanned aircraft that record audio and video and are being controlled by a joystick (usually). They have multi-purposes such as recording a show aerially or for government purposes by acting as a spy by defaming it to be an insect or anything that doesn’t give any suspicion or general public usages.
These are very handy to use but are too much larger and have to be charged frequently.

Top 30 Best Cameras in 2021

1. Nikon D-850 Camera

Nikon D-850 CameraThis camera has a backside illuminated full-frame image sensor with no optical low pass filter which makes sure the image quality is superior. It houses an extraordinary resolution 45.7 megapixels which calibrates images perfectly along with it has this outstanding dynamics range with virtually no risk of Moire.

It has a super speed continuous shooting power of 9 frames per second at full resolution with full autofocus performance which makes it one of the best autofocus cameras. It boasts of a suitable configuration of 8K6 and 4K time-lapse movie shooting which allows discovering new levels of sharpness and adding more details to the captured photographs.

The tilting touch screen is one of the exquisite features of this camera which allows the photographer to capture images at various angles and edit it accordingly to his needs. One of the reasons why this brand is called as one of the best camera brands is because of its outstanding battery performance.

It also boasts of a focus shift shooting mode primarily because of its improved autofocus performance which shifts the focus automatically to fit in every detail of the photograph accordingly. It also allows you to shoot video recordings at 4K ultra HD and slow-motion recordings up to 120 frames per second at a resolution of 1080p.


2. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T6 CameraOne of the best cameras of 2018, this photo4less camera comes at a manufacturer warranty of one year and includes some of the top accessories along with it. The camera consists of a high definition wide angle lens of the dimensions 58 mm which is very useful for landscape and aerial view photography. The lenses used in this camera are of a telephoto type which is professional and is two in number.

The accessories which come along with this camera are two secure digital high capacity (SDHC. cards which are of 16 GB and 32 GB storages respectively. These cards can be easily flashed once their memory becomes full. It also comes with a compact storage case for the camera and a high-quality tripod which will be very useful for high scale photography and videography.

It consists of an auto power save flash, which uses the flash feature accordingly when you are shooting in low light conditions. Also, this comes with a remote switch which will enable you to station the camera at one place and direct it from another place based on your feasibilities.

It also comes with a 58 mm ultraviolet filter which secures the lenses and other materials and makes sure that the photograph does not get tampered by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

It also consists of a large sensor embossed within it namely the APS-C CMOS sensor DIGIC which is of the capacity of 18 megapixels and also houses an image processor which is of 3 inches and comforts itself with an LCD monitor which supports full HD video recording at 1080p with a rate of 9 frames per second.

Intelligent scene mode is one of the salient features of this camera as it enables shooting of various photographs creatively. It also consists of a 9 point autofocus system with a center cross-type point which makes it one of the best cameras for pictures and video. The attractive feature of this camera is that it is embedded with built-in wifi along with that it has this specialty of creative auto modes.


3. Nikon D5300 Camera

Nikon D5300 CameraOne of the best mid-range cameras available in the market, this Nikon camera encloses a 24-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor for high-quality image processing which has a no optical low pass filter. This camera is one of the best autofocus cameras as it consists of a 39 point autofocus system which enables dynamic and definitive focusing even on minute details of the subject.

This feature comes along with a 3D tracking as well as a 3D metering system. One of the most exquisite features of this camera is that it provides five frames per second with continuous shooting experience. It houses storage of 128 GG which can also be expandable to 256 GB. It consists of an LCD which is around 3.2 inches and is tilted with various angles.

It can be used to shoot videos under both 1080p and 720p resolutions with HD quality. The videos which are shot can be used under H.264 or MPEG-4 file formats. This camera also has a built-in wifi system and an accurate GPS tracking system.


4. Olympus TG Camera

Olympus TG CameraThis is one of the best photo cameras available in the market. This camera has a high-speed image sensor which fits into the argument that you can see your image very swiftly on the viewfinder. The image sensor used has the capacity of 12 MP and improves low light reduction and reduces the noisy effects which tend to tamper the whole photograph.

This camera is one of the few cameras which are waterproof which categorizes it into one of the best quality cameras. This camera is waterproof up to 50 feet along with it is dustproof, crushproof to 220 lb-f of pressure, shockproof from 7 feet and freezeproof to 14 degrees. The salient feature of this camera is that it houses an anti-fog lens which enables you to click pictures even under immense foggy conditions.

It consists of a bright F2.0 lens which is of high speed and accuracy and can be used for both landscapes as well as portrait modes. Though this camera is mostly used for clicking pictures because of its modest size, it supports video recording under MPEG-4AVC or H.264 file formats.

It consists of a dual quad-core true pic VIII image processor for higher processing rate.

The LCD of this camera is 3 inches long and supports a resolution of 460k. It has both standard and macro focus ranges which have the values of 3.94 inches to infinity for the former and 0.4 inches for the latter. The other salient features of this camera include a GPS tracking system, a manometer, and compass and temperature sensors.


5. GoPro Hero 7 Black Camera

GoPro Hero 7 Black CameraHyper smooth video stabilization which enables smooth stabilization of the videos without any disturbances. This camera predicts your movements and corrects if there are any camera shakes and delivers insanely smooth footage. Time warp video is another added feature of this camera which helps in capturing super stabilized time-lapse videos while you move about a scene. In can also increase the speed up to 30x to turn longer activities into shareable moments.

You can get the best photos automatically, with its feature called the super photo which intelligently applies high definition resolution, local tone mapping or noise reduction to optimize your shots brilliantly. It helps in sharing the experiences which you cannot capture with your phone by the help of its rugged design which is also waterproof.

This camera can accompany you for any adventure as it has a waterproof capacity of up to 33 feet.

This camera can be controlled hands efficiently free by the help of its voice command facility which lets you stay in the moment. You can share your story directly wherever you are by the help of its live video streaming facility. You can also save your streaming videos to your SD card in high resolution.

This camera shoots stunning 4K60 video and 12 MP photos that are awesome moments. These features can straightway confirm that this camera is one of the best family cameras as it has those precise features which can be perfectly utilized under family functions or outings.


6. Nikon D3400 Camera

Nikon D3400 CameraThis camera brand is considered as one of the best camera brands in the market. Why? Because the cameras manufactured by this brand are loved by aspiring as well settled photographers all around the world. It consists of an autofocus system which extends to the range of 70-300 mm with a focal length of 3.5-5.6 G. This enhances even the minute details in a photograph and also increases the exposure control as well as improves image accuracy and processing.

It boasts of superior snap bridge Bluetooth connectivity which enables you to connect the camera to any of the devices which support Bluetooth connectivity. It consists of a higher quality CMOS sensor which is of 24.2 MP and supports the FX file format. Because of the presence of such a high-quality sensor enables the photograph to be captured under proper conditions.

The EXPEED 4 image processor embedded to this camera clarifies that this camera can shoot marvelously under low light conditions and with enhanced shutter speeds. This allows for the use of the no optical low pass filter which essentially proves the images are neatly doctored and processed perfectly. It houses higher storage of around 256 GB which can be flashed occasionally when the memory is full.


7. Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T3 CameraIt boasts of having a high-quality sensor which is an APS-C CMOS sensor which assures you that the photographs you captured are processed and detailed perfectly. It has a shutter speed of 3 frames per second with effortless continuous shooting. It is embedded with a 9 point autofocus system which terms it as one of the best autofocus cameras. The autofocus system present within it enables the photographer to capture and focus on objects which are present even at an extreme range of distances.

It has a storage of 64 GB which is not that great even though the memory card can be flashed when the memory storage is full. But because of its high autofocus ability, this camera can be the perfect camera for most of the beginners.

This can also be one of the best cameras for video as it helps in shooting a video with 720p resolution in addition to an HD recording. This will precisely help photographers who are into shooting shoot duration of videos or who are practicing videography but shooting small bits of videos for fine-tuning their videography skills.

It comprises of an LCD viewfinder which is nearly 2.7 inches long which enables you to view your pictures nicely once they are captured and you can rectify if any errors are found in your photograph. As said earlier this camera is an apt choice for all beginners has it houses an eye-fi wireless SD card which can be operated from any other device also.


8. Canon EOS 80D Camera

Canon EOS 80D CameraThis camera is a boon for anyone’s creative vision as this camera helps in the precision of the image, merging power as well as operability of a photograph. This is also one of the best-rated cameras in the market amongst the cameras available. This camera provides a comprehensive view through its intelligent viewfinder which helps in bringing the thrill of photography every time you use the camera.

The intelligent viewfinder also helps in displaying the autofocus points as well as the autofocus mode which has a grid display embedded to it in addition to the horizontal electronic level with numerous other information, all of which can be hidden. For the autofocus operation, this camera has a wide area which is categorized by the 45 points focal length. This is necessarily an all cross type autofocus system with a low luminous performance which can be used on all four types of autofocus area selection modes.

The 24.2 MP CMOS sensor present in the camera captures high-resolution images and has refined individual pixels that enable high image sensor optimizations. Designed for high-quality image capturing, this camera features a 3.5-5.6 IS STM lens which features the optics, Autofocus and image stabilization which is necessary for shooting in any number of situations.

It features optimized lens coatings to ensure exceptional color balance in the photographs while minimizing ghosting and flare and also a seven-blade circular aperture to ensure beautiful backgrounds.

with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization STM Lens with 24.2 Megapixel (APS-C) CMOS Sensor and Dual Pixel CMOS AF – Black&linkCode=sl1&tag=photoseminars-20&linkId=cc254e80225c4590cf3951c4b2c235e4″ style=”flat” background=”#1A5CBB ” size=”10″ radius=”0″]CHECK THE CHEAPEST PRICE NOW!

9. Pentax K-70 Camera

Pentax K-70 CameraA 24.24-megapixel camera which comes with an APS-C AA filter-less CMOS sensor with image sensor optimization from 100-204800 MB which is one of the rarest features which we see in the cameras nowadays. This camera is dustproof as well as weather resistant which proves that this camera can be used under any weather conditions may it be sunny, rainy or foggy.

The camera is built with a shake reduction mechanism which helps in reducing the movement of the camera due to the external factors or sometime it may move due to the movement of the photographer; such movements are reduced perfectly by this mechanism. An LCD monitor which can be kept under varied angles depending upon position setup of a particular situation of photography.

The LCD of the camera is also embedded with a night vision red light display. This feature of the camera enables you to shoot pictures in low light conditions as well is dark or night conditions. The image sync application can be used ideally with the cameras inbuilt wifi feature.

The pictures captured are doctored by the help of the pixel shift resolution which also helps in motion correction of the photograph with its AA filter simulator. It will also help in more reduction of the noisy effects using the shake reduction mechanism and the pixel shift resolution with motion correction.


10. Fujifilm X100F Camera

Fujifilm X100F CameraThis is the best camera for both picture and video as it comprises of 24.3-megapixel X-trans CMOS III APS-C sensor with no pass filter and X-processor pro. This feature of the camera will properly review your entire image and process it at high speed which will give you ample to erase out the errors if you have committed any in the photograph. The pro feature will also help in guiding you in capturing the images perfectly in case you face any discrepancies.

It comprises of an eight-way focus lever which essentially enables you to focus on your image in 8 different ways. In addition to this, the focal length can be expanded from some 49 to 91 which means it can focus up to 325 points. It consists of a built-in image sensor optimization dial, which is incorporated into the shutter speed dial for enhanced image stabilization.

The operating temperature of this camera is from 0 to 40-degree Celsius. This shows that this camera can be operated under normal weather conditions easily. It consists of an autofocus system which is comprised of 3 different modes namely single, zone and wide tracking. It also houses an enhanced dedicated through the lens which is also compatible flash which enables easier photography.

It boasts of a new lithium np-w126s battery which guarantees that the camera will stay in stand by for a longer duration. It also assures that the battery life wouldn’t be drained without purpose and the battery life will also be higher. Excellent battery life will also promise that more
some photographs can be captured without any hurdles.


11. Canon EOS 80D Camera with Nano Motor

Canon EOS 80D Camera with Nano MotorThis camera is a dynamic tool for anyone’s creativity because of its power in merging the photographs, handling of the precision as well as operability. This is the reason it is also referred to as one of the best cameras of 2018. The intelligent viewfinder of this device provides a comprehensive view which thrills every photographer to explore new dimensions of photography.

The autofocus points and the autofocus modes are accurately displayed on the bright viewfinder. The intelligent viewfinder also houses a grid display, a horizontal electronic level as well as numerous other hidden functions of the camera. For the autofocus operation, the camera uses an all cross type autofocus system which has a wide area and focuses on 45 different points. This autofocus system also enhances the low luminous performance and consists of 4 types of auto
focus area selection modes.

The 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor captures high-resolution images and has refined individual pixels which enable high image sensor optimization speeds. Fast and incredibly quiet the camera’s NANO USM autofocus system delivers not only high-speed autofocus but also makes quiet, fast and smooth autofocus transitions. This camera focuses incredibly fast thanks to its NANO USM motor, which is a clear advantage for action photography and for working on the fly.


12. Panasonic Lumix G5 Camera

Panasonic Lumix G5 CameraIt enables professional photo and video performance effectively because of its 20.3 megapixels micro four-thirds sensor with no low pass filter which enables the photographer to confidently capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artifact-free performance.

It houses a design which is rugged splash and freezeproof. It consists of durable magnesium alloy body which withstands heavy use out in the field and is freezeproof down to -10 degrees. It also encloses of a splash/dustproof construction with weather sealing on every joint, dial and button.

This camera gives rise to class-leading dual image stabilization. It usually works by using the 5-axes dual image stabilization which corrects all the lenses, which includes even the standard lenses which are not equipped with the optical image sensors. It eliminates blur and nearly eliminates body and lens shake in both photo and 4K video recording which makes it one of the best cameras for both pictures and videos.

It enables 4K video capture with a variable frame rate. It records silky smooth 4K videos with internal 10- bit 4K video recording. In addition to this, it also gives rise to the LUMIX 6K photo and 4K post focus which allows you to record photos up to 60 frames per second.

It consists of numerous connectivity options and ports. In this camera you can listen to headphones with a 3.5 mm audio port, connect to devices with USB 3.0 configuration and also connect to an external monitor or external recorder with a full-size HDMI port. Such extravagant features of this camera make it one of the best cameras in the world.


13. Nikon D3500 Camera

Nikon D3500 CameraThese are digital single-lens cameras which are easy to use as a point and shoot camera, which helps in shooting images quickly and correctly. The design of this camera is very compact and comfortable that is can be used ideally for travel and other special events. It boasts of an image sensor which is 15X more extensive than those used in typical smartphones, for sharper and clearer and pictures, because of which it is rated as one of best quality cameras by most beginners.

It works perfectly with Nikon snap bridge application which helps you to transfer or share photos with a smartphone or a tablet which is compatible with the device. Just by the touch of a button, you can shoot marvelous video recordings with this camera at a resolution of 1080P with enhanced HD feature which also comes with a monaural sound. It comes with an attractive manufacturer warranty of one year from the date of purchase.


14. GoPro Hero 6 Black Camera

GoPro Hero 6 Black CameraThis camera automatically sends your footage to your phone where the application turns in into a Quikstory which is nothing but an awesomely edited video. With the help of 4K60 and 1080p video recording abilities, this camera delivers the doubled performance compared to any of the cameras featured in this category. It delivers a highly improved image quality because of its all-new GP1 chip which has been enhanced for the GoPro capture.

It has the most advanced video stabilization which has not been featured in any of the camera brands yet because of which it helps in the capturing of smooth footage whether it is handheld or mounted using a tripod. This camera is waterproof up to 33 feet which means it can go up to 33 feet without any outer housing covering it.

It features the touch zoom which enables zooming into certain positions of the photograph by its touch screen display. It also houses an updated user interface because of which the 2-inch touch screen display makes it easy to frame shots, change settings and playback footage. It features of a faster 5GHz wifi because of which you can copy your photos or videos 3X faster into your phone compared to other featured cameras.


15. Canon Digital Rebel XT Camera

Canon Digital Rebel XT CameraIt encloses of a high-quality CMOS sensor which is of 8.0 megapixels which capture enough for photo quality and accurate image processing. The pictures captured can also perfectly printed into dimensions of 16 * 22 inches. This calls for a higher and larger processing speed which is properly housed by the camera.

It includes exposure and focuses control of around 18-55 mm, which is considered an ample length for keeping the quality of pictures intact. It also encloses of a zoom lens which is of the focal length of 3.5 to 5.6 inches. This means that the camera lens can be zoomed up to 3.5X to 5.6X times which ensures proper magnification of even minute details present in the scene.

It houses a DIGIC II image processor which provides faster and accurate image processing along with swifter shutter speeds. It also captures images at the rate of 3 frames per second. This camera has a faster startup time, which means it usually takes up less amount of time to be ready for the next photograph, a time of 0.2 seconds. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which assures that the camera has good battery life and can be recharged under emergency conditions.


16. Nikon D3400 Camera

Nikon D3400 CameraOne of the best mid-range cameras, this camera is the perfect choice for the people just entering into the field of photography. It has snap bridge Bluetooth connectivity which enables the pictures to be shared with the devices which are compatible with. This feature not just helps you having your favorite moments in your smartphone but also eases out the storage capacity of the camera.

It is powered by a high quality 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor which enables faster and accurate image processing with attention given to every detail of the photograph. The sensor also enables in getting faster shutter speed rates which increases the performance of the camera.

It houses an EXPEED 4 image processor for enhancing the focus as well as exposure controls. It helps in maintaining the levels of the brightness of the picture adequate to the brightness present in the scene is in need will also help in increasing it. This image processing also helps in enhancing the focal length of the autofocus systems perfectly.

It consists of a no optical low pass filter which allows the picture to be doctored flawlessly. It also makes sure that the noise effects are reduced from the external environment. It consists of a native image sensor optimization technique up to 256 GB and has a shooting capacity of 5 frames per second.


17. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ2500 CameraThis camera comes with a full accessory kit which consists of 15 products which consist of all the necessary accessories along with its USA warranties. This essentially means the whole package arrives at you and it relieves you of some stress on buying out the right accessories. This camera is also rated as one of the best cameras because of its exquisite features.

The camera houses of 24-MP CMOS sensor for faster progressing of the image as well to look into minute details of the image whether they saw correctly or not. The sensor also helps in fastening the shutter speed rate which in turn increases the performance of the camera. The electronic viewfinder of the camera is an LCD screen which is of 3 inches long and has touch screen ability along with it. This feature also allows you to zoom into the minute details of the photograph by just using your fingertips.

It houses an efficient autofocus system which allows the autofocus to run into four different types of autofocus area selection modes. This will also enhance the overall quality of the photograph and makes its output even more beautiful. The accessories which come with this kit are as follows: a lens hood, a spare battery, a condenser mic, a LED video light with bracket, a hard compact case with rain cover, a sling strap, a complete cleaning kit, a lens pen, a SD card case, LCD screen protectors and a image recovery software.


18. Nikon D7200 Camera consists of a 24.2 MP CMOS image sensor which supports the DX format for faster and accurate image processing. It also consists of a no optical pass filter. This filter is present in every camera so that it doctors the image correctly and reduces any noisy or artifacts effects.

It comprises of a 51 point autofocus system, which means that the camera can focus on 51 different points on a photograph. It comprises of two types of focus systems: namely auto and manual. The photographer can choose between each of them depending upon his choice. It also has this important feature of autofocus points phase detection. The autofocus system followed here is the all cross-type system.

It boasts of a shooting capacity of 6 frames per second, which is also one of the reasons that this camera has a higher shutter speed rate. It houses the EXPEED 4 image processor for better quality image processing of the captured photograph. It consists of a built-in wifi setup along with the near field communication feature for enabling faster sharing of videos or photos to your
smartphones or other devices which are compatible with the camera’s system.


19. Canon EOS Rebel T7i Camera

Canon EOS Rebel T7i CameraThis camera comes with a kit full of accessories which includes the camera itself along with it a sling backpack, a monopod, a wrist strap, a 64GB memory card, a filter kit, a cleaning kit, and a cleaning cloth. No reason, why canon is called as the best camera brand by every photographer down the lane.

It features a 24.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 7 image processor which make the camera capable of producing high-resolution imagery with notable clarity and minimal noise effects. It promotes full HD 1080p recording with an autofocus system comprising of the all cross type up to 45 points. It also encloses a dual pixel CMOS autofocus system for enhanced image processing and excellent exposure and focuses control.

It has a stable and dynamic body design which ensures its durability even under rough handling conditions. It also comes with a built-in wifi system which also enables sharing your captured photographs into your smartphones or other devices which are compatible with the camera’s system. It also comes with a charger for the lithium-ion battery it houses, which essentially guarantees a larger battery life. The attractive feature of this camera is that it comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.


20. Panasonic Lumix G7 Camera

Panasonic Lumix G7 CameraA performance which is on par with the professional photo and video experience is obtained using this camera. The 16-megapixel micro four-thirds sensor with no low pass filter allows the photographer to confidently capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artifact-free performance.

Another salient feature of this camera is that it enables 4K QFHD video recording with three different 4K ultra HD video pause and save 4K photo modes extracts individual high-resolution photos from 4K ultra HD video filmed at 30 frames per second to capture split-second moments.

Easy control aperture and shutter settings with the front and rear dials while making adjustments on the white balance mode on the fly and also helps in assigning your favorite settings to any of the six functional buttons. The high-resolution OLED display is one more attractive feature in this best quality camera. This OLED live finder as well as the rear touch-enabled 3-inch tilt or swivel LCD appear to be clearer even in brighter sunlight.

A 3.5 mm external mic port, 2.5 mm remote port, USB 2.0 and micro HDMI type D, compatible with almost all the newer devices available in the market as well as with the SD cards for the storage of high resolution 4K videos shows that this camera has not left behind the feature of connectivity and ports also.


21. Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera

Nikon Coolpix B500 CameraIt comes with an authorized dealer warranty of one year from the date of purchase. This camera helps in capturing some of the best pictures and video, and the simple zoom feature of this camera is straightforward and easier to use. It houses a 16 MP 40X optical zoom and an 80X dynamic zoon in combination with a super telephoto ED lens. This beautiful feature helps in capturing pictures by taking into account every minute object in detail.

The built-in wifi system, NFC and the Bluetooth low energy help maintaining a connection with a smartphone or a tablet compatible with the device. You can shoot from creative angles with the help of the tilting 3.0 inches display. It also comes with a simple, convenient operation for stress-free shooting as it provides a 1080p full HD video recording with stereo sound.

This camera comes with a bundle which includes a memory card, a deluxe camera case, 4 rechargeable batteries, a Corel Paintshop X9 pro digital download, a rubberized tripod, a cleaning pen for lens, a memory card reader, memory card wallet, lens cap keeper, lens cleaning kit and a lens cleaning cloth.


22. Panasonic Lumix FZ80 Camera

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 CameraThe 18.1 megapixel MOS sensor plus 60X zoom DC VARIO lens a POWER Optical Image Stabilizer ensures that the far off moments in any scene can be captured precisely. These are also one of the distinctive features of point and shoot great photography. The camera encloses a high-resolution viewfinder and displays to ensure that the photographer can see his captured image in a wide display from which he can grasp on to the minute details available in the photograph.

There is also the presence of a rear view LCD which is touch enabled and is 3 inches long and ensures that the captured picture is seen in the display even in brighter sunlight. This camera is very much efficient for its way of shooting 4K videos. It also encloses 4K QFHD video recording plus exclusive LUMIX 4K photo and 4K post focus with internal focus stacking for a higher quality of captured images.

It also allows you to record photos up to 30 frames per second and also gives you the chance to set your desired focus points after the photo has been captured. This camera lets you enjoy your photography even during nightlife due to its efficient low light capture which brings out impressive results. You can even enjoy travel ready technologies like USB charging and wifi connectivity to your mobile device with additional HDMI D, Micro USB and USB 2.0


23. YI 4K Action Camera

YI 4K  Action CameraIt boasts of a stunning video quality. It is also the world’s first action camera to record 4K/60 frames per second video. This camera has a built in Sony IMX377 image sensor which helps in capturing high quality images with its accurate details visible. This sensor also helps in capturing 12 MP images and it films high quality full HD footages.

It consists of an built in electronic image stabilization which delivers spectacularly smooth and steady videos in 3K/30 frames per second resolution which ensures excellent experience in shooting swiftly moving objects. This camera is enclosed by an intuitive user interface design which houses an ultra responsive 2.2 inches gorilla glass retina touch screen which shows everything which has been captured crystal clearly and brightly, it is also very easy to modify the settings along with it the shooting modes and also the preview and playback footage.

A larger battery of the capacity 1200mAh is embedded within the camera. This high capacity supports all types of video recording at 4K/60 frames per second. The USB-C connector offers more efficient power delivery and faster data transfer. This versatile camera is filled totally with attractive features such as voice control, live stream, RAW image capture, built in bluetooth low energy and wifi system, and an external C-type microphone support. The larger capacity battery ensures that the camera will stay for a longer duration of time.


24. Sony FDRX3000 Camcorder

Sony FDRX3000 CamcorderThis camcorder promises ultimate image stabilization from its balanced steady shot professional 4K camera which is even more enhanced by the usage of ZEISS lens and an Exmor R CMOS sensor. It requires a 3.6 V battery pack for efficient performance of the camcorder.

This camcorder can be used even for underwater shooting purposes as it is characterized by the presence of a splash proof as well as water proof body which has a housing down to 197 feet. The viewing angle of how a video has to be shot can be selected between four types namely wide, medium or narrow and 3X zoom features. Other than recording videos effectively it also gives high quality 12 MP still images and a speed of up to 10 frames per second in burst mode.

It has an unique feature of producing interval record at 8.3 MP which is very useful for capturing still images and helps in calibrating the video processing by the feature of 4K time lapse video. It produces quality stereo sound for videography and eliminates other effects such as noisy effects. It houses other salient features such as built in wifi, bluetooth, NFC, GPS tracking, HDMI, USB and mini jack.

It boasts of an intuitive interface with 3X recording capability and adjustable beep volume. It also allows the photographer to shoot at desired angles with adjustable field of view and zooming. Because of such exquisite features these types of cameras are also called as one of the best quality cameras.


25. Kodak Pixpro Camera

Kodak Pixpro CameraOne of the best auto focus camera, this camera helps you capture all the action with a one touch record button. With this camera you don’t have to hold your pose for a long time, as it captures your poses brilliantly with 720p HD resolution video recording. The 25X optical zoom feature lets you capture each and every moment perfectly, let it adventures or life events this camera helps you in photographing the action without having to get in on the action.

The 16 megapixel quality lets you capture life like clarity in your images, which means you wouldn’t be losing the quality even when you alter them later on. Crop, zoom and capture! The lens of this camera is wide open at 24 mm and so are the possibilities of capturing exquisite pictures using your creativity.

Need to take the entire, breathtaking landscape? No worries this camera will do that for you in minutes. Just squeeze into the scene and say cheers! The optical image stabilization smoothes out the bumps in the road which makes your photos look still great, every time.


26. Canon Powershot SX740 Camera

Canon Powershot SX740 CameraOne of the best mid range cameras in the market, this camera boasts of a powerful 40X zoom with optical image stabilization and zoom framing assist which lets you capture each and every detail in your photograph precisely and beautifully. The 4K video and 4K time lapse movie feature in this camera provides you to shoot your videos smoothly under high resolution and also with scenic photography.

The salient feature of this camera is that it consists of the built in wifi and bluetooth technology which lets you connect with any of your devices which are compatible with easily and also lets you to share the amazing photos which you have captured. It houses an 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor enables faster processing of your images and also maintains the higher quality in images which is done by its DIGIC 8 image processor.

It encloses an LCD display which is 3 inches long and can tilt up to 180 degrees for efficient video recording and photography. The high speed continuous shooting feature in this cameras powers upto 7.4 frames per second which can also be increased upto 10 frames per second with its efficient auto focus lock.


27. YI Action Camera

YI Action CameraThe professional quality 4K/20 frames per second, 1080p/30 frames per second, 1080p/60 frames per second and 16 megapixels still image capturing which is powered by Sony IMX206 image sensor natively makes this camera one of the best camera for outdoor photography. The integrated 2.0 inches long LCD touch screen makes control of this tiny but powerful camera super easy and flexible.

This camera boasts of an extravagant battery life which has a stand by upto 130 minutes at 1080p/60 frames per second which helps you focus on shooting exquisite pictures and videos instead of concentrating on battery life. This camera uses the best in the class technology which consists of the 2.4 Gigahertz/5G dual band wifi which allows you to download video/photo download videos/photos from the camera to your smart phone at 50 Megabytes per second or control the camera smoothly even it is 330 feet away from you.

The bluetooth 4.1 technology used in this camera allows you to control the camera with optional YI bluetooth remote upto 33 feet away. It includes 9 shooting modes including burst, time lapse and photo in video and automatic/manual IQ settings which helps in unleashing your full creativity in all your shining moments. All the accessories supplied with this camera are compatible with the YI lite. This camera recommends a class 10 or higher speed 16-64 GB Micro SD card from reliable manufacturers.


28. Canon Powershot SX420 Camera

Canon Powershot SX420 CameraThis camera comes with an full accessory kit which includes an lithium battery pack, a battery charger, lens cap, wrist strap and also comes with an manufacturer warranty of one year from the date of purchase. It also consists of a padded case, a spare battery, spare charger, spare grips, a gripster tripod, and an imaging world microfiber cleaning cloth.

The accessories also include of a SanDisk 64GB high speed memory card, a card reader, memory card wallet, screen protector and a vidpro digital camera cleaning kit. This camera houses a 20 megapixel sensor which is embedded with the DIGIC 4 image processor for higher image processing and maintaining magnificent quality in your captured photos.

It houses a 42X optical zoom lens which captures the best quality pictures which makes it one of the best quality cameras. The focal length in this camera extends upto 24-1008mm which is equivalent to 35mm. It houses a large enough 3 inches long LCH touch screen display which allows to have larger view on your captured photographs.

It enables you to shoot videos at 720p in HD resolution at the rate of 25 frames per second. It boasts of an intelligent IS image stabilization which reduces the shaky effects of the camera. It houses a built in wifi which is coupled along with NFC which makes sharing your pictures with your smartphone efficiently. It comprises of smart AUTO and scene modes and also has a continuous shooting rate of 2.2 frames per second.


29. Canon Powershot ELPH180 Camera

Canon Powershot ELPH180 CameraThis camera comes with an extravagant kit which includes around 10 products which are as follows: a lithium- ion battery pack, a battery charger, a wrist strap, a SanDisk 32GB high speed memory card, memory card wallet, a tabletop tripod, a padded camera case and a screen protector. It also comes with a one year manufacturer warranty from the year of purchase.

It houses a powerful 20 megapixel CCD image sensor coupled with DIGIC 4 processor for capturing high quality images and also for having a faster processing rate of the captured pictures. It provides an 8X optical zoom lens which enables efficient zooming into each and every minute detail which capturing your beautiful moments. It has a focal length upto 28-224mm which is equivalent to 35mm which shows that this camera provides quality focusing onto your photographs which is very convenient for scenic photography.

The 2.7 inches LCD touch screen display which is housed by this camera enables you to enlarge your captured photographs in a quite comfortable way and look into each minute detail. It also allows you to shoot videos at a resolution of 720p in HD at the rate of 25 frames per second.

It consists of a continuous shooting mode which enables shooting pictures at the rate of 2.2 frames per second. It redenies the quality of your images with its efficient optical image stabilizer and the digital image stabilizer which is coupled with its smart AUTO and auto zoom settings. It is the first camera to provide an ECO mode and an help button making it one of the best rated cameras in the market.


30. Sony DSCW800 Camera

Sony DSCW800 CameraOne of the best quality cameras in the market, this camera also comes from the manufacturer which is called as one of the best camera brands. It houses an super attractive and highly efficient 20.1 megapixel super HAD image sensor for highly detailing and faster processing of your captured photographs.

This comes with an Sony lens which has the best auto focus capabilities along with an highly alluring 5X optical zoom feature which makes sure that each and every detail is visible while you capture your favourite moment. It reduces blurry effects as well as noisy effects due to its steadyshot image stabilization which also helps in eliminating the shaky effects produced by the camera primarily due to the movement of the photographer.

It helps you capturing your videos in 720p at HD resolution which makes your videos look exquisite and beautiful. Because of this feature, it can also be regarded as one of the best camera for pictures and video. It also consists of a simplified camera menu with the help of its easy mode which is another added feature of this camera. It also comes with an manufacturer warranty of one year from the date of purchase.



So we saw what are the factors every photographer has to consider before buying the camera which suits his way of capturing pictures, along with that we saw some of the top products available in the market and their noteworthy features which can attract both beginners and experts in photography.

So do not wait for too long, just make a list of the feature you want in your camera, tick the right boxes and find out which camera is belongs to and purchase it with the link given along with it.

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