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We are a team of 3 passionate photographers who decided to start this blog to help out fellow photographers- both amateurs and professionals. At Photo Seminars, you will find various articles on numerous topics and themes related to photography. The website focuses on three main categories- best cameras, best camera lens, and camera accessories. 


Photography is a niche art form that is pursued by many nowadays. While some take it up just as a hobby or passion, others become professionals in the field. It is an activity that aims at capturing the beauty of this world that we live in, no matter how mundane or prolific the subject/object being captured is. However, without knowledge of the technicalities like which camera to use for a specific kind of photography and so on, a photographer will never truly be able to grasp the art of photography. 

This is where we come in to help fellow photographers educate themselves and learn about various topics and updated news on cameras and photography. The articles on this website range from providing information about best camera lenses for beginners, softbox lighting kits, weather sealed cameras, sd cards for certain cameras, etc. Now and then, we also put up articles on some renowned photographers belonging to the past as well as contemporary times. 

Overall, our mission at Photo Seminars is to encourage the passion of photography in you. We care for this beautiful art and wish to help photographers progress and learn more about it so that they can capture shots that become memorable. We realize how confusing it can be to choose a single product from the market that offers millions of options. Thus, we narrow down some of the best ones for you in a way that it meets your requirements. 

About the Founders

The three founders of Photo Seminars- Mathew Daly, Marco Downs, and Dorothy Humphrey, met in college and their love for photography brought them together to create this website. 

Mathew Daly

Our first founder is Mathew Daly, a 32-year-old from Boston. Mathew has been intrigued by photography from an early age ever since he was given his first camera. He would go around, capturing the most mundane objects in the neighborhood or at home. He received many awards as a school boy for his exceptional talent in photography which his teachers noticed. 

While his family was always supportive of this passion as a hobby but never as a profession. This made Mathew study economics in college instead of learning photography. However, he did join the photography club where he met the other two founders of this website- Marco and Dorothy. Together, the three inspired each other to pursue their love for the art and they captured some beautiful shots during their college years. 

Mathew took up a job at a corporate firm after graduation but he never really gave up on the thought of doing something with photography. At a college reunion, he met his erstwhile partners in crime and together they decided to start a website for other photographers and so, Photo Seminars was born. 

Marco Downs

Marco Downs is our second founder and we call him the creative head of this page. This is so because Marco is always brewing new creative ideas for the website and his suggestions are what makes the website look so appealing. Marco Downs was a classmate of Mathew’s and their friendship goes way back to the time spent in college together. 

Marco stumbled upon photography only in college when he joined the photography club. His parents could never afford a camera for him as a child and it was in college that he saved up and bought his first camera. This opened up a whole new world for him and he soon realized that photography is something he would wish to pursue in the future. 

The man went on to study photo-journalism and was offered jobs at various media associations. He worked with the Boston Daily newspaper for 2 years during which he captured photographs of various events around the country, starting from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests to events outside the country. He has travelled to great many places for work and the experiences have helped him grow as a man. 

When he met Mathew and Dorothy at a college reunion, he was fascinated by the idea of creating a website to provide helpful guides as well as other information on photography. Marc still works at a newspaper agency and simultaneously handles a part of the website. 

Dorothy Humphrey

Lastly, we come to the only female founder of Photo Seminars- Dorothy Humphrey, a 26-year old graduate from Boston University and currently pursuing her PHD in Photography, a rare field for a doctorate programme. Dorothy has always been excellent at academics and her passion for photography made her take the decision to pursue this degree. She is working on the pictorial movement in photography between the 19th century and early 20th century for her thesis. 

While Mathew and Marco introduced the idea of creating buyer guides and other information articles on camera, lenses, etc, Dorothy and her interest in the history of photography drove her to incorporate historical articles as well on the website. According to her, we cannot speak of photography in the present without acknowledging photographers’ works in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Most photographers are hardly aware of these pioneers’ effort and the beautiful art they created under the harshest historical circumstances. Her sole aim is to put across this valuable information to fellow photographers. She thinks that only by appreciating or even criticizing photography of the past can we achieve progress in the present. Dorothy continues to work on her research and her data often sparks ideas for articles for the website. 

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