Best Softbox Lighting Kits 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Hpusn 2.  Neewer 3. Mountdog

HPUSN Best Softbox Lighting Kit

Neewer 700W Mountdog Photography

To get the perfect brightness, you must own camera accessories like the best softbox lighting kit in town. Even though there is an array of lighting options available in the market, softbox lights are always preferred. To find the best softbox lighting kit, you don’t have to navigate through random web pages, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a complete list of the best, premium, must-buy choices hand-picked just for you!

Top 11 Best Softbox Lighting Kits 2021

1. Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit

HPUSN Softbox Lighting Kit

HSPUN’s top-notch softbox lighting kit has entered the fray with a standard E27 socket and two energy-efficient, 5400 kelvin light bulbs. The quality is incredible for this price tag. From fashion photography, animal photography to portrait photography, you need not look further than this best softbox lighting kit.

This is the best-reviewed softbox lighting kit for it’s soft, pleasant lighting and convenient handling at an attractive price of less than $100!

Let’s take a look at its features,

a. High-Quality Material

With good price comes good quality. Made of high-quality PET, this softbox delivers good performance even under long-term bulb heating. Also, the socket that comes with the kit is light and efficient and helps in keeping the softbox in its best condition.

b. Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Not one, but two light bulbs are included in this amazing softbox lighting kit. These 85W CFL bulbs work efficiently up to 8000 hours with 5400K color temperature. They give any photographic environment a soft, balanced, and natural lighting.

c. Suitability

You name any occasion, and this kit is undoubtedly the best softbox lighting kit you will come across. From fashion photoshoots, still photography, portrait photography to children’s photoshoots, this flawless softbox delivers the perfect lighting, making all your pictures visually pleasing.


With a 210° rotatable head and adjustable stand, the design of this top-rated softbox lighting kit is premium. The locking knob can be rotated to make photography from different angles flexible for you.
The frame is made of aluminum which makes it lightweight. Further, the three-column design is capable of shrinking up to 66 cm and extending up to 200 cm.

e. 24-Month Guarantee

HPUSN’s incredible softbox lighting kit also provides a 24-month guarantee. If you ever encounter a problem, they always have you covered. You can also contact them via their customer support email.

In a nutshell, this is the best softbox lighting kit for photography you can get your hands on at this price range. However, make sure you receive your kit in good condition and, in case you don’t, contact them for a replacement.


2. Neewer 700W

Neewer 700W

If you ask us our next best choice, it is, without a doubt, Neewer’s softbox lighting kit. With a 60 x 60 cm softbox, two 85W 5500K CFL light bulbs, two 224 cm light stands and a carry bag, this is an awesome softbox lighting kit you can get your hands on.

This amazing lighting kit can make even your imperfect pictures perfect. This is an all-in-one softbox lighting kit for professional, industrial, scientific, and technical photography. It also delivers superb performance for photographic reproduction.

The softbox eliminates shadows and gives out a soft, pleasant light for both photography and videography purposes. Now, let’s see what attractive features this lighting kit has to offer.

a. Energy-Efficient Bulbs

As we mentioned before, two 85w 5500k light bulbs are included with this lighting kit. These energy-efficient, compact, fluorescent spiral bulbs can save up to 80% energy. It is the perfect daylight bulb for photo and video shooting.

b. Effective Lighting

The 60 x 60 cm softbox indeed diffuses the perfect light and makes all the shots look stunning. With the E27 socket, you can connect the bulbs and lamps for natural lighting. A softbox will never disappoint you!

c. Light Stand

Constructed from aluminum, this 224 cm light stand gives exceptional support to the softbox, helping it stay firm and erect. Moreover, even though it is lightweight, it is not flimsy. When you pair the Neewer’s kit with this tough light stand, it becomes the best softbox lighting kit, and an apt choice for heavy-duty work.

You can easily change angles as it provides fast precision height adjustment.

Overall, Neewer’s softbox lighting kit is sure to take your photo game to the next level. For those with a limited budget of $100, this is a recommended choice.


3. Mountdog Photography

Mountdog Photography

This is yet another lighting kit that tops the list of best softbox lighting kits. From photography to videography, Mountdog’s softbox lighting kit is in the lead when it comes to the best softbox lighting kit. This incredible kit includes three 95W bulbs and a standard E27 socket.

Additionally, it comes with a boom arm reflector holder kit. From the huge number of customer reviews, it is evident that this softbox does a great job with its pleasant studio lighting capabilities.

Let’s dive right into its features.

a. Efficient Light Bulbs

The quality of the pictures mainly depends on the quality of the bulbs. If things go wrong with the bulb, the entire lighting kit can be a waste of money. But Mountdog’s softbox lighting kit provides you with three energy-efficient, 95W bulbs.

Moreover, these bulbs can save up to 80% energy. They give out very soft light and make the subject being shot look all the more beautiful and natural. Some lights can irritate the eye, but these bulbs don’t pose a threat to your eyes in any way.

b. Boom Arm Reflector Holder Kit

This is yet another great feature of Mountdog’s lighting kit. The holder kit comprises a 54” long boom arm, holden arm grip, and a sandbag so that you can change positions anytime you need. It allows you to find your best spot to click the perfect picture.

The lighting kit also provides you with a carry bag, making your job even more convenient.

c. Adjustable Light Stand With 210-degree Rotatable Head

This is the best softbox lighting kit you’ll get. The aluminum stand is super lightweight and is easy to carry around. This durable stand is also adjustable and can be shrunk up to 27.5” and extended up to 80”.

The softbox lighting can also be adjusted to your desired angle. It can be rotated 210 degrees, enabling you to take breathtaking photos at various angles, comfortably.

d. Warranty

Mountdog’s softbox lighting kit has a good warranty as well. Any complaints regarding the kit will be addressed by the company without delay.In short, according to customer ratings, this kit is one of the best softbox lighting kits for photography.


4. Esddi Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Esddi Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Are you in pursuit of the apt softbox lighting kit for fashion and portrait photography? If yes, this ESDDI softbox lighting kit would be the right choice. This delivers the lighting that is neither too bright, nor too dim. It ensures optimum, natural, pleasant lighting for any photographic environment.

Now, let’s have a look at its unique features.

a. Uniform Lighting

This amazing kit gives its buyers two 85W daylight CFL bulbs and produces a total output that saves up to 80% energy. These bulbs can last approximately 8000 hours. It is also accompanied by 5500 color temperature bulbs to give an overall effect of a natural and warm photographic environment.

b. Best Quality Material

Best quality guarantees a durable life. The ESDDI’s softbox lighting kit includes a highly long-lasting softbox made of top quality PET. Moreover, it is lined with silver reflective material, which helps to reduce the loss of light. This helps the softbox sustain a good reflection performance.

c. Different Photographic Environments

The ESDDI softbox performs well in any photographic environment. From children’s photography, fashion photography, to portrait photography, and videography, this lighting kit is the ideal choice for the best softbox lighting kit.

d. Ergonomics

The lightweight tripods included in the softbox lighting kit are extremely durable and efficient. They can be adjusted from 68 cm to 192 cm, and can be even rotated 210 degrees. This makes it flexible and adaptable to different positions.

The tripods are strong and not at all wobbly. Overall, the entire softbox lighting kit is highly efficient to work with.

e. Lifetime Warranty

Customers are the biggest asset and every company works towards catering to their needs. Any issue you face with this softbox lighting kit can be easily communicated to them and ESDDI is quick to address them.

Hence, the ESDDI softbox lighting kit proves to be the best softbox lighting kit in the market on a relatively decent budget.


5. Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit Photography Studio Light

Hpusn Softbox Lighting Kit Photography Studio Light

The HPUSN softbox lighting kit has proved to be yet another contender for the best softbox lighting kit with its remarkable performance. Made of high-quality material, the softbox works well to give a photographic environment a nice and subtle look. Boasting a range of top-rated features, this lighting kit is now ruling the market.

Let us see the amazing features this lighting kit has to offer.

a. High-Quality Material

Buyers always have an eye for good quality products. When it comes to the HPUSN softbox lighting kit, quality paves the way. The softbox is made of excellent quality PET that helps to maintain a good reflective performance in closed photographic environments under continuous bulb heating.

The softbox hence provides a soft beam and reduces the appearance of shadows in the pictures being captured. Furthermore, the softbox doesn’t release any odors, even with long-term heating.

b. Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Two energy-efficient 85W CFL bulbs are made available with the lighting kit. The light bulbs save up to 80 % energy and have a life of approximately 8000 hours. Further, with 5500K color temperature, the bulbs are capable of giving out well balanced, uniform light to the photographic environment.

c. Suitability

HPUSN softbox lighting kit is an incredible choice for photo enthusiasts, novices, and semi-professional or professional photographers. It is the best softbox lighting kit for studio purposes. Moreover, the softbox lighting kit is highly suitable for children’s photography, portrait photography, and much more.

d. 24-Month Guarantee

With a 24-month guarantee and after-sales service, customers are given due importance. Satisfactory solutions are provided to buyers and damaged products can be returned without delay.

The lightweight stand is also adjustable and can be used according to your convenience. In brief, the HPUSN softbox lighting stand is a premium choice for buyers.


6. Raleno 800W Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

Raleno 800W Softbox Photography Lighting Kit

If you are looking for a permanent lighting solution for photography, the RALENO lighting kit would be the best softbox lighting kit for you. It is the perfect choice for product photography and fashion portrait photography shoots. As a relatively high customer reviewed product, it comes with a lot of special features.

Let’s see what these special features are.

a. High-Quality Contents

The softbox lighting kit comes with two 20’ x 28’ softbox windows and two energy-efficient 5500K 85W 110V CFL bulbs along with a standard E27 socket. The package also includes an 80’ tall adjustable light stand and one portable tote from oxford cloth.

b. Scientific Softlight Technology

The Raleno softbox lighting kit utilizes scientific soft light technology to provide natural lighting. The E27 socket is directly connected to provide a well-balanced light source. The silver-lined material diffuses the bulb light and helps in reducing light loss. A top-quality Nylon cloth is used for the smooth light flow, eliminating shadows.

c. Efficient Light Bulbs

The 85W CFL light bulbs are capable of saving up to 80% energy like incandescent bulbs. They operate at a low temperature and can work for 8000 hours. The 90-inch long cable provides extra convenience and allows the photographer to move around the studio without any hindrance.

d. Portable and Easy To Operate

To make things easy for you, this awesome lighting kit provides you an adjustable stand that is foldable up to 27” and extendable up to 85”. The stand is highly durable and is extremely easy to operate. The convenience of using this kit is a feature that makes it the best softbox lighting kit.

Made of the best quality aluminum, the light stand is lightweight, yet strong. A solid locking system reduces the chances of the stand to swing or change positions. They also assure quick and precise adjustments.

In a nutshell, RALENO softbox lighting kit is highly suitable for various kinds of photography and is available for an affordable price.


7. Mountdog Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

Mountdog Photography Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit

This model of MOUNTDOG softbox lighting kit can be used as professional photo studio equipment. It includes two bulbs that enable the softbox to provide soft and natural lighting to different photographic environments.

Let’s delve right into its unique features.

a. Flexible Light Stand

A flexible light stand that can be adjusted easily according to our convenience is what every customer needs in a lighting kit. That’s exactly what you get along with this kit. The studio light tripod is adjustable from 27 inches to 80 inches.

It is made of high-quality material to make the light stand extremely sturdy and durable.

b. Superb Quality Softbox

The 20 x 28-inch softbox light is made of a professional particulate silver film reflective fabric with a nylon white screen in order to soften the hard light and to completely eliminate the object shadows that tend to appear. It is highly efficient and is easy to fold, use, and store.

The softbox is even capable of diffusing light and makes it easy for you to click magnificent pictures.

c. Effective Lighting

Their video lighting kit comprises two 95W light bulbs with a standard E27 socket. These bulbs give you a feeling of a daylit environment. 80% energy saving with 8000 hours service life, this softbox lighting kit sure does stand out.

e. Adjustable Light Holder

The softbox lighting angle can be adjusted up to 210 degrees which allows you to shoot at multiple angles with the perfect lighting. It is easily adaptable to different shooting needs. The holder can be easily set and you can start shooting tension-free.

However, it has its own cons as well. When analyzing the customer reviews, a few of them stated that the light stand is too lightweight, light enough to cause it to topple over. It can be fragile but with proper handling, these drawbacks can be easily avoided.If not, the MOUNTDOG softbox lighting stand is perfect.


8. StudioFX H9004SB2 

StudioFX H9004SB2 

This lighting is usually used for photo and video lighting in studios. The StudioFX H9004SB2 softbox lighting kit can be your ultimate lighting solution. It is a 3pc constant softbox lighting system that provides 2 softboxes and 1 hair light boom softbox. Four bulbs are included to fit perfectly with the softboxes.

These easy-to-set-up lights work well with DSLR cameras and can make your photos look exceptional.

A lot of ideal features are included in this lighting kit, let’s check them out.

a. Softbox

Not two, but three well-performing softboxes are included in this kit. These softboxes are made of high-quality material, making your photographs look extremely professional.
These 16-inch x 24-inch sized softboxes can make any photographic environment look pleasant and natural.

b. Light Stand

You can also get your hands on three 7 inch tall light stands. They are highly durable and lightweight, but in order to reduce the risk of these stands from falling, they have included a boom arm with a sandbag. This makes the stand capable of withstanding swings and falls.

Moreover, you also get a carry bag for neatly organizing the contents of this softbox lighting kit. Despite being showcasing a relatively good performance, it has its own pitfalls. The stand sometimes seems to be too wobbly and in case of failure, purchasing a new bulb would be too expensive.

On the brighter side, it does an impressive job of giving out an overall natural look for studio photography.


9. Fovitec – 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit

Fovitec - 3-Light 2500W Fluorescent Lighting Kit

As we move down the list of the best softbox lighting kits, the Fovitec softbox lighting kit definitely holds a place among these. The kit is a bit on the expensive side, but quality-wise, every penny spent will be worth it. This is the ideal kit for studio shoots, video shoots, portrait photography, fashion shoots, etc.

Now let’s explore the features of the Fovitec softbox lighting kit.

a. Well Balanced Light

They provide you with eleven 7” x 3” x 7” dimensions. It utilizes the tri-band technology and provides energy savings up to 80%. These bulbs have a light output of 1500 lumens at 1 meter. Unlike other bulbs, neither do they release any noise or odor nor do they flicker. All in all, they are highly efficient and give out well-balanced lighting.

b. Easy To Operate

With highly durable light stands, a convenient carry bag, and an easy to operate, fast-performing softboxes, the Fovitec softbox lighting kit is the perfect choice for beginners as well as photography enthusiasts. The entire design is such that it can be handled in a very simple way.

The customer can change multiple positions while photographing and shooting videos.

In a nutshell, the Fovitec softbox lighting kit can be an amazing choice if not for its few drawbacks. Some customers experienced difficulty in setting up the entire kit. However, various videos and tutorials are available to make the process of setting up easy for you.


10. Kshioe Photography Lighting Kit

Kshioe Photography Lighting Kit

This kit by Kshioe Photography is an all-round lighting kit that includes an umbrella softbox, set with a 6.5 ft x 9.8 ft background stand backdrop support system. If you are looking for an all in one kit, your hunt is officially over. The lighting kit includes all the basic equipment to kickstart a photography shoot.

This incredible lighting kit comes with all the ideal features, making the Kshioe photography lighting kit the best softbox lighting kit you could ever come across.

The salient features of this kit are,

a. Versatile Softbox

Along with the kit you get three highly versatile softboxes made of good quality material that ensures increased service life. They diffuse the light and give you perfect light to capture the best shots. A 210 degrees rotatable head helps it to adapt to different photographic environments.

It meets all your shooting needs.

b. Umbrella Set

One attractive feature of this lighting kit is that it comprises three additional umbrellas to cater to all your lighting needs. The black umbrella reduces the appearance of unwanted lights that reflect in your photo, creating a warm glow effect. The silver umbrella diminishes light loss and increases light spread for contrast and increased highlights. Whereas, the white umbrella reflects and spreads the light stream evenly eliminating any glare or spots.

c. Durable Light Stands

The light stands are highly durable and are easy to carry around. The kit provides you with 5 light stands with an adjustable height of 2.2 ft to 6.6 ft. They are made of aluminum and have a sleek black finish.

d. Collapsible Studio Reflector

The Kshioe lighting kit boasts five collapsible studio reflectors. These five different reflectors are gold, black, silver, white, and translucent fabric and they come in a convenient carry bag.

Additionally, the kit includes a background stand backdrop support system that can be adjusted to suit your photographic preferences.

Though there are a few reviews that have claimed receiving the wrong product or damaged products. In such a case however, you can always ask for a refund or replacement. Customers have reviewed it as the complete photography kit. The features offered by this kit make the best softbox lighting kit for photography.


11. Emart Softbox Lighting Kit

Emart Softbox Lighting Kit

The next best-recommended choice of softbox lighting kit is the Emart softbox lighting kit. The lighting kit is an apt choice for continuous lighting for shoots in different photographic environments. It is a 20” x 28” studio softbox kit made of high quality, professional granular silver film reflector along with a nylon softcover.

It is a popularly used kit for professional photography, videography, portrait photography, fashion shoots, and a lot more.
Let’s have a look at its features.

a. Energy Saving Bulb

The kit includes two 105W 110V CFL bulbs that play a major role in saving energy up to 80%. This ensures that the bulb has a service life of approx. 8000 hours. These energy-efficient CFL bulbs work at low temperatures and ensure a comfortable photography environment for your work.

The studio light softbox is capable of rotating 210 degrees freely, ensuring the perfect angle of illumination.

b. High-Quality Sand Bag

Sandbags are used in light stands to maintain a balanced weight. The sandbag used in this lighting kit is lined with rubber and has double zippers. The softbox lighting kit is made more stable and sturdy with this sandbag. The sandbag has to be filled using stones or sand as per your preference and can also be used for outdoor shoots.

c. Adjustable Light Stand

The light stand that holds the softbox is freely adjustable. It can be adjusted from 32 inches to 78 inches. The lock design included makes the softbox more firm and not easy to fall. This prevents any interruptions while you are shooting. Even though high-quality aluminum is light, it is really stable and everything can be assembled in less than five minutes.

The Emart softbox can be termed one of the best softbox lighting kits in town. It also holds a 24-month warranty and a 24/7 after-sales service. Any grievances, don’t hesitate to contact them.

These are the best softbox lighting kit choices hand-picked exclusively for you. All these premium choices are better in their own ways and put forth high performance as well.


Factors To Look For While Buying Best Softbox Lighting Kit

Softboxes are used for softening and increasing the size of a relatively smaller source of light. It is super important to consider these factors before buying a softbox lighting kit.

1. Size Of The Softbox

Softboxes are available in different sizes. The size may vary according to the photography purpose. A larger softbox produces softer light but it requires a greater output to adequately fill the entire softbox.

For wedding photography or videography, you are most likely to use a hand-held camera with a flash on or off. In such cases, it is best to use smaller softboxes or multiple softboxes as a viable option.

Using the right-sized softbox ensures soft and even lighting. As a rule of thumb, the size of your softbox should be the same as the size of the subject. A headshot or half shot portrait would need softboxes sized between 18” to 24”. Alternatively, full-sized portraits would need softboxes of not less than 48 inches.

2. Shape Of tThe Softbox

The shape of the softboxes also determines the quality of a picture. Apparently, when taking photos from a closer angle, the shape of the light source being used can often be seen in the subject’s eyes. Softboxes are available in a variety of shapes such as rectangular, square, octagonal, etc.

They are also seen as long or thin strips. The least common shapes are hexagonal, parabolic, and round. The differences in these shapes can be effectively utilized to develop exceptional images.

3. Interior Surface Types

The interior surface type of the softboxes is also paramount. Silver and white are the two different surface types seen inside a softbox. They alter the quality of the light output and hence it is important to choose the right type of softbox.

A softbox lined with silver always gives a magnificent touch to images with greater contrast and light transmission. On the other hand, a white lining is perfect for maintaining neutral colors in photographs.

4. Quality Of The Softbox

Quality is an essential factor of any product. Supreme importance must be given to quality while selecting a good softbox. There are softboxes made of high-quality PET and a silver lining. It is always advisable to go for these softboxes.

A softbox made of poor quality materials will result in poor clarity. Top-quality softboxes diffuse light and eliminate shadows to ensure the best pictures.

5. Quality Of Light Stands

The most common issue with a softbox lighting kit is the quality of the light stand. Although the softboxes might be in good condition, the light stand quality may vary. Most often, they are made of good quality aluminum. Even though an aluminum alloy looks lightweight, it is known to be stable.

But in some cases, strong wind or a breeze can cause them to topple over, completely ruining the set photographic environment. So the quality of a light stand is of utmost importance if you don’t want your shoots to get interrupted.

Always go for light stands that come with sandbags. Sandbags can make the light stand firm and less likely to fall.

It’s Shopping Time!

To buy the perfect softbox lighting kit is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and energy to finalize a product. We’ve made things simple for you with a complete list of the best softbox lighting kits. Keep in mind the above factors before you make the right purchase. Always ensure that you get the product in good condition. In case there is any defect, contact them as soon as possible for a refund or replacement.

The best softbox lighting kit is sure to give you a soft, pleasant, and natural lighting. You can take your photography journey a step ahead with these kits. Get your hands on the right product to capture amazing images all the way.

FAQs on Softbox Lighting Kits

1. Will These Lighting Kits Be Useful For A Backyard Night Party?

To a certain extent, yes. But it might not work too effectively while shooting in the dark. Whereas, if you are going for close-ups and face portraits, it can work relatively way.

2. How Do I Choose The Best Softbox Lighting Kit?

While choosing a lighting kit, make sure you choose the right-sized softbox. As the rule of thumb, the size of the softbox should be the size of the subject. Plus, ensure that you check the quality of the light stand and the light bulbs.

3. What Is The Difference Between An Umbrella And A Softbox?

Though both of them are alternate sources of lighting, they’re different. An umbrella produces broader and diffused lighting, whereas a softbox produces softer and direct lighting. Their uses vary depending on the photos or videos being captured.

4. What Is The Best Size Softbox For Portraits?

The best size for a softbox for portraits is a 90 cm easy-open softbox. It covers 1 or 2 people. If you use a 170 cm softbox, you will be able to cover a group of people.

5. What Is A Speedlight Softbox?

Softboxes are small boxes used as a photographic light source for soft and natural lighting. The Speedlight softbox is a softbox specifically made to mount on a flash head. They’re often used for wedding and fashion photography.

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